Hadley the Rabbit is a 21-year-old, brown anthropomorphic female rabbit.


Early Life

Little is known about Hadley's early life or origins.

Becoming a Reporter

(Under Construction)

Physical Description

Hadley has brown fur and cobalt-blue eyes. She wears a blue jacket over a blue, sleeveless top, a pair of basic white gloves, light grey pants, and blue dress shoes. Her build is attractive.


Hadley is an extremely intelligent young woman when she acts like a professional news reporter. She is very keen on reporting and investigating worldwide events, stories, and interviews. She tends to be curious when she wants to meet people she has never met before.


Hadley is very skilled wih basic combat and she can fly using her ears just like other rabbits. Besides that, she has great reporting skills. For her self-defense, she carries a microphone with her.




None yet.



"This is Hadley the Rabbit, reporting live from Station Square."

"So tell me, how does it feel to be a hero?" -When asking someone as a reporter.


  • Hadley is sometimes a unisex given name.


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