Grinder The Hedgehog FIGHT!: Second bout is the sequel to Sonic boomhog: FIGHT! The game features better graphics, better physics, more blood, twice as many characters (I hope...) and lots more stages. The sprites are now edited from Cylent Night sprites, and the art style is a slight bit...darker and more unique. You can unlock the original character costumes though, along with extra, hidden ones.

Grinder FIGHT 1

Grinder and Clawz prepare for a battle in space on the stage Death Egg corridoor.

Grinder FIGHT 2

Ripper VS Metal Sonic on Stage 3, Turbo Train. The brown stuff is oil, as robot characters don't leak blood.

300px|right|MORTAL KOMBAT


Grinder is having a picnic with all his friends. However, a dark cloud appears over them. Suddenly the ground is hit by lightning, and the ground rips up. The gang are sent flying into space.

Grinder wakes up in a wrecked, battered room and sees Clawz. The two get up, and decide since there is nothing else to do, have a battle.


Its just a fighting game. In story mode, the characters come in teams, such as Grinder and Clawz, and Ripper and Hornz. You can select a path to take in each battle, for example, if you play as Grinder or Clawz, but using the same example, you'd have to beat both Clawz and Grinder's stages to go to the next stage. Get it? Probably not, I know. Just think Sonic Rivals 2.


Grinder and Clawz:

Stage 1: Grinder vs Clawz/Clawz vs Grinder: Death Egg Corridoors.

INFO: Have a fight in the wrecked corridoor of the Death Egg. Watch out for meteores that can deal extra damage.

Grinder finds a Chaos Emerald in his coat pocket. The duo Chaos Control to Emerald Coast, where they find Rouge the Bat. Grinder is angry when he sees her, as just last week, he heard she had kidnapped Tails to be a waiter for a sleepover party she was having. Tails had to spend the whole night there. >_> The two leap into battle, while Clawz notices Gamma creep up from behind.

Stage 2: Grinder VS Rouge/Clawz vs Gamma: Emerald Coast.

INFO: Have a battle on the sandy beaches of Emerald Coast. Don't get smashed into the rocks, or you'll fly off them like ramps riiiiggghhhttt off the stage. That, or you'll smash into them and have pieces of rock stabbed into you're body.

The duo dash off, and find Dante Nantal and Sango the raccoon looking round New Mobotropolis.Grinder is still annoyed, after not being on the the possible new fanon wiki logo when he has been a longtime user. Grinder and Dante leap into battle, while Clawz and Sango fight.

Stage 3: Grinder VS Dante/Clawz VS Sango: New Mobotropolis Alleyway.

INFO: Have a high-speed battle in an alleyway. Don't get thrown in the bin-literally!

Grinder and Clawz leave them behind, Grinder having finally got revenge, the Chaos Emerald in their pocket, and Sango's wallet. They dash off to the coastline, and decide to have another battle.

Stage 4: Grinder VS Clawz/Clawz VS Grinder: New Mobotropolis Coastline.

INFO: Don't get knocked into the water, as you battle on the edge of the coastline of NM.

Grinder and Clawz decide to catch a train, to find Ripper and Hornz. However, on the train, they see Knuckles and Kit. Knuckles is extremely annoyed, after Grinder explains he is too guliable to save a planet. They engage in battle instantly.

Stage 5: Grinder VS Kit/Clawz VS Knuckles: Sunset Train.

INFO: This train looks familiar... well, fight on this train, and cover it with blood. It is actually a sunset-themed recolour of Turbo Train, Ripper and Hornz' 3rd stage.

After beating Kit and Knuckles, Grinder and Clawz find out the ARK is going to fire at the planet, already ripped up. They decide to collect as many emeralds as they can and stop the ARK. They travel to the Mobius launch base, where they meet up with Abbo and Cam. Revealing they have two Chaos Emeralds, they battle.

Stage 6: Grinder VS Abbo/Clawz VS Cam: Mobius launch base.

INFO: Have a battle infront of a huge rocket. Smash foes into objects and forklift trucks around the stage.

Grinder and Clawz take the rocket up to the ARK. However, Zant and Silver are also on the rocket. They decide to fight, to see who will get to be reach the ARK.

Stage 7: Grinder VS Zant/Clawz VS Silver: Rocket boosters.

INFO: It's like the Death Egg Boosters stage from the original! Who'll get kicked into the boosters... or their death?

After frying Zant and Silver, Grinder and Clawz reach the ARK at last. However, they are ambushed by Mozza and Amy, who have a Chaos Emerald. Who will win?

Stage 8: Grinder VS Mozza/Clawz VS Amy: ARK corridoors.

INFO: Smash your foe off the ARK in a frenzy of kicks and attacks.

After beating Mozza and Amy, the duo finally reach the bridge, where they shockingly meet Sonic and Tails. Sonic demands they hand over the emeralds, but the duo refuse. They end up fighting.

Stage 9: Grinder VS Sonic/ Clawz VS Tails: ARK bridge. (Same for all characters, only you obviously don't play as Grinder and Clawz.)

INFO: In the penultimate battle, try knocking your foe off the bridge, as you battle above the planet.

Grinder and Clawz defeat Sonic and Tails, and make it to the core, but have only collected 4 emeralds. Ripper and Hornz appear, with the other 3 emeralds. They fuse, and instantly battle for the emerlads, and to see who will save the world.

FINALE: Grawz VS Rornz.: Cannons Core.

INFO: The ultimate battle, brotherly love? Screw that, brotherly blood-shed is more like it!

Grinder and Clawz slot in the emeralds, to stop the cannon. However, an alarm goes off... (Same ending for all characters.)

Ripper and Hornz.

Stage 1: Ripper VS Hornz/Hornz VS Ripper: Asteroid Field.

INFO: Have a battle on some asteroids, don't fall off!

Ripper discovers a Chaos Emerald in his coat pocket, and the duo teleport. They arrive in The Mystic Ruins, where they see Zant and Silver, investigating, and won't let them pass. They engage in battle.

Stage 2: Ripper VS Zant/Hornz VS Silver: Mystic Hills.

INFO: Battle on top of the highest, tallest mountains in MR. Don't get knocked off the hill!

Ripper, having shot Zant, and Hornz, who knocks Sliver off the face of Mobius run onto a train, where they meet Matt and Metal Sonic. Accusing Matt of being traitorous they engage in battle, while Ripper battles Metal Sonic.

Stage 3: Hornz VS Matt/Ripper VS Metal Sonic: Turbo Train

INFO: Fight inside a train bounding towards New Mobotropolis in a fight to the near death!

Ripper, finding another chaos emerald in Matt's pocket, tells Hornz they need to go. Metal Sonic lies on the floor, smashed up and damaged. The winning duo then get off the train in Station Square, where they meet Rouge and Gamma. After cursing Rouge repeatedly, Rouge and Ripper fight. Gamma, meanwhile, attempts to steal Hornz's chaos emerald, so they fight too.

Stage 4: Ripper VS Rouge/Hornz VS Gamma: Emerald Coast

INFO: Have a battle on the sandy beaches of Emerald Coast. Don't get smashed into the rocks, or you'll fly off them like ramps riiiiggghhhttt off the stage. That, or you'll smash into them and have pieces of rock stabbed into you're body.

After impaling both Rouge and Gamma on rocks, the gang get a new Chaos emerald. Fearing the events mentioned by Silver earlier to be a set up, Ripper and Hornz take the Grind (Ripper's plane) to Spagonia, There they meet Kit and Knuckles. After they refuse to give them the Chaos emerald they have, they engage in battle.

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Grinder and Clawz.
Grinder FIGHT! Grinder.

Grinder's official artwork for the game. His muzzle and fingers are actually darker tanned than usual.

Ripper and Hornz.
Ripper fight!

Ripper as he appears in game.

Abbo and Cam.

Mozza and Amy. (Mozza is Molly's new name.)

Kyan and Mishubi.

Matt and Metal Sonic.

Razz and Vector

Will and Maddy

Dante and Sango

Zant and Silver