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The Hikami Fanon is the continuity created and shared by Hikari-san42 and Yami-sama42 (jointly called Hikami42) from (See: Links section below). Hikari-san42 has written stories such as The Genesis of a Generation, Just Adjectives, How to Tread Water and Unstoppable Inferno, Uncontrollable Flood (note that this story does not follow the general fanon listed below); Yami-sama42 has written stories such as Generation Genesis, Sound of Shadows (again, not following general fanon), and That Moment of Silence Before Everything Moves.

Warning! Fanon is extensive. Read at your own leisure.

Mobius as a planet

This section refers to Mobius as a planet, meaning the astronomical history and the geology. This section also describes the details concerning the energies of the planet.

The Mobian planet in this fanon is based on the games with a few influences from the other medium (cartoons, anime). The planet itself is older than Earth, though the history is closely related to its sister planet. Earth as a planet in the same dimension as Mobius, and the humans are new inhabitants on Mobius. Because of this, the peace is very perilously balanced, and the two species live apart from each other. (See: Mobius as a Whole for more details).

Mobius is a mystical place, with strange Energies circulating in the air. The main life force of the planet is Chaos Energy; it is inside of everything: the rocks, the water, the Mobians themselves. Most of the time, it is the green neutral color of the Master Emerald, but, on rare occasions, certain spectrums of the Energies coalesce inside of specific individuals. These people are known as Chaos Adepts, as they can utilize the specific powers of the Chaos. Those who are Positive Endowed can turn into a Super form of themselves, as well as use the Power Rings scattered across Mobius. Those who are especially gifted can see the Energies circulating if they focus hard enough.

There are other Energies as well. The power of Gaia acts as a counterbalance against the all-powerful Chaos. It lays dormant in the center of the planet, but it hovers near the surface, always at war with itself. The Light and Dark aspects of Gaia balance each other, but also create an unstable environment inside of the planet, enabling an unpredictable amount of natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis) to occur without warning. Because of this, the Chaos Energy must over-compensate and try to block these things from happening on the surface, further limit itself from interacting with those living on the planet. This conflict keeps the inhabitants safe from the overbalance but also creates areas of unpredictability that they must avoid, such as Genocide City Zone on Westside Island.

Another minor Energy hovers around as well, almost unnoticed: Sol Energy. Not much is known about Sol, simply because it is found in such small concentrations, but it is believed that if one comes across a large pocket of it, it can lead to a different, alternate dimension, like a bridge.

"However, the story of how Mobius came to be is a deep, convoluted tale, full of twists and turns of apocalypses and near-misses. The planet itself was easily six billion years old, having supported a long evolutionary history of differing superior creatures. It shared much of the same chain of events with the human planet Earth, despite its difference in age and distance from its home star. First came the single-celled plant-like organisms, blooming across the water-covered sphere with ease. Then came the more complex invertebrates: crabs, trilobites, giant lobster, and huge insects. An ice age ended that era, and an uneven amount of volcanism under the water finally created islands, beginning with what was the present day Seven Isles of Chaos. The reptiles took over after that, growing so huge that they dominated the trees and the ground. Some could fly, some could swim and some could do both. A meteor, some five miles across, slammed into the Southside Sea thousands of years later, sending out a shock wave that killed much of the ruling species. All that was left was a small race of furry creatures.
After that, the story is lost to time and the lack of bones and evidence. The ruling species was a mystery, though the huge buildings found in the middle of one of the unnamed, uninhabited islands near the South Pole hinted at intelligence. However, only one thing was known about them: a combination of radiation poisoning and war knocked out almost every living thing on the planet.
Slowly, Mobius healed itself, forming the intelligent animals that now walked its lands. They went through many leading species: the dragons, the echidnas, the lions, and the hedgehogs. Now though, there is no ruling class; everyone is equal."

Afraid to Run Away

Mobius as a whole

This section refers to the people, cultures, and geography of Mobius.

South Island

  • Christmas Island – province of South Island. Approximately the size of Green Hill Zone

Planet Freedom

Planet Freedom is a Mobian colony.



Mobians speak Mobian.

Important Dates

  • Holidays - Mobians celebrate a myriad of unique

Rites of Passages

Official celebrations to rejoice in one’s life as one ages. Three important dates are celebrated upon one’s birthday. These include:

  • 7 Years – Lawfully allowed to change one’s documented/legal name
    • Ex: Sonic changed his name from ‘Olgilvie Nikkolas Maurice Hedgehog’ to ‘Sonic Hedgehog’. (This full name is mainly fanon.)
  • 13 Years – Legally allowed to apply for hovercraft license, legally allowed to quit school, legally allowed to get a job/emancipation from one’s parents
  • 21 Years – Legally allowed to consume alcohol, parents have no legal control over offspring


Humans live in clusters all over the planet of Mobius, but the majority of them live on the mainland. Humans have only been around in more recent times and have migrated to Mobius from Earth.

Mystic Ruins

Angel Island

Sky Sanctuary

Originally created as a last resort against the destruction of Chaos


Canon Characters


  • Ages for the main game series plus select side games

{|border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table" style="width: 500px;" ! scope="col"|Game Title ! scope="col"|Ag |- |Sonic the Hedgehog |10 |- |SegaSonic |10 |- |Sonic the Hedgehog 2 |11 |- |Sonic the Hedgehog 3 |11 |- |Sonic & Knuckles |12 |- |Sonic CD |12 |- |Sonic Adventure |13 |- |Sonic Adventure 2 |13 |- |Sonic Advance |14 |- |Sonic Advance 2 |14 |- |Sonic Heroes |14 |- |Sonic Advance 3 |15 |- |Shadow the Hedgehog |15 |- |Sonic Rush |15 |- |Sonic Rush Adventure |15 |- |Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) |15 |- |Sonic and the Secret Rings |16 |- |Sonic and the Black Knight |16 |- |Sonic 4 Episode I |17 |- |Sonic Unleashed/Sonic World Adventure |18 |- |Sonic Colors |19 |- |Sonic Generations |20 |}

  • Ages for spin-offs and other side games
  • Sonic hordes and hides money









Chaotix and Rabbits

  • Vector
  • Charmy
  • Espio
  • Cream
  • Vanilla

Mighty and Ray


  • Omega
  • Metal Sonic


  • Big
  • Tikal
  • Chaos
  • Pachacamac – Tikal’s father and the chief of the echidnas

Super Forms

  • Super Form
    • Super Sonic
    • ’Super Tails’ (may also be called ‘Turbo Tails – no relation to the Archie comics)
    • Super Shadow
    • Burning Blaze – powered by the Sol Emeralds
    • Super Silver
  • Hyper Form
    • Hyper Sonic
    • Hyper Knuckles

Other Transformations

  • Sonic the Werehog
  • Darkspine Sonic
  • Excalibur Sonic
  • Dark Sonic
  • Mecha Sonic (not to be confused with Metal Sonic, or any Sonic-shaped robot) – roboticized Sonic. Looks like the original, acts like a robot, controlled by Robotnik.

Alternate Universes

Sonic X

Blaze’s World

Sonic Underground




  • Knuckles is a ghost
  • Martha is another name for the Master Emerald
  • Shadow is the UILTIMATE (everything)
  • Tails died during Sonic Underground (due to financial failure)


This category includes Alternate Universes that follow the main fanon with a small exception of one or two concepts.

  • Examples include:
    • When All is Lost, Hope is Born – In this Hikami42 fanfiction, Sonic dies and becomes a ghost, leaving the hero work to Tails. From that point, the plot deviates strongly from established fanon and becomes an AU.
    • That Moment of Silence Before Everything Moves – In this Yami-sama42 fanfiction, Sonic gets captured by Eggman and has his memory wiped at the age of fifteen (almost sixteen).
    • Afraid to Run Away – In this Hikari-san42 fanfiction, Sonic is five years younger than the canon ages (as established by the Sonic Channel) and thus is only five years old when Robotnik first launches an attack. The story begins on Christmas Island at an orphanage where Sonic and Tails meet for the first time.

Alternate Fanon

This category includes Alternate Universes that follow their own fanon with only some similarities to the main fanon.

  • Examples include:
    • Sound of Shadows – In this Yami-sama42 fanfiction, Shadow and Sonic have, in the most basic terms, switched roles.


Main Fanon


Alternate Universes



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