(Note: This version is now considered non-canon to Jaredthefox92's current series, Flawed Detieis continuity. However, this version of Grief is still used for roleplaying and random story purposeses.)

Chillin like a super villian

"Rats!"~Grief's catchphrase for when things go badly for him.

Griefan Nathaniel Bradanska,(AKA Grief), is a strong and dangerous doppelganger of Cyrus the fox, (Jared the foxes future son). He is the son of Deraj Ivan Bradanska the fox. He is also the younger brother of Gicandice the cat. Grief has been known to lash out at humans and be overly violent due to him being spoiled all the time when he was younger. Grief's main power is the ability to alter his stature to become a strong and very durable giant, (at the cost of speed and the ability to dodge.) While Grief is technically weaker then both Candice and Gicandice, he is known to be the more cunning one, and the one who knows how to use his powers to get what he wants. 


Grief was born a week prior to the Grand Rebellion on Anti-Moebius. After Grief's mother Rose Cecile Bradanska died by the hands of Scourge the hedgehog. Griefan stayed with his father Deraj while he coordinated the Moebian Rebels. When Grief was 7 the AMA/G.U.N war started, and Gicandice goes to the war front. Grief became angry that his father makes him stay out of the fight because he is too young.  Eventually Grief is allowed to join the coast guard on Moebius. Grief gets bored with that and begs his father to let him join the AMA forces on Mobius Prime duking it out with GUN and Eggman. Deraj keeps on refusing and Grief starts to get more and more jealous of Gicandice as everyone considers her a war heroine. Grief then sneaks out to Mobius prime one day and established his "New Order" faction. The New Order will be comprised of AMF members who will defect to his side, some AMA traitors, members from planet Cavari, members of planet Turanta, and even members on Mobius Prime.
Request grief eye gif by nexus fan of taismo-d9b1t1y

Grief messing with Eggman. (Note: This is a joke picture.) Made by: Nexus Fan of Tailsmo.


Grief is very immature and childish. He is also incredibly spoiled and sadistic, (due to basiclly getting what he wants and playing violent video games like Call of Duty even at his age.) Grief loves to cause break things and pick on fights with bullies and thugs in normal Mobian size just so he can beat them up while he is smaller to show his might. Grief loves the guitar and can actually play it very well, (also has a giant one too cause destruction while he does.) He seems to use the word die allot even when he just punches somone or cause minor damage, this may stem from his overly competitive-ness and desire to win all the time. (Even when in RP's he mostly loses). Ironically, he does live by a certain minor moral code such as he does not like bullies and is quite the gentleman to females who he is not fighting. Also ironically Grief does like learning and to read things, however he doesn't put into practice what he learns and thus is known to be very naive as well. After the Flawed Deities reboot Classic Grief has been rehashed as a comic relief villain.  

Grief plays burn the army men.

Grief using one of his favorite toys/weapons against GUN soldiers, his giant sized magnifying glass. He is childishly playing "Burn the GUN soldiers."

Grief with dakka

A nice, normal nine year old fox boy.


  • At normal Mobian size Grief has super strength and is bullet proof.
  • Grief is a size shifter, (usees his powers to mostly grow bigger)
  • Self-magnification
  • Can curl into a ball and have a spindash, Grief's spindash is very slow and unlike a normal spindash he uses it flatten things smaller then him rather then use it to launch offensively at opponents.
  • Grief has strong if not monstrous endurance.
  • Grief can rock out on his guitar
  • Grief can use his "Massive Dash" attack like a giant steam roller
How big Griefan can get

Grief's maximum height.

Grief vs a GUN tank

Attacking Grief with conventional based ground armor is a really bad idea.

Strengths and weaknesses


  • Super strong
  • Bullet proof
  • At giant size he is almost immune to most conventional weaponry        
    Grief vs Gicandice

    Griefan fighting his older sister Gicandice.

  • Size shifter.
  • Very durable
  • Tough and strong willed.
  • Does not give up easily
  • If his gutair "Death Strike" is broken in battle he will go berserk and become stronger in attack.
  • His "Massive Dash" is devastating to things on the ground
  • Brave and loyal, almost to a fault.


  • He is mortal
  • He uses mostly physical attacks
  • Griefan is vulnerable to most types of unconventional weaponry such as, but not limited to: Fire, laser fire, electrictiy, sound waves, radation, pyschic powers, daemonic powers, energy blasts, biological weaponry, ice beams, and sonic waves.
  • Is too.rash
  • Is a sucker for a cute girl
  • Sound waves of high frequency can hurt his giant ears
  • Cannot dodge at giant size
  • Multiple small enemies can overwhelm him
  • People can get in his ears and he cannot do anything about that
  • The can climb onto his back easily if he is not paying attention.
  • If you grab his gutair "Death Strike", he will beg of you not to break it, you can make him retreat if you threaten to break it.
  • His Massive Dash is very slow, and you can fly over it.
  • Must eat large quantities of food before going into battle, if he gets hungry he will shrink to normal size.

Grief's Special Moves

  • Butt Bomber (Grief basically sits on whatever is smaller than him or his opponents.)
  • Massive Dash (A giant sized version of Spin Dash, but is slower and yet larger to deal more damage.)
  • People Yo Yo (A domination/taunt move.)
  • Fiendish Fist (A super move which Grief uses in his Anarchy Champion form.)
  • Brofist of Doom. (A move Grief uses on his frends who can take a hit, can also be used to break down walls.)
  • Fan Service (A passive ability that allows Griefan to draw support from the local Mobian populations around him. )


  • "DIE DIE DIE!!!" (Grief trying to win)
  • "They're all dead and I'm not. I win!"
  • I will crush you like a juice box!
  • I will squash you like a buggy!
  • NO CHEATER I SHOULD WIN!! ME ME ME! (him loosing a battle)
  • Heh heh I will crush you little loser!
  • HA! Thease little buildings are all mine to smash!

Theme Song: (Because it is a must for any supervillain.)

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Sundowner's theme. Red sun lyrics

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Sundowner's theme. Red sun lyrics.-0

Interesting facts:

  • Grief loves to study and school. 
  • Although evil and sadistic, Grief is highly loyal to his father Deraj.
  • Grief loves to play the guitar.
  • Grief loves FPS games like Modern Warfare.
  • Grief hates his real first name Griefan.
  • Grief may have inherited some psychic powers from his father, but this is unknown.
  • Grief actually can be a good tactician.
  • Ironicly Grief loves school and to learn.He just doesn't know how to apply his knowledge and is tremendiously, (pun intended) naive.

Stories or fanfiction Grief has stared in or played a role in.

Grief uses his powers

Griefan demonstrating his powers. Picture made by lbpheromonster5