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Gravel is Statyx's dragon in Dark Star.


Gravel was created sometime early before Dark Star, using both white clay and Onyx, resulting in his color scheme.


Gravel is an especially unique dragon. Gravel has the power to cause negative events to occur, affecting or targeting whoever he chooses. This power is signaled by either his eyes glowing blue, or his unique cry, which is a "Hyaahh". He is also unusually strong, capable of lifting and carrying large boxes. Gravel's fire is also unique, able to either burn or heal, depending on the target. Being made a majority out of onyx, Gravel is a bit more durable than other dragons.


Gravel is largely black, though his paws and underbelly are white. The lower half of his arms are covered in a thick bunch of scales that look like rocks shaped into flames. He has three claws on his feet, two in front and one in back. He has two long horns on his head, with a jewel in his forehead. His tail is long and wiry, apparently prehensile, and his wings are fairly large and jet-black, looking like bat-wings.


Gravel is a fun-loving dragon who enjoys playing. Gravel can also be a bit of a hot-head, sometimes acting before thinking. However, he is very loyal, and will protect his friends. He also has a strong sense of honor, refusing to use under-handed methods if possible.

Gravel has a big crush on Ranivae ever since he first laid eyes on her. Because of this, he sees Blade as a rival, and will never waste a chance to challenge him. However, Gravel refuses to use his power on Blade, not wanting to beat Blade with under-handed methods, nor wanting to be Ranivae's second fiddle.

Like all other dragons, Gravel's jewel shows his emotions.

Red = Angry
Deep Blue = Sad
Pink = Love/embarrassed
Green = Jealous
Fiery Red = Determined
Blood Red = Furious/Bezerk
Blue = Happy
White = Focused/Calm
Black = Possessed

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