Yikaro Gregarii

Yikaro Grengarii, The Olmanec

The Grengarii (gren-GAR-ee) were an elite race of fighters who live in the Downunda Desert regions for a time, and slowly spread out around the planet. The Grengarii are brilliant trackers and have very long life cycles. Their timeline dates back to when the Ancient Morphs, a tribe of shapeshifting Mobians, had lived. They were rarely seen since there early tribemembers hid their existance from the world.

Species of Grengarii

The race itself over time went through mutations causing them to seperate into four different tribes. A Grengariii council keeps a peace between the tribes so the race may thrive. The Tribes were named from their physical differances from eachother, and therefore they mirror their names. The four tribes are the Nero, the Tip-Tail, the Saber-wing, and the Hunters. Rumors are told that a secret tribe of the original Grengarii still live, but though many have searched to find them, none have discovered them. With these mutations most have moved from the desert to better places to fit their new needs.


The Nero Grengarii are a very specific tribe, having high IQs and a much more welcome attitude to others. These Grengarii have a much darker tint to their fur and enjoy the everyday life that other races live on other continents. The Nero Grengarii have made alliance with such peoples and have learned some of their cultures and traditions as to blend in with them. As such, the Neros have moved into the technological towns and cities to help advance such technology. They have also learned various martial arts and fighting styles. The Nero Grengarii also have a higher life span than the other tribes, which they suspect to be from the mutation. One such Grengarii in this species is Loranna Grengarii.

Tip-Tail Grengarii

The Tip-Tail Grengarii tribe got their name from the sharpened and spikey tail they have. The Tip-Tails have since moved from their place in the desert to more forested regions to continue there lifestyle. They are known to use their tails for fishing or hunting for food, or even fighting. most times when confronted, they can be hostile like wild animals, because they've had to fight for survival in their habitat. They have slowly begun to spread across the Great Forest area, making themselves known more, whether it be by battle or by peace.

Hunter Grengarii

The Hunters are extraordinary fighters and ruthless killers. They believe that all the other tribes have forgotten the old ways and they deserve to be punished. They believe that they are doing right by killing or threatening the other species into going back to the way it was. The Hunter's mutations gave them undeniable rage and a great lust for killing, even if it's against their beliefs. They think they are righteously killing those who stand in their way. They mercilessly hunt anybody who steps on their territory and will kill them at a moments notice. The Hunters are the only ones who have stayed in the deserts.

Saber-Wing Grengarii

The Saber-Wing Tribe are a very special species of Grengarii. The Saber-Wings, not only have wings, but also the feathers on their wings are extremely sharp and can be used for combat. This tribe is the only one of this race that can fly and they benefit greatly from it. It wasn't until shortly after the mutation did they finally become tired of the other Grengarii fighting amongst eachother, to which they tooks to the skies, and never returned. They created a secret island above the clouds, where they lived in peace with eachother. Those who lived up there never strayed far, but to return to the island. Only one person from the Saber-Wing tribe has seen the surface in the last hundred years, and that is Yikaro Grengarii, the Olmanec Grengarii


Tanish/Brown bodies with one spike sticking out the back of the head while two
Yakiro the Grengarii

Yakiro Grengarii, the last of the Traditional Tribe

others fall around the shoulders. A horn on the forehead with eyecolor being variable. Regular Mobian body with a slim, ratlike tail, Tanned skin on the hands, and a color varied scarf.

Sightings of Species

  • Downunda Desert (Hunter)
  • Station Square and other big cities (Nero)
  • The Great Forests (Tip-Tail)
  • The Clouds (The Saber-Wing)
    Female Grengarii

    Female Grengarii look

Special Hero

The Olmanec Grengarii

Every Generation, there is one child who owns the traits of all four tribes. The Tip-Tail, the Saber-Wings, the Dark shaded fur of the Neronians, and the ravenous temper of the Hunters, all combined in one young hero. He is always known as The Olmanec, no matter what his/her name is. The Olmanec was destined to protect his species with his life. He was never worshipped as a god, but he was a pretty big deal to the Grengarii. They own the highest skill of the Grengarii, The Grengarii Magi, which grants the power to wipe out an entire planet at full power. This power hasn't been used in hundreds of years though, so nobody has had the need to hone it that well. The current Olmanec, Yikaro, currently lives with his wife, Freya, and his two children, Loranna and Orville. He is always keeping watchful for when the Grengarii need him.

Religious Beliefs


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