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Hyper Sonic is a powered-up super transformation of Sonic the Hedgehog, in the stage after Super Sonic.

This form is obtained by collecting all seven Super Emeralds, which are more powerful versions of the Chaos Emeralds that have been enhanced with energy from the Master Emerald. To trigger the transformation, Sonic must also collect 50 rings and do a double jump.

Hyper Sonic has all the benefits of Super Sonic, such as invincibility, improved speed, and greater jumping abilities, but Hyper Sonic also has some improved abilities such as the ability to breath underwater, further increased speed, power, and a double jump attack that will destroy all enemies on screen, excluding bosses, and is referred to by some as "Sonic Boom" or a "Hyper Flash" however, the former is not an official name, and it is unconfirmed if the latter is.

Hyper Sonic's name comes from the term hypersonic, which is a speed above supersonic. Hyper Sonic looked very similar to Super Sonic sharing the upturned spikes and green eyes, however Hyper Sonic flashed all 7 colors of the Chaos/Super Emeralds, had large flashing sparks (similar to the invincibility item) and leaves an afterimage when running or flying.

Fan Continuity

Sonic Nazo Unleashed

Hyper Sonic appears briefly along side Hyper Shadow when they fuse into Hyper Shadic, in o

Hyper Sonic as seen in Nazo Unleashed

rder to stop Perfect Nazo from detroying the Earth.

Sonic Dragontamer

Hyper Sonic appears in the opening cinematic of Sonic Dragontamer, but is never actually playable. In this appearance, rather than turning seven colours, Hyper Sonic is platinum. When Super Sonic breaks out of one of Eggman's traps, the Chaos Emeralds are attracted to the Draconian Master Emerald, turning him from golden Super Sonic to platinum Hyper Sonic. However, the transformation is easily deactivated by the Draconian Guardian with a single attack, possibly because it was the Guardian's Master Emerald and not the same one as on Angel Island. Hyper Sonic is shown to be extremely fast and powerful, as he is able to break Eggman's drone and five different restrainers on the Draconian Guardian.

In less than one second.

By passing through them.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Night of Shadows

Cquote1 Because this is faster than Draco Sonic, Excalibur-Sonic X2, World Sonic, and Chaos Shadow. Combined. Cquote2
Draconai after introducing Hyper Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog: Night of Shadows

Hyper Sonic is playable in Last Chapter: Chaos with Chaos. When Sonic takes down his friends controlled by Nightmare's eye shadows, he summons the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald, and uses their power to transform himself into Hyper Sonic. Hyper Sonic then continues to fight Nightmare in the final battle.

After defeating Nightmare, Sonic leaves a black void, saves his friends from a black hole, and revives them from the eye shadows. Although molecular effects (skin/fur colouration, pure black eyes, etceterae) linger, Tails says he can take care of it. Everyone heads to Tails' workshop except Sonic, still Hyper, and Amy. Amy challenges Sonic to a race, and when Sonic remarks that he hasn't powered down, she just looks at him and says, "So?". Sonic laughs and get her to close her eyes and, in a pseudo of what he did in Sonic Crashdown, plants a light kiss on her lips, giving her a Hyper Form and erasing the effects of the eye shadows.

Kagimizu's Fanon

In Kagimizu's fandom, Hyper Sonic is is Sonic's most powerful form. The Super Emeralds having been destroyed by unknown means, Sonic can only take on this form when he is given the power of three other super-forms. In Kagimizu's fandom, Sonic's fur is bright pure white; Hyper Sonic's aura and eye color instead "fade" between the colors of the seven Chaos Emeralds.


In Kagimizu's fanon, Hyper Sonic is without a doubt Sonic's most powerful form. Hyper Sonic can create powerful "energy storms" that wipe out hordes of enemies with a single swipe of one of his hands, release powerful blasts of raw energy, and create a "Purifying Light" that comes from his whole body, wiping out all enemies while leaving the area and his friends unscathed. In addition, he is able to create energy blades from his hands and feet. His speed rivals or surpasses Chaos Control itself, allowing him to leave numerous afterimages that fool both the naked eye and scanners due to the speed at which Sonic moves. His strength has increased to immense levels, allowing him to easily rip up a scyscraper from the ground using only one hand, then throw it like a spear with frightful speed and force. He is even able to throw a large monster of over 15 tons high into the atmosphere. Hyper Sonic's signature move, Hyper Flash, is heavily redesigned.

Team Force & "The Processor" universe

Hyper Sonic was only seen once. He appeared at the end of the "The Processor" story arc, helping to defeat the Hyper Perfect First Evil alongside Hyper Sv-Js, Burning Kira, and Super Matty. In this universe, his powers remain unchanged from canon, but he uses both the Chaos and Sol Emeralds to transform, and his eyes, instead of his quills, flash the colors of the Emeralds. His quills are a dazzling white when powered up. sonic in super smash bros wii u.

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