You Grow Girl!

Gicandice using her powers to become giant sized.

Motto: "FEE FII FOO FUM, Gicandice is going to have lots of fun!!"~(Said by Gicandice while attacking a GUN base)

Gicandice Lulissa Bradanska is an Anti Mobian version of Candice the Cat with the exact same power to grow to any giant size she pleases, thereby increasing her strength, endurance,and durability. She is the daughter of Deraj Ivan Bradanska, and is second in command of the Anti Mobian Army. This Moebian version of Gicandice is not to be confused with that other version of Gicandice from the Ruinous Dimension.

Her standard size for her body is around 13 to 64 ft tall, but she can grow larger if she has to. She is about 19 years old, but has the maturity of an 9 year old. She likes to "play" with cars, buildings, and even people at her giant sizes as if they were toys and dolls for little girls. She is very flirty but not in a bad way, more like in a childish girly way. She loves to see people run from her in fear, as long as she thinks she is not harming them. Gicandice has a motherly like aspect to her, and if you were her friend you would find that she can actually be quite friendly and loyal. Gicandice is unable to be bribed by money, (she calls it "dirty little green stuff"). Gicandice is tomboyish, yet girly like Amy Rose. She will fight and play rough, but loves boys and stalks her boyfriend Revlis the rat often.

Gicandice is considered an Anti-Villain, a tragic antagonist who was brought up to not know any better. You will find that if you wanted a loyal, gullible, and selfless villain, she would be on top of the list. She does not care about the gain of power, the lure of wealth, or the lust of position. She just wants to have fun and protect her loved ones and friends. That being said Gicandice can be quite a terror on the battlefield, as she causes numerous casualties to GUN and Egg forces alike.

Gicandice's theme song

Gicandice's theme song


Gicandice is a tall, (in fact she's a giant that at minimum height is around 3.96 meters,) feline. She has light red eyes (a Moebian recessive genetic trait.) She is known to have a slight build despite her immense strength, but may have built up muscles around her arms depending on her workout routine. She comically wears yellow sandals with purple socks, pink sweatpants, a outer skirt around her sweatpants, a yellow top with green lining, and yellow sleeves with dark purple gloves with fuzzy ends on them. Unlike Blaze the cat her tail actually is known to be more akin to a foxes,(despite visual artists varying on this matter.) It is believed she inherited this from her father, Deraj Ivan Bradanska.


"Gicandice do no bad sis, she just having a little fun."-Gicandice oblivous to the fact that the destruction she's causing is brining harm to the citizens of Westopolis.

Despite her being a towering, formidable, and almost physically invincible giantess Gicandice is known to oddly portray an eerie cheerful demeanor.Gicandice possesses a strange almost innocent like demeanor, as if she had little to no understanding of the consequences of her actions. In fact for the most part Gicandice's rampages of terror are out of pure child like merriment. Gicandice's actions are out of ignorance rather than malice.


"Tee hee, Gicandice gets bigieer now so she can play with sis!"-Gicandice about to grow larger so that she may engage her primal sister Candice in one on one giant combat.

Gicandice's main power is the ability to grow larger to become even more durable and stronger in power,(despite that clearly not being possible in real life due to the laws of physics such as the Square Cube Law.) The larger she gets (while maintaining the same proportions of a regular Moebian female of her age that is,) the bigger and stronger she becomes. Gicandice is already known to posses somewhat limited super strength at her normal height of 13ft/3.96 meters, but as she grows larger her might is increased to where she literally has the strength of a thousand male humans.
Gicandice playing with a passanger jet

Gicandice can become so big and mighty that even passenger jets can become mere toys in comparison. Picture made by: cris-chan

Her weaknesses are:

"Owwie!"- Gicandice being injured by laser fire.

Despite Gicandice possessing supernatural and nearly goddess like strength and durability she isn't invincible or immortal by any means. Gicandice posses her own fair share of weaknesses that would hinder her in combat like any other balanced fan made character. Some of the most notable notable weaknesses of Gicandice are:

  • Sound waves can damage her hearing ( her hearing is amplified)
  • Gicandice is hydrophobic,(she drowns quickly due to her weight and cannot swim, also she has a fear of water)
  • Gicandice can become easily confused
  • She trust people too well and as such is often able to fall into traps quite easily.
  • Gicandice lacks a lot of common sense.
  • Gicandice is mortal
  • Gicandice is vulnerable to about every elemental power their is.
  • Gicanidce has to consume large quantieis of food otherwise she'll start to shrink back to normal size
  • She relies on brute force to much
  • Energy weapons, waves, and psychic powers work well against her
  • Gicandice is very slow when walking
  • She is not cautious.
  • She's vulnerable to radiation, biological weaponry, and chemicle weaponry.
  • Gicandice does not have a strategic neuron in her brain.
  • Gicandice cannot spell her own name. She can be distracted by being asked how to
    Gicandice KO

    Gicandice is defeated by her primal sister, Candice.

spell it.

Gicandice's "Child like" mind

Gicandice's mind is made differently then most Moebians. This is because not only can she alter her own size, but the size of inanimate objects as well, (or dead animals like fish and plants like carrots). Her mind might have made space for her to do that power and redirects energy from her other areas. Gicandice is not mentally challenged, she just has a childlike mind, and this might also explain why she speaks in third person. Gicandice is based of a friend of mine with low functioning Autism who speaks like that, but officially Gicanidce does not have Autism. Although she shows characteristics of it, and it might stem from her father who has Aspergers.    

Stories and Roleplays she is in:

Gicandice and grief

Gicandice playing against her brother Griefan in Mario Kart. She is unaware that you are not supposed to drive backwards in the game, and she believes you are supposed to "follow" the Lakitu

Gicandice Lulissa Bradanska
19 (9 in her mind)
What ever she wants! (She cannot shrink below a minimum of 13ft tall)
Anti Mobian Army (Moebians who overthrew Scourges tyrannical rule)
Is already a giant,can alter her size boasting her strength and durability easily with unlimited time in each of those sizes,Knows Karate.
Destruction, boys, children,cute things,Deraj her father,Iceheart her servant,Candice her alternate sister,Beating up Candice,Having childish fun,Playing with vehicles,buildings,and people as if they where her mere toys.
water (She has a phobia),Children getting harmed,Scourge the hedgehog, G.U.N, making decisions on her own, responsibility in leadership.
Revlis the rat,(her boyfriend),Deraj the fox,(her father),Iceheart the hedgehog,Amy Rose,Rosy the Rascal, Jack the Hedgehog, Patricia the Skunk
Anti Mobius
.size shifting

.super strength (implied secondary power)

.muscle growth (her muscles get stronger but retain there shape and proportion.

.excellent in combat

.fearless in combat even if fighting something stronger then her and more powerful. (but she has many fears you can exploit like hydrophobia)

.cooks great


Save the whales

Gicandice trying to save a whale from an oil spill while trying to get over her hydrophobia.