Metal Sonic was at Green Swamp Zone, testing the effects of Wind Radiation,which occurs when wind is amplified by a greater power source by 700x. In this case, it was a fake Chaos Emerald. They thought the could make a weapon out of it. Metal shot a lazer of the amplified energy. No explosion, even after 17 minutes of waiting. The test was a failure. Metal returned to base.

Little did they know...

A fish was swimming by. The fish was hit by Wind Radiation. As it turns out, creatures aren't killed by Wind Radiation unless directly hit by it. Even there, it creates no explosion. What it actually does is hyper-evolve a creature into a sapient Wind elemented counterpart. That's what happened to this fish. First, it grew bigger. After eating many, many fish the Wind radiation fully kicked in. Gillman was born.


Of course being a fish, he has swimming abilities. As described before, Wind Radiation made him hyper-evolve into a creature who uses wind energy. It includes the following. (Note: These are basic techniques. Over time, he learns new ones)

Tornado- Creates a tornado.

White Wind Kick- Kicks with a very cold aura sorrounding him.

Gaia's Wind- Summons multiple Tornados.

He also has a scaly hide and a slight immunity to wind-based powers.


Flint the Lizaardo- Met during the Egg Heist. They are more like accomplices so far.


A quiet. calm individual who would rather read a book than get caught up in a fight. However, when in a dire moment an almost second personality shows up. He gets angry and can only make fish-like grunts when in this state. Otherwise, he talks in a highly grammatical manner. If he gets into a bad mood, people usually watch their grammar, because he can snap. Most people cannot stand him because of this.