Guardian Crystals

The Guardian Crystals from Logan Origins

First appearance

Logan Origins

Other appearances

Chaos Quest (TBA)


Green Crystal

Blue Crystal

Red Crystal

Pink Crystal

  • TBA

Empowering beings, watch eye for guardians


Four mystical crystals that are used as the Sonic The Hedgehog dimesions' creator . As of now, there are four with the following colors: Green, Blue, Red & Pink.

The Guardian Crystals (保護者の結晶 Hogo-sha Kessho) are four crystals of great power, from Bluray's Continuity video games. The Guardian Crystals have mystical properties and abilities, and the holder of them all can use them for a large variety of things, such as controlling the minds of others or gaining a power boost.. Due to the immense powers they possess (To control others), they are currently the target of villains, who desire them to fuel their own evil ambitions, and of heroes, who want to keep them away from the villains and use them for good.


Currently unknown.

Powers and traits



Artificial Crystals



Guardian Crystals in other media


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