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Character- Godzilla The Hedgehog

Godzilla looks mean dosn't he?


Godzilla the Hedgehog is the product of the Japanese Self Defense Forces attempt to get rid of the big-G. Godzilla retaind his bad attitude, mean lookingness, and super strength and radioactive powers. Godzilla then befreinded Sonic the Hedgehog, Nova The Hedgehog, and freinds. Godzilla is overprotective of his freinds and will very well give his life to save someone else. Godzilla loves the thrill of battle and will pick a fight with almost anyone for sport, and in the case of power, Godzilla rivals Shadow the Hedgehog, Nova The Hedgehog, and Saturn the Hedgehog.

Powers and Abilities

Godzilla attacks consist of his Nuclear "Breath" which is an energy beam that comes out of his hands or mouth, his Nuclear Punch which his radioactive energy focuses on his fist and makes a devistating blow, he likes to bite his adversaries in the Jugular vein (located inside their neck), and he has razor sharp claws and is not afraid to use them.

Likes and Dislikes

Godzilla Loves whale meat, especialy Blue Whale meat, on pizza. He drinks Salt water, Pepsi, and his favorite drink, Mountian Dew. Godzilla hates evil, jocks, and bleu cheese. Godzilla is fearless, exept for Nova's wife Sol the Hedgehog, or Sonic's wife Amy the Hedgehog. Godzilla used to not like Gigan one bit, and used to be restrained when he sees him, but reciantly Gigan and Godzilla had become friends and now fight together side by side.


Unlike Sonic, Shadow, Saturn the Hedgehog, Solar the Hedgehog, and Jr., Godzilla is not an African pigmy hedgehog, but a Domestic Japanese Hedgehog.


"Do you want me to bite you in the Jugular Vein??"

(Godzilla's Millenium series roar)

"Holy cr@p!"

"For my hate of Japan...."

whenever someone says something like "oh my god!" or "good god!" or something like that, Godzilla annoyingly adds "-Zilla!!"

"You insect benieth my feet!!"

"D@mn humans...."

whenever someone cuts one of Godzilla's limbs off, they instantly regrow and he says, "Oo! Smooth as a baby's @$$!"


Godzilla was born on October 7th, 66,000,000 B.C.

Quotes on Games

Race Start: "With my sixth sence, I can sooo beat you."

Race Win: "That'le teach you not to race me."

Race Lose: "Well that was a Royal lose."

Vs. Start: "I'll Crush you with my clawed hands!"

Vs. Win: "Don't mess with the King."

Vs. Lose: "Impossible, I've almost Never lost a Fight!"

S Ranking: "Heh! A Royal Victory!"

A Ranking: "Well. That was easy."

B Ranking: "Not to shabby."

C Ranking: "I could do much better"

D Ranking: "That was Pathetic of Me!"

E Ranking: "Woa... Didn't see that coming."

Theme Songs

Normal:The Godzilla Trumphet watch the music video on youtube!

Super Godzilla:We're all to blame by SUM41 watch the Godzilla themed Music video on youtube!

Zombie Godzilla:GMK:"The Raging Mad Godzilla" listen to it on YouTube!


Godzilla the Hedgehog: the Game

Godzilla the Hedgehog 2

Godzilla the Hedgehog 3: Meltdown!!

The Return Of Godzilla


The group of legendary heroess

Super forms

Character- Super Godzilla

This is also Godzilla's Meltdown Form.

Character- Hyper Godzilla

like the name says, Godzilla becomes extremley hyperactive

Godzilla can turn into Super Godzilla when he recieves a radiation boost. Godzilla turns into Hyper Godzilla when he gets realy, REALY, angry. Godzilla cannot turn into PureDark Form because the PureDark emerald does not turn something into a beast if that thing is already a beast.

Zombie Godzilla

Character- Zombie Godzilla

He's a Zombie!!

Zombie Godzilla is the form Godzilla takes when/if he dies and everyone forget's about him for a certian amount of time. Then Godzilla comes back from the Dead as Zombie Godzilla to punish mankind for there forgetfulness.

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