Grand Agate High School[1] is a secondary school located in Agate City. The school is considered to have a first-class reputatuion, and an astounding 83.8% of students go on to do A-Levels, and over three quarters achieve over a C.


Creation and Early Years

The school was formally opened by Mayor Macarius Lockwood in 3148. The first headteacher was Pearl Sarka-Pearce, who had formerly taught as Mathematics and Science teacher at Vista Falls Girls' School. Grand Agate High School was an immediate success, and soon there were more applications for the school than there were places. The school building actually had to be extended to make more room for extra students.


Year 7 and 8

Year 9

Year 10 Onwards


Notes and References

  1. Named after Grand Agate Street, where the school is located.

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