The being sealed within the Master Emerald, he was sealed within due to his attempt to take over the world. He is very different from the other chaos beasts, as his power does in fact dwindle however, only by a fourth as he can draw some energy from it remotely. While he keeps the planet in check, he apparently follows the orders of a different being as he awakened the beasts to destroy the world. He can control the elements of Light, Darkness, and Mind. He also has spacial and time powers. He, like Meurta, is used only for True Chaos roleplay as means of a villian


He has 2 forms. His first form is his 3/4 Full Power/Holy form, where he gains angellic wings and a spear-headed tail. During this form he can fly without the help of his psychokinesis, he also has strength equal to HyperKnuckles. His speed also increases to equal HyperKnuckles as well. He also gains advanced Solarmancy, Shadowmancy, and Psychokinesis. His second form is his Full Power/Divine form, where he gains a halo as well as sharp horns on his head. During this form he can levitate endlessly, he has strength equal to terasan or foranto at full power (see them for details), he also has speed equal to zinsal. However, for some reason during this form he is weak against any combination element (such as stratos or plasma). His attacks for his 2 forms are as follow:

Holy Form


Dark Rift

Blades of Darkness

Dark Chaos Spear


Dark Palm

Prism Bolt

Holy Slash

Divine Storm


Holy Fist

illusion Claw


Mind War


Chaos Dagger

Chaos Devastation

Chaos Control

Chaos Fireworks

Chaos Force

Chaos Heal

Chaos Lightning

Chaos Rush

Chaos Shroud

Chaos Arrow

Quick Attack

Hyper Beam

Axe Kick



Dynamic Punch

Crush Grip

Focus Blast

Mega Kick

Scary Face



Time Stasis

Galatic Barrage

Spacial Rend

Black Hole

Divine Form

River of Darkness

Black Hole Lightning

Night Slash

Nightmare Spear

Dark Nova Blast

Shadow Punch


Solar Shock

Holy Nova Blast


Flash Cannon

Psych Orb



Psycho Cut

Chaos Claw

Chaos Oblivion

Super Chaos Control

Chaos Flare

Chaos Force

Chaos Frequency

Chaos Frost

Chaos Light

Chaos Heal

Chaos Kill

Chaos Ram

Chaos Shroud

Chaos Lance

Chaos Vortex

Chaos Starstorm

Chaos Lightning Blade


Power Ball

Spring Launch Kick


Giga Impact

Close Combat

Crush Claw

Hammer Arm

Nova Blast

Focus Punch

Icy Stare


Spin Crush

Wing Shield

Temporal Slash

Meteor Mash

Nebula Chasm

Cosmic Gate


Garasion has the ability to use Solarmancy, Shadowmancy, and Psychokinesis. He also has strength equal to SuperSonic as well as speed equal to SuperTails. He also can levitate thanks to his Psychokinesis, for about as long as SuperTails. His attacks are as follow:


Shadow Force

Shadow Claw

Shadow Ball

Dark Pulse

Midnight Veil


Aurora Beam

Blades of Light

Radium Tear

Light Manipulation

Light Palm


Confuse Ray


Mind Crush

Psycho Boost


Chaos Card

Chaos Control

Chaos Explosion

Chaos Flames

Chaos Frequency

Chaos Light

Chaos Boost

Chaos Spear



Aura Sphere

Somersault Kick

Mirror Coat

Body Slam

Jump Kick

Mega Punch

Faint Attack


Power Whip



Quill Thrust

Wing Shield


Cosmic Power


Galatic Revenge

Time Detect


Garasion is a being who obeys those stronger than he, which is exactly why he unleashed the Chaos Beasts to destroy the world. He does tend to be judgemental, deciding if someone is good or evil upon first meeting them. He usually won't resort to violence right away but will if he believes it's the only way to resolve the conflict he's having.


He looks like Knuckles but has white glazed-over eyes. He also has a tail like blaze and streaks like shadow. He is a bluish-greyish color, and his streaks are grey. He wears black jeans, white bracelets, black gloves, and white shoes.


He was the being originally sealed in the Master Emerald, and was willingly. The reason was the gods recognized the risk of the Chaos Emeralds being used for evil and so created the Master Emerald. However, a catalyst was needed to control the energy. Garasion volunteered himself for this task. He gives his power to whoever his gaurdian is for whatever reason. That is why he did what he did with Chaos and Tikal, both of whom currently are unaware of his exsistence. He eventually discovered how to leave the master emerald but still serve as catalyst, however, he was quickly met by an odd figure. after a great battle, he was defeated. recognizing the figures power, he said he would let the figure give him one command, and he would carry it out to the best of his abilities. The figure then told him to unleash the chaos beasts and destroy the world. He obeyed.


He is planned to appear in the roleplay True Chaos, where he releases the chaos beasts to destroy the world. The heroes meet him and with the power of the chaos beasts plus their own combined, defeat him. He then grants their wish to not destroy the world. However, the being that originally ordered him to do such appears, unhappy, and attacks the heroes.

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