The Hedgehog Trio


Well I got the book Idea after watching a playthrough of Sonic 06.I gotta admit it looks awesome!!!But sadly I heard it's not:(.Anyways the game is about Sonic,Shadow and Silver who have formed a team known as the Hedgehog Trio.And this is there first quest.But more about my inspiration,well I have also got inspiration from Sonic Unleashed,Sonic X,satAM and the Sonic Adventure series.But yeah I will be doing cover-art for this & my other game,Sonic: Rise of EggmanLand.anyways thats pretty much how I got my inspiration.


Prologue is here (prologue) complete

Chapter 1 is here (chap.1)complete

Chapter 2 is here (chap.2)not complete

Chapter 3 is here (chap.3)not complete

Chapter 4 is here(chap.4)not complete

Chapter 5 is here(chap.5)not complete

Chapter 6is here(chap.6)not complete

Chapter 7 is here(chap.7)not complete

Chapter 8 is here(chap.8)not complete

Chapter 9 is here(chap.9)not complete

Chapter 10 is here(chap.10)not complete

Chapter 11 is here(chap.11)not complete

Chapter 12 is here(chap.12)not complete

Chapter 13 is here(chap.13)not complete

Chapter 14 is here(chap.14)not complete

Characters is here(Hedgehog Trio Char..)complete

About the Book

Well the book is really just the storybook series that made me do this.And I really this love this place.And I've got a really pretty neat idea that you can comment on this now here how it right bellow this I'll add a heading that says comments under that you just edit and make a row for your comment and just tell me what you think.Now most importantly..........Add your user name!!!!!!!!!!But yeah thats the book I have links to each chap. and char.list plus prologue. It'll be my first online book.Bye now.


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