Hyper Turbo (hss)

The original!

Tuurbo's more powerful Hyper Form that requires a ridiculously extreme amount of Chaos Energy. Turbo can control this form unlike his super form.


Turbos fur becomes a cloudy gold and he gets several Neon-Green stripes. His pupils and Irises dissapear and his sclera turn into a ghostly cyan. He still retains his blood crimson claws. He leaves two after images of himself. His aura is Crimson and gold with purple Bio-Electricity.


Hyper Turbo has many new powers that his super form didn't have. These include instant Mach 25 flight, Lightspeed flight with a moderate amount of power given out. At top speeds, he can travel between planets within seconds. His Power level is monstorously empowered, to points were his energy can be felt across a large inteplanetary distance. His Chaos, Electric, Shadow and Physical abilities reach new heights. He can with one punch make a bus fly across a whole zone, change the weather to a moderate extent , control matter down to the moloecule, be nearly silent, with major effort, become intangible for 45 up to seconds, shatter a 5 foot layer of Diamondega with a well aimed spindash, with a punch shatter 3.5 foot layer of such metal. His durability is increased to. His fur, skin and scales are as 3x hard as steel and can endure magma, survive in any envirement and (to and extent) completley defy gravity. He can also create powerful barriers and fire projectiles. His weakness of using 10% more energy in his actions dissapears.

His power level is unknown.

Weakness and after Powering Down

All forms have some weaknesses, Hyper Turbo being no exception. This form is an large energy consumer, so he can't stay in this form for long. But after powering down, his power level is greatly boosted and his energy is fully restored (but he cannot go Hyper again for 72 hours). There's also the small (6.25) chance that he'll power down for no apparent reason.

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