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Gemalen the Mole (Gemarenu za Bohan; pronounced "jeh-MAH-len") is the head soldier that serves the Earth Clan of Temblor.

Physical Description

Gemalen has rather dark brown fur with a sienna muzzle, chest and tail. She also has golden eyes and short, straight dark red hair. Physically, Gemalen is well-endowed; she has a large chest and hips, with strong, toned legs.


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Joining the Earth Clan

Gemalen spent a fair amount of her younger years as a wanderer, having learned how to wield a sword in combat thanks to her late mother. She came across a couple of male Earth Clan soldiers. Being well endowed even at the age of 17, they naturally made catcalls to her. Infuriated, she attacked them, managing to defeat the startled soldiers after a rough battle. This scuffle did not go unnoticed by Mutainen the Linoone, the head soldier at the time. Rather than berate Gemalen, the Mobian Linoone was impressed with her skills, and offered to train her as a soldier for the Earth Clan of Temblor. At first she was irked, thinking that the other males in the clan would take notice of her matured body, but Mutainen promised that nobody would make passes at her, and so she agreed.

Rising Through The Ranks

Gemalen's natural fighter's spirit was quickly noticed by the other soldiers, both male and female. With the older Linoone training her, she soon became quite a force to be reckoned with. Being a soldier also served as an outlet for her aggression, and she calmed down, yet remained fiercely protective of her appearance. True to his word, however, Mutainen made sure none of the males remarked lewdly on her body; mingled fear of the grizzled old Linoone soldier and growing respect for the young mole also helped. Eventually Gemalen had garnered the respect of her peers in arms, and even made some friends, most notable a younger rat by the name of Akmeniem.

Becoming Head Soldier

At the age of 26, Gemalen had acquired the skill and strength to replace Mutainen as head soldier; the mole's teacher was getting on in years (he was 60 at this time), and he felt it was the time to retire.


Base Stats
Spcl. AtkGood
Spcl. DefGreat
Other Stats

Being a mole, she has great physical strength, and is able to climb walls and dig. The mace she carries is quite heavy, and her ability to wield it well is a testament to her great strength.

She also has an extremely good sense of smell.

Unfortunately she also shares the limitations of her species in the form of slightly poor eyesight.

Earth Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Status/Defensive Abilities

Friends and Foes






Gemalen is rough, tough and gruff. She won't take crap from anyone, especially when it concerns guys making comments about her body. She won't hesitate to threaten any offenders, and may even attack them if they persist.

Despite this, she doesn't hate all males. One of her great friends is Akmeniem the Rat, a male soldier. However, they have no romantic feelings towards each other; the rat is actually asexual. She is also rather maternal in nature; she will waste no time attacking anyone she sees harming a child. Because of this, she gets along great with Visoravan and Suolo, who themselves have a young daughter named Pietra. Gemalen has been known to babysit the young hedgehog on occasion as well.



  • People making comments about her body
  • Womanizers

Biggest Fears


"What do I look like, a prostitute?! Shove off before I split your skull!"


Her name is the Dutch word for "ground".

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