Cquote1 あなたの行くあなたは私を越え決してください。 Cquote2
Grinder about to fight Cyber Grinder.

This page is Sonic boomhog's!

Grinder The Hedgehog (Gurainda za Hejjihogu) is the fan charcter of Liam Ashcroft.

Grinder is a mobian, but also human. Grinder is the hedgehog form of Liam Ashcroft (Liam is the author of Sonic boomhog ADVANCED: Grinder is his fan character.) He is officially classed as a mobian though. He can run slightly below Mach 1

He is able to use the power of the chaos and super and Kipps emeralds.

His brother, Ripper the fox, is based off Liam's real life brother Matthew.

Grinder James Ashcroft
Grinder the Hedgehog
Grind, The Dark Blur, Twinnie dude, L-man, Sonic.
Black, more spines than Sonic, and fringe. In Grinder FIGHT 2, he is darker in colour.
Normal Clothes:Blue vest, and dark blue jeans. He also wears fingerless gloves and Tails shoes only green instead of red. In Grinder The Hedgehog FIGHT!: Second bout, he wears a grey coat, his vest, and black pants. Also, he only wears one fingerless glove-his other glove is a fingerless NES Power Glove. He also wears green shoes with two straps on them.
Mum: NOT SAYING! Dad: NOT SAYING! Brother: Ripper The Fox.
Romantic Interest
None (Although rumoured to be Mishubi Beagle)
KFC,Flash movies, Linkin Park, Crush 40, KFC, Pepperoni Pizza, GAMES!, Sonsal, and a hell of alot more.
People who are in love with Sonic, like Sharna and such, just leave the couples to Archie and SEGA!, Vandals, people swearin' at him on Youtube, Guyroith for saying the awesome Bloodsonic1's flashes were rubbish, RECOLOURS, Sonamy, Muse and a WHOLE lot more.
Look at the abilities section.
Ripper the Fox, Cam the Hedgehog, Abbo the hedgehog, Amy the Hedgehog, Mozza the Hedgehog, Mishubi Beagle, his Poke'mon, Matt the Hedgehog, Clawz the Cat, Hornz the Fox, Will the Echidna, BloodSonic, Lightning the Hedgefox, Shilver the Hedgehog, Esmeralda the Hedgehog and many others.
The Eggman Empire, Kyan the Leopoard, toast and many others.
Super Form, Ice Form, Werehog Form

File:Chibi Grinder!.png
File:Sonic boomhog.png
Sonic boomhog show!

By me!

File:Grinder recolour..png
File:Super Grinder Recolour.png

ZOMG! Its not by the No.1 recolour person! Hence why it sucks.

File:Grinder custom pixel art..png
Grinder pic

A picture of Grinder.

Grinder- Now in 24 great-smelling colours!

Grinder: Now in 24 great-smelling colours!

Grinder dash effect.

I was bored

The best Grinder Animation Yet!00:00

The best Grinder Animation Yet!

A awesome animation!

Riphog animation00:00

Riphog animation

A vid by Tails Flydude. Sonic and Ripper fuse!

8 second Chaos Grinder Animation!00:00

8 second Chaos Grinder Animation!

ANOTHER animation!

Sonic boomho-I mean Grinder!00:00

Sonic boomho-I mean Grinder!

Another animation! Very short I know.


Name: Grinder James Ashcroft


Mum: Not telling.

Dad: Not telling.

Brother: Ripper the fox/Matto the hedgehog. (Not to be confused with Matt the Hedgehog.)

Fave food: Minted lamb, hot dogs.

Fave thing: Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

Best friends: Cameron/Cam the hedgehog, Matt the Hedgehog, Clawz Razorbro, Hornz Spikebro.

Enemies: Dr Eggman, Mecha Sonic, Rageik, Snivley, Kyan (Rival) Neo The Hedgeassasin.

Weakness: He's scared of the dark and heights! He also hates smoke, and, although he can swim, he slightly hates water, and pollen, as he has hayfever, and he can get easily scared by the slightest noises.

Birthday: 16th March. (So wish me happy birthday on that date!)

Age: 11

Weapon of choice: Demon Ickarachi.

Romantic intrests: None.

Weight: 4 1/2 stone.

Height: ???


Grinder is a good hearted person. He helps people in danger, and is honest. He does not mind not being as fast as Sonic-he says he wants Sonic to stay fastest thing alive, Unlike Digipower22 and Digisapien. He can easily get agitated though, and will bring out his Rushing elbow combo attack if needed. He also speaks Japanese (NOT based off real life :( sadly...) in most of his games, but you can set the game to English.


In most media, Grinder wears a blue vest, and dark blue jeans. He also wears fingerless gloves and Tails shoes only green instead of red. In Grinder The Hedgehog FIGHT!: Second bout, he wears a grey coat, his vest, and black pants. Also, he only wears one fingerless glove-his other glove is a fingerless NES Power Glove. He also wears green shoes with two straps on them. He is also ALOT darker in colour.

25 Years

Grinder is now leader of the Freedom Fighters, along with Sonic, trying to beat the Gremlins.

Random Fight

Coming Soon!

Travel to the Middle Ground

One day, while Grinder was walking around the fanon world, seeing other worlds, Grinder was suddenly kicked in the face by an unknown person, and sent flying across the internet. He landed at an odd place called the Middle Ground. He noticed it was a spriting forum, and screamed for joy.

Pokemon training

NOTE: I'm not god modding these guys, these are the actual levels of them. Took a HELL of a long time. And yes, I used AR for Acerus and most of the ledgendarys. there will be a ^ if its gotten by AR.

Quite a long time ago, when Diamond was released, Grinder became a Pokemon trainer. His favourite Pokemon is Goldie, his Infernape, who is a level 100. He also has a Dialga and an Acerus, which he attempted to get many times, but failed. ALOT. He also got a Empoleon off Ripper.

The Editors Palace

Not very soon after joining the MG, Grinder got an invite to the Editors Palace. Grinder accepted. However, on Youtube, someone was doing something...

Return to Fanon.

On youtube, Sonichog4 AKA Matt the hedgehog, had wrote a whole SONG about how he wanted Grinder to come back to fanon. Ripper did it first- then Grinder followed!

Super transformations

Super Grinder

When Grinder uses the seven chaos emeralds, his fur turns silver and he can fly. He is pretty much the same as Super Sonic, only he can wield dual versions of his blade of choice- The Demon Ickarachi. He also gains the ability to do the Booming Grinder, of which he blast forward in a fireball of purple and yellow light.

Grinder the Werehog

After the Crystal Devil appeared, it turned out to be some sort of Crystal Gaia. Because at night, Grinder turns into the ferocious Werehog! However, after killing the crystal devil, Grinder gained the ability to control his werehog transformation. However, some of the energy begins radiating... inside Ripper.

Ice Grinder

Basically Grinder Ice form, akin to Sonic's. Just see Ice Sonic's page.

Theme songs

Grinder: Through the fire and the flames by Dragonforce.

Super Grinder: Blind Evil by Dream Evil.

Grinder the Werehog: Across the line by Linkin Park. (On my user page.)

Ice Grinder: Crawl Back in by Dead By Sunrise.


  • Oh, sorreeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • Crapdangle!
  • Dangcrapple!
  • Screw you guys.
  • Get ready jackass!
  • Oh, get real!
  • Wait, Sonic, where are y-
  • Guess who's house I just blew up? YOURS!
  • Muwahahahahahahahahaha!!
  • Oh yeah? We'll see who sucks!
  • Xugglybug for all!
  • You KNOW Manchester United are the best.
  • Good to be British.
  • Wacca Wacca Wacca man, yeah.

Quotes in a video game

それは完璧でした!(That was perfect!) (S rank on a mission)

ヤフー! (Yahoo!) (A rank on a mission)

それは見事でした!(That was brilliant!) (B rank on a mission)

それは見事でした!(Damn... could have done better...) (C rank on a mission)

ない私の幸運な日だ!(Not my lucky day!) (D rank on a mission)

Whaaaaaaaat ?ううん...このサックス...(Whaaaaaaaat? No... this sucks...) (E rank on a mission)

Emerald get: 私の幸運な日になる必要があります!(Must be my lucky day!)

Multiplayer mode

私グラインダザヘッジホッグよ!(I'm Grinder the hedgehog!) (Selected as a character)


あなたが私の願いを越えたことがなかったよ...(You'll wish you'd never crossed me...) (Before race)

あなたも真の所有となった!(You got well and truly OWNED!) (Race won)

何?道に迷ってしまった?まさか!(What? I lost? IMPOSSIBLE!!!!) (Race lost)


準備ができている!(Ready!) (Before battle)

Twirls ring round his finger* 私はあなたと一緒にプレー以外の時間帯のよ!(I'll play with you some other time!) *Dashes off.* (Battle won)

ナンバー.. (No...) (Battle lost)

Hedgehoggydoken! (5 KO's)

ちょっと待って?ネクタイ?方法はありませんでしたが正しいです!(Hang on? A tie? Theres no way that could be right!) (Tie)

Powers and abilities

Booming Grinder: Only usable in a super form, Grinder barely uses it, because it brought down a 300 storey skyscraper.

Flame of Glacieo: One time, when facing Mecha Sonic, Grinder set on fire and as fire twirled round him, he burnt straight through Mecha Sonic. Before he did the move, he shouted flame of glacieo. (Glay-see-oh)

Ring of Iblis: To contain the power of Glacieo, Grinder was given a darker coloured ring known as the ring of iblis. If Grinder throws this up into the air, he will perform flame of Glacieo.

Homing attack: Same as Sonic.

Grinder teleport: Grinder runs so fast that he teleports. He cant control where he teleports though.

The Demon Pyrachi: Grinder ditched the Master Sword for this firey demon blade. He can seprate them in Super form into duel swords. The name comes from the greek prefix, Pyro, which means fire.

Spin Attack: Grinder performs a spin jump.

Saw Dash: Grinder extends his spikes, and turns into a living buzzsaw. He can also get through tight spaces, and escape cages.

Spin Dash: Grinder spin dashes.


The black Sonic outfit in Super Smash Brothers Brawl makes Sonic look remarkably like the original Grinder!

Super Smash Bros. Dash!

In the game Super Smash Bros. Dash!, Grinder appears as a starter character.


B: Saw Dash.

Like the spin dash, only he extends his spikes.

->B: Dash Kick.

Grinder dashes forward and performs a straight kick, smashing into the foe.

^B: Sping spin.

Almost the same as Sonic's spring jump, only Grinder spins round to deal damage.

DownB: Flame Of Glacieo.

Charge up move. Can be used in air. Takes as long as Ike's eruption. If charged too much, he will be hurt too.

Final Smash: Super Grinder

Same as Super Sonic, only if you press A, Grinder will shoot Fireballs.

The Long, Winding history of Grinder The Hedgehog.

  • Sonic boomhog is born on the ONM forums as the username of Liam Ashcroft.
  • After finding the furry dollmaker Liam created his first fan character: Sonic boomhog.
    First Grinder

    The First Design Of Grinder. Yes, He wasn't a recolour!

  • Then, it went downhill... Sonic boomhog got into spriting, after one of his friends, who I'll refer to as Abbo, taught him Poke'mon sprite edits, but Liam was too lazy to add stuff like clothes, new spikes, etc. He turned Sonic boomhog into a recolour, and darkness descended upon the internet.
  • After people (Rightfully so) flamed him on the ONM forums, Sonic boomhog's brother, Tails Flydude, discovered Phineas and Ferb Fanon Wiki. Sonic boomhog wondered if there was a Sonic counterpart to the site. He typed in Sonic fanon, and lo and behold, there it was. Sonic boomhog began posting his stuff there, as an anonymous user. It was flamed.
  • One night, Sonic boomhog was upstairs in his room, with Tails Flyude. He decided, since his parents were not around, to create an account on the wiki secretly. However, he soon told his dad, and, to his suprise, his dad wasn't bothered. One member of the wiki, Dark Paladin Danny, soon got on Sonic boomhog's nerves, but his worst enemy soon became his best mate and his mentor, when Danny gave Sonic boomhog sprites of Kit The Cats design for Sonic boomhog.
  • Lots of changes came to the comic, new characters, new designs, Sonic canon guys leaving, but there was something Sonic boomhog wouldn't change-his name.
  • One morning though, after lots of new issues with the new design, Sonic boomhog and Tails Flydude were brushing their teeth. Sonic boomhog decided he would change Sonic boomhog's name, and the reason he hadn't before was because he'd have to edit everything saying Sonic boomhog, make new pages, and all that. But, he went ahead, and Sonic boomhog's new name was unveiled on Youtube. What does the future hold for the crap comic that became brill? Well, I don't know... and, to be honest, I really don't care. XD

Voice Actors

English: Sonic boomhog

Japanese: Junichi Kanemaru

Sonic the Hedgehog: Ultimate Clash

Attack Power- 6 Attack Speed- 8 Durability- 6 Ground Speed- 7

Special Attacks

Up- Scissor Smash- Performs a scissor kick sending the foe upwards.

Right- Rushing Elbow- Dashes forward with his elbow out.

Left- Rushing Elbow- Same as above

Down- Saw Dash- Same as a spin dash, only Grinder extends his spikes to deal more damage.

Ultimate- Flame Of Glacieo- Grinder performs the Flame Of Glacieo, dealing lots of damage.



Lee's clothes (From Da Weridos.)

Liam's clothes.

Wrath Of Glacieo Clothes

Sayings and Taunts

Beginning Sayings

"準備ができている!" (Ready!)

"さあ、私は一日だではありません!" (Come on, I ain't got all day!)


"私はあなたを破壊するつもりだ!" (I'm gonna destroy you!)

"You are getting OWNED."

"Eat my dust!"

"I'm a Super Smash Brother!"

Rivals and Rival Beginnning Phrases

Sonic: "Yeah! I'll beat you Sonic!"

Ripper: "Soz bro, but I'm the better fighter. Watch and learn."

Ending Sayings

"I'll play with you some other time!

"Whaaaat? I lost? Noooo..."

Rival Ending Sayings

Sonic:"I win! YEAH!!"

Ripper: "Told you I was the better fighter!"

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