Pre-Sonic Show

Before the Sonic Show, Golden and Clover had apparently dated before. They had met at LakeWood High School, while Golden was in the janitor's room, mourning the loss of his mother and half-brother. Clover found him when the janitor asked her to get some equipment for him, and they had been at least friends ever since that odd, extremely awkward moment in the janitor's office.

The Sonic Show

Clover and Golden went out for a majority of the time, but Clover broke up with him after he had apparently cheated on her with Hawkshadow. He later asks her to marry him. She basically rejects, but he later forces her to marry him (much against her will). She attempts to race him to free her, but Terra butts in and wins the race, so she chooses whether they stay together or not. She chooses for them to stay together just so she can annoy her sister.

Fanfics For

The Sonic Show

(kind of...)

Fanfics Against

Anything containing Goldystal, Goldadow (as in GoldenxHawkshadow), Shadover, Drover, etc... (which, is also basically the Sonic Show)


Please give a reason on why you support this!


  • K, I don't love it, I don't hate it, I can't live without it, but then again I can... If U Seek Clover 00:56, March 15, 2010 (UTC)


Theme Songs

Avril Lavigne-Don't Tell Me *WARNING* This song contains a cuss word and talks about a adult topic. You may not wanna listen if you're under 10. From Clover's POV




Is Golden a huge jerk for forcing Clover to marry him?

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So...who should Clover have gone with?

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