Hyper the Hedgecat

Hyper the Hedgecat
Age 11 (physically); 3 months (biologically)
Gender Male
Species Hedgecat (Hedgehog+Cat)
Description Eyes:Yellow




Attire Red sleeveless shirt. Red bike shorts, red shoes, and gray gloves.
Relatives Silver the Hedgehog (father)

Blaze the Cat (mother)

Affiliations N/A
Nicknames Hype
Quotes "Hyper needs a hot tub!"

"Oh, boy! This will be fun."

Romantic Interests None
Weaponry Psychokinesis (He doesn't know he can use it)
Abilities Spin Jump

Spin Attack

Spin Dash

High Speed Running (about 105 mph)

Chaos Control (requires Chaos Emerald)

Homing Attack

Spine Stab

Meteor Kick

Chaos Punch

Wall Jump

Wall Run

Super Transformation (requires all Chaos Emeralds)

Hyper Transformation (requires all Sol Emeralds)

Chaos Blast (Super Form move only)

Hyper Typhoon (Hyper Form move only)

Skilled w/ swords (Hyper form only)

Sol Slash (Hyper Form only)

White Heat Blade (Hyper Form only)

Psychic Flare (Hyper Form only)

Super Forms Super Hyper

Hyper Hyper (It's a pun)

Hyper the Hedgecat is Digipower22 as an anthropomorphic animal.

Storyline (Beware of spoilers)


It all starts in the future. A blue hedgecat baby was cradled in Silver the Hedgehog's arms. Silver vowed that nothing would happen to his new son. Soon that vow was broken...

Chapter 1

Silver ran to north of the ruins that Iblis destroyed, which was soon repaired partially. He saw a time rip right in the middle of the ruins. He knew taking care of time rips was easy since they were common in Silver's time. Though he would have trouble since he was with his son. He attempted to hold the baby in one arm, and use his PK to close the rip with the other. But then... the baby was sucked into the rip. "NOOOO!", SIlver exclaimed. With split-second timing, he zapped the baby with his PK to bring him back, but it failed. Silver was crushed. He screamed into the sky, hoping the heavens would hear him and bring his beloved son back...

Chapter 2

The baby woke up in a green field. Only one thing: He's 11 instead of 3 months! His head hurt, bad. Thoughts of a purple and black swirl filled his mind. He couldn't get it out of his head. He couldn't find his parents anywhere. He wasn't even sure he even had parents. He climed up to high ground to get a view of the city a few miles away from him. Then he spotted something, an orphanage! He could just check in and live in the place. So he decided to patiently walked to the orphanage in high hopes of getting his memory back...

Chapter 3

The kid entered the orphanage and confronted the secretary. "Ahem, Mrs. Secretary Lady, can I check in please," he asked. "May I see your information," the secretary said. "Well, um, I'm a boy, I'm blue, my eyes are yellow, um, that's all I know ma'am," he informed. "You don't remember anything else?!," the secretary asked in shock. "Yup, don't remember a thing," the kid informed. "Well, I guess we could squeeze you in. There is one kid who needs a roomie. He's really lonely," the secretary said. "I'll take it!," the kid exclaimed. Finally the mysterious kid found a roommate...

Chapter 4

His roommate was sleeping on the bottom bunk. "HI, WHAT'S YOUR NAME?!" yelled the kid. "WAAAHH!!!" screamed the roommate. "Sorry if I scared you, I just want to know your name!" said the kid. "Ummm... Ultra, why?" asked the roommate. "Because I'm your new roommate!" yelled the kid. "OK whatever I'm just gonna... WHAT?!" screamed Ultra. "We'll be sleeping in the same room and everything!" yelled the kid. "FINALLY!!!" screamed Ultra, "But what is your name?"

Chapter 5

A sharp pain ravaged the kid's head. He went to the ground on his knees, with his hands on the sides of his head. An image then appeared in his mind. A whitish-silver hedgehog and a lavender-ish cat were looking at him they were talking about him. One of them said what appeared to be his name. The name, was Hyper... The image blurred away from the kid's mind. An enthusiastic grin wiped across the kid's face. The kid introduced himself. "My name... is Hyper."



Base form: Still Waiting by Sum 41

Super Hyper: Numb by Linkin Park

Hyper Hyper: What I'm Made Of by Crush 40


  • Hyper's first quote is a reference to a phrase Mung Daal from the cartoon Chowder said.
  • Hyper's personality is most like his creator's.