The Glacian-Troll War is an eternally drawn war of Glacians winning almost every battle against them. Shahooter started the war, knowing that the Glacian Army is more superior to the Trolls. Seeing that Solar (Troll) is the only one that wields a Chaingun, it makes Glacians able to dispatch Trolls quickly without much effort.



This is exciting, but of course, Shahooter started it. Also, for personal reasons. PBC 01:24, July 30, 2010 (UTC)



The Trolls are even pwn't further and further due to the fact that the Eclipse Twins are now part of the Glacian Nation. X3 -Sky Solar --Don't flare me uuup.♪♪♪

Dismal: .....(hides in crate)

Solar: .... "He didn't mean you Dis."

Dismal: *muffled* But I'm a Troll... :<

Solar: "I said he didn't mean you."

Dismal: ...... (cautiously peeks head out of crate) Okay...

Solar: "Now, I'm gonna go sleep."

Dismal: Okay...

Solar: "After battling Toxic..."

(At the Troll Docks...)

[All the escape pods are gone....Solar lands down on his feet, drawing his rapier.]

Solar: "There is no escape for you now..."

Toxic: You again...

Solar: "Are you ready to die?"

Toxic: (Pulls out his own rapier) Not quite...

Raise Thy Sword!

Solar: "If I recall you are more skilled with a Machete than a Rapier!"

[His Rapier emits a flash, temporarily blinding Toxic.]

Toxic: Gah!! (covers his eyes, staggering slightly)

[He prepares for a rapid volley.]

Solar: "Hraaaaaah! Hruh! Hruh, Hruh Hruh Hruh, Hraaaaah!"

[After stabbing Toxic many times with the Golden Rapier, it glows with Electricity.]

Solar: "Hruh!"

[He thrusts.]

Toxic: !!

[The Electrical Blast sends Toxic into the wall.]

[SFX: *crash*]

Solar: "To be honest, I'm irritated."

Toxic: (Is now dying) And why...would that be...?

Solar: "Because you are not dead yet."

[He stabs the Rapier through his heart.]

Toxic: Urk!! (dies)

Solar: "You're quite the rude one..."

[He puts the Rapier in his baton.]

(I shall retire for the rest of the morning, cya all at around noon.)

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