Harin is a purple-furred rat, with a white muzzle. His ears are pointed, and his eyes are a yellow color. He has two rather noticable fangs, and wears a red bandanna around his neck. He also wears a gold band on his arm, one of the most valuable things he has stolen. He wears white gloves, and has a long tail. He wears white socks, and black shoes, specially modified for stealth.
Harin The Thief

Harin The Thief


Harin is the leader and Speed Formation of Team Thief, a team of greedy thieves who steals during the night. Harin himself is very greedy, and unkind. He enjoys stealing, and is especially delighted when he has caused misery by stealing. He hates being caught by police, or anyone he has attempted to steal from. Harin perfers hiding, and stealing when no one is looking, but he will occassionally rob houses with his friends. Harin will blatantly insult and mock people that choose to fight them, and is always in disbelief when defeated. He is afraid of police officers as he was once almost caught for stealing from a rich hedgehog.

Skills & Abillities

Stats Level
Stamina 5
Attack 7
Defense 3
Speed 7
Reflexes 9
Magic 0
Psyche 0
Intellect 5


Harin has different abillities he can use in combat. Here are some:

Trick Kick: Harin tricks the person he is battling with, by pretending to go toward one direction, but suddenly rushes behind his opponent, and kicks them in the back.

Smoke Bomb Beat Up: Harin tosses a smoke bomb down (He always has two rather small ones hidden in his gloves) and will relentlessly attack his opponent while hidden by the smoke.

False Swipe: Harin will charge at his opponent and swipe the air inches away from their face, but then will punch his opponent instead.

Harin Fury: Harin's special attack. Harin will become angry, and will charge forward, in an attempt to get close. Once he is close, Harin will start punching and kicking relentlessly.

Friends, Allies, Rivals, and Enemies


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"Heh! My turn!"- Picked in Story Mode

"Heheheh! Perfect!"- S Rank

"Awesome!"- A Rank

"Hmm.. Could have done a bit better.."- B Rank

"I need to do better..."- C Rank

"This isn't good..." D Rank

"Gah! How could I do so poorly!"- E Rank

"Nooooooooooo!"- Losing a Life

"Heh. This will only take a second."- Chosen for Battle

"Hahahah! Loser!"- Won Battle

"Gah! How....."- Lost Battle

"AHAHAHAHAH! YOU ARE TERRIBLE!"- Won Battle (100% Health Remaining)

"HOW!? YOU!? ........ GAH!!"- Lost Battle (Opponent has 100% Health Remaining)

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