Gera is an Anti - Mobian. Gera is the omplete opposite of Flab. Gera is as evil as evil comes, and is the leader of the Demoon Alliance on Anti - Mobius. Will do almost anything for 'the ultimate power'. Gera's goals in life are the following:

  • Become the most powerful Demon in existance
  • Become the supreme ruler of Anti - Mobius
  • Make Flab a Demon to fight beside him OR Defeat Flab so he doesn't pose as a threat

Gera draws power from the opposite of the living stones, the curse stones, to use powers equal or stronger than Flab's. The only thing Gera despisese more than Flab is stupidity. AND the only thing he hates more than that, is the desire to care.


Looks like a hedgehog. Has a dark grey muzzle and light grey eyes. Has grey fur and brown streaks. Wears red gloves, and green shoes.

Gera the demon


Gera, being a demon, has powers over the darkness. Gera is twice as strong as Mephiles, and has the mind of a super computer. Gera can possess any livign thing, including animals and plant-life. Suprisingly, power level and tactics are equal to Flab's base form, despite all the dark power Gera possesses. Is also a very skilled swordsman, weilding twin katana blades.

Forms and Fusions

  • Super Gera
  • Hyper Gera
  • Dark Gera
  • Super Dark Gera
  • Black Flame Gera
  • Black Lightning Gera
  • Black Light Gera
  • Wild Gera
  • Chrome Gera
  • Satan Gera

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