The Gigawatt Pulsar is a rare elemental blaster, and a tier-two upgrade of the Pulsar-type of blaster. These blasters, due to their electrical imbuing, are known to trigger paralysis on impact, similar to an electrical technique.

Gigawatt Pulsar

Production Information
TypeElemental handgun - Form-altering rounds
Elemental AffinityElectrical - secondary elements can be imbued
Upgrade Materials
Technical Information
Maximum Range700m
AmmunitionNone needed, gun fires electrical bolts & generates its own energy.
Known Wielderspending
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212 (cross-over)


A 30-cm long blaster, very similar in shaping to it's basis weapons, the Pulsar and Kilowatt Pulsar, the Gigawatt Pulsar is a weapon of steel, colored polymer and bronze, with a blue charge-light built into a small protruding section above the handgrip, and a similarly colored lens on the front, at the firing end. Each lens is constructed of Volt Crystal shards, reforged together into a solid shape.

The color of the polymer varies amongst craftsmen, although a maroon plastic, the choice of an unknown maker, is more common than the rest, due to blasters of this make being found in two differing places, left there for people to retrieve at random intervals.

The gun, when built for a client, requires a Kilowatt Pulsar, plus fifteen Volt Crystal shards to make the blue lenses. The weapon works by focusing power generated by a regenerative cell in a Megashock Energy Chamber, an uncommon electrically-aligned focusing chamber used in the modification of other weapons. This power is then passed through a focusing crystal, a solid Sparkstone Focusing Lens, before passing through the colored Volt Crystal filter as a ball of electricity.

Native Abilities

The gun has two fire-modes, each firing a small pale-blue electrical bolt; a standard and a charged mode. In standard mode, the user gets three rapid shots, before a five second recharge time. These shots, due to the Sparkstone lens, are only active up to around seven hundred meters. Roughly half-way over that distance, the bolt increases in size and on impact with anything after that point, detonates in an electrical explosion.

In the charged mode, the user has a single bolt, charged and held at full charge for as long as necessary, followed by a fifteen-second recharge time. This blast is identical to the expanded bolt, and covers the same distance overall as the standard rounds. As such, the charged shots are typically used against foes in a closer radius, before switching to melee weaponry.

When any bolt from this pistol hits it's target, expanded or not, it has a roughly thirty percent chance of causing paralysis, similar to an Electrical technique like Mega Shock. The use of these blasters is also known to gradually aid in the development of a shooter's accuracy, due to the extended range for a handgun to cover, rivalling that of a rifle.

Notable Blasters


Wielders/Purchase Locations

Wielders are so far-unreported, although it is known that these blasters are used.

Examples of these blasters, all possessing maroon polymer coatings, have been found on the Battle Highway in Central City, as well as, strangely, the Black Comet, home of the Black Arms. However, these weapons are not Black Arms tools, and the creator is unknown.


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