Hyper the Hedgehog Issue 1 was the first issue of the main Hyper the Hedgehog Comic Series.


Story One

Hyper the Hedgehog

The malevolently gifted scientist, Dr. Gerald Cyborgski, is about to hatch his biggest scheme yet. "Hmph. Those idiotic, moronic, South Islanders. They hope that the "evil scientist" is dead, when I'm about to hatch my greatest plot! Soon I can create the ultimate utopia, Cyborgskiland! And South Island will be a mere stepping stone." Meanwhile, on South Island, the people are living their normal lives when an army of robots appeared and started destroying everything! And, far above, floating in the Cybormobile is the scientist Dr. Cyborgski. "You think your puny technology can stop me? You can't stop me, no one can! There's not a being alive that can stop me!! Mwa ha ha!!" Now somewhere in the Green Hills of South Island is a 10-year-old, hypersonic anthropomorphic hedgehog named Hyper. He saw helpless people being bullied by a robot. Sonic raced over at high speed and destroyed the robot. Much to his surprise, he saw an animal pop out of the robot. "Oh no! Someone's bullying animals and people alike! I...Hate...Bullies!! It's time to pick on someone his own size!"...And now the fight is on.

Story Two

Honey the Cat

Another resident of South Island is a young cat girl who was born with wings. Her name is Honey the Cat and she is constantly bullied by those around her. But one day, she had had enough and flew across the sea in search of an adventure. Honey soon located Cocoa Island, where she quickly set up a workshop and began to craft a biplane. When she had nearly finished, she took a nap just outside the lab but was awakened by a huge explosion. The whole island was suddenly ablaze and a small pink Flicky flew towards Honey from the burning forest, saying that the Imperial Battlebird Armada had invaded. The current dictator, Great Battle Kukku 16th, has learnt of the legendary Chaos Emeralds on the island and plans to use them to conquer the world. But thanks to Honey, this never happened.