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Gidetchen is the romantic relationship between Gideon and Gretchen the Moose.


Not long after leaving the U.A.C.S.A, Gideon met a female moose by the name of Gretchen. They immediately became friends, and Gideon promised that he would protect Gretchen from all harm.

Ultimate Loss

During the monthly raid of the U.A.C.S.A headquarters, G.U.N was continually ambushed by U.A.C.S.A soldiers, forcing them to be on their guard at all times. Eventually, Gretchen unwittingly snuck up on the G.U.N soldiers, and they reacted quickly, killing her on accident. Realizing their mistake far too late, Gideon, who was looking for Gretchen, eventually found her body, with G.U.N soldiers standing over it. Consumed with fury and grief, he triggered his Fallen form for the first time, and slaughtered the soldiers. After this, he took Gretchen's body and buried it, placing a marker on her grave.

Gideon not only blamed G.U.N for not stopping themselves, he blamed himself for not protecting Gretchen, which is what he had sworn to do.

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