Hunter County has different kinds of government.


Hunter County is an odd county, as it governs itself in a different way from other counties in its region.

Timeline of County Government

  • 1772-1779: Directly governed by Albion.
  • 1780-1797: Hunter Township is formed, but still under some governing by Albion.
  • 1797-1832: Hunter Territory is managed by a Territorial Council.
  • 1832-1910: Hunter County is governed by a County Council with 2 members.
  • 1910-present: Governed by the Hunter County Council (13 members, including 7 MEPs).

Hunter County Council

The Hunter County Council is the governing body for the county. The headquarters are based in Parkview, with "circuit" offices in Wolfington and Nelson (Starr Park's circuit office comes in Summer 2010).

13 Mobians make up this council, composed of 12 District members (see below) and 1 at-large member. Elections are held every 2 years. Most of the ordinances in the county are passed by the County Council. 7 Members of Emeraldsbourg Parliament (MEPs) represent Hunter County.


  • 1 - Southwestern Hunter County
  • 2 - Southeastern
  • 3 - City of Nelson
  • 4 - South Central
  • 5 - East Central
  • 6 - Central
  • 7 - City of Wolfington
  • 8 - Northeastern/Starr Park
  • 9 - Northwestern
  • 10 - Northern Coastline
  • 11 - Northern Parkview
  • 12 - Central/Southern Parkview

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