The Halfmoon Zamandar is an uncommon design of dagger, with a knuckleduster-style handgrip and a crescent-moon shaped blade.

Halfmoon Zamandar

Production Information
TypeDagger - guards hand
Elemental AffinityNone, can be imbued
Known Wielders
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212


The Halfmoon Zamandar is an atypical dagger, due to the knuckleduster-style handgrip, where the wielder wraps their hand through a steel frame, while the crescent-shaped blade reaches from one side of their fist to the other. The blade material varies from smith to smith, although most prefer a steel blade, although iron examples have been known as well.

Native Abilities

The blade itself lacks any elemental affinity or unique effects, although like all weapons it can be imbued or enhanced to create such effects. Instead, the dagger shares a unique fighting style with the other Zamandar-type daggers. As the blade is held around the fist, it allows the user a slightly-longer reach with their punches, as well as a sharp blade to assist in focusing the force of the punch. These blades are often stated to rival heavier melee weapons due to this factor, allowing the user to counterattack and use the force in their arms to a much greater degree than normal.

Notable Blades


Wielders/Purchase Locations

An example of this kind of dagger is buried in a cemetery in New Mobotropolis, at the grave-site of Daniel the Hedgehog, a former member of the Royal Secret Service and the older brother of Titania the Hedgehog. This blade is known to many young larks in the area, and is something they could easily access and steal.

These blades have also been seen in the hands of Gloria the Power Hedgehog, the aunt of the legendary Reaper, and also Marcus Darkblade, a young man known as a master swordsman.

Although most blacksmiths will make these blades on order, a blacksmith in Echidnaopolis, as well as one in a shack off Radical Highway and another off the side of Battle Highway always have at least two examples of these blades in stock, just in case anybody is interested in one.


  • The weapon is based on the dagger of the same name from Maplestory.

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