Heidi the Hedgehog

is a 15-year-old Hedgehog who is Sonic's Sister.
Heidi the Cute lil'Hedgehog


Speed: 9/10

Power: 5/10

Defense: 8/10

Jumping: 8/10

Reflexes: 5/10

A lost Hedgehog

Heidi was separated from Sonic and her mother at birth. She roamed the streets for about 7 years until she ran into Flame the Hedgehog. He took her in and she lived with them for several months. Then Eggman attacked the city, and killed Flame's parents. She thought Flame was killed too, and ran away. She roamed the streets for 7 more years and was somehow reunited with her brother, Sonic.


After being homeless for 14 years, she met up with her brother, Sonic. How it all happened was, after running away, she was kidnapped by Eggman. Sonic attacked Eggman, and freed Heidi. They didn't know they were related until they found out they had the same birthmarks under their chin! Heidi and Sonic were reunited.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is her brother, and they share a love-hate rivalry most of the time and are often competing. But they share a connection that nobody else shares.

Flame the Hedgehog

When Heidi was 7, Flame took her in and they lived together for about 5 months. But when they where attacked by Eggman, they both thought the other one died, and ran away. They met again many years later, and then began dating.

Amy Rose

Heidi and Amy share a strong rivalry. Heidi often makes fun of her for liking Sonic, and Amy often teases her about Flame.

There are no main interactions with most of the other characters.


  • Heidi is voiced by Emily Bauer.

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