Greg The Hedgehog

Greg The Hedgehog is the son of SOnic The Hedgehog.

Greg The Hedgehog is the son of Sonic The Hedgehog and Sally Alicia Acorn. He mostly takes after his father, but his mannerisms are from his mother.


Age: 18

Fur: blue

Eyes: Cyan

Stripes and hair tuft: Black


gloves with gold bands

Hyper-resistant orange Soap shoes with Gold bands


Greg is a combination of his mother and his father. He is extremely braggy about his abilities and an overacheiver, but he is also gentle, kind and well-mannered. He will help anyone in need, whether it's taking out a few Egg Fighters or rescuing a ballon from a tree for a crying child. He'll help anyone, even if it's someone he didn't want to help in the first place.

Likes and Dislikes


Sonic The Hedgehog(Father)

Sally Acorn(Mother)

Amy Rose(favorite aunt)

Shadow The Hedgehog(uncle)

Knuckles The Echidna(Uncle)

Rouge The Bat(Aunt)

Gabe The Hedgehog(best friend)

Miles "Tails" Prower(Uncle)

Ribbon The Hedgehog (Girlfriend)

StarFall The Hedgehog (friend)

Vixie The Fox (Best friend)

Heather The Ferret (friend)

Selina The Hedgehog  (Sister)




Video Games


Dr. Eggman

Gregory The Hedgehog (Cousin/Rival)

Daehan The Hawk (Rival)

Evil in general


Seeing someone hurt


Greg was born on June 23rd at Mobius General hospital to Sonic The Hedgehog and Sally Acorn. Shortly afterwards, the priestess Tikal took him to her Chao Garden. After three days, he was returned to his parents, with the notion that he had an incredible connection to the Chaos Force. Greg pretty much grew up normally until he was 13, where he was sent to Angel Island to train under his uncle Knuckles in order to become the next Chaos Guardian. After 3 years of harsh training, he was appointed the new Chaos Guardian and sent home with a Chaos Shard.

When he was 16, he found a crush in Fiona The Fox, who after dating for only 6 weeks, broke up with him with a slap and stealing all the rings he had on him. Greg was devestated for a whole year. He later found a new crush in Ribbon The Hedgehog, and they've been going out ever since.

Abilities and Powers

As the son of the fastest thing alive, Greg has quite a few unique abilities to his lineage. He can run at incredible sppeds, uop to Mach 2. He can also use the Spin Dash, Homing Attack, Lightspeed Dash and Boost manuvers to his advantage. He can also use the Sword Of Light, an ancient blade that can destroy any form of Dark Magic. Greg can also use different Chaos Powers. As a Chaos Guardian, Greg can use Chaos Control, Chaos Blast, Chaos Spear, and can activate a Super Form. Also, Greg has the ability to go into a Hyper Form because of his strong connection to the Chaos Force. When he becomes angry, however, Greg can enter his Dark Form, where he can use Chaos obliteration, a move that kill anything eveil within a 5 kilometer radius.


Greg is extremely prone to anger and spaz attacks. He also isn't as strong as other people until he's in his super state.


Sonic The Hedgehog- Sonic is Greg's father, and they have a very close father-son relationship with each other. They're always racing together.

Sally Acorn-Greg and his mom have a close relationship, but Since Sally is queen, she didn't have a lot of time to spend with her son.

Miles "Tails" Prower- Greg and Tails share a love for building, and Tails has helped Greg build his own Extreme Gear.

Amy Rose- Greg enjoys hanging out withn Amy a lot, as she was the closest thing he got to a mother until he was 7 years old. Amy loves Greg a lot, always giving him a big hug and kiss whenever he comes over to see her.

Shadow The Hedgehog-Greg and his uncle Shadow don't have much of a relationship, but they respect each other enough.

Knuckles The Echidna-Greg and Knuckles bonded during Greg's Chaos Guardian training. Knux, as Greg likes to call him, has a great amount of respect for him, as most people refuse to undergo the training.

Ribbon The Hedgehog-Since meeting him, Ribbon has cared for Greg a lot. She treats him as if he were an older brother. They're always seen together. They've only kissed once so far, but a lot can change over time......

Selina The Hedgehog- As his older sister, Selina took it upon herself to care for Greg (along with some assisitance from her aunt Amy in the early years.)  Selina has since then left for Spagonia University, where she hopes to get a degree in Robotics and Technology so she can help her uncle Tails build grander machines.

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