Ice "Frost" the Cat

Biographical Information
Age 20
Relatives Unamed parents
Alias Frost
Romantic Interests TBA
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Cat
Gender Female
Description Light blue fur, Dark blue eyes, Light blue hair, peach muzzle, and stomach (And the inside of her ears)
Attire White bra and panties, Snowflake dress, Dark blue boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
Abilities Control of ice, (More coming soon!)
Super Forms None
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator VenomTheEchidna

Ice "Frost" the Cat is a Cat who is the Rival of Jake the Echidna.

She hates Tina the Mouse, her rival.


Ice was a frisky young kitten. She frolicked in the snow, forming a strange relationship with it. Winter was obviously her favorite season. But when she was ten, the War of Mobius came, and her mother and father died in the war, becoming an orphan. She would seek revenge on the murderer, and avenge her parents.

Nothing important happened in "Frost"'s (Her new nickname) life until she met the dachshund pup named Biscuit. Annoyed by the pup at first, she soon learned how to settle with him after hearing about his similar past.


Frost is a light blue tabby cat, with darker markings bare and sky blue eyes. Going with her love for water and ice, she wears almost anything blue. But most of the time she wears a snowflake- patterened T-shirt with blue jeans. Rarely, she will wear a green bracelet on her left hand and icy blue go-go boots.


Frost is calm, cool, and kind, unlike her Moebian counterpart. She'll only get angry if someone hurts/kills one of her friends, or messes something up. Even when she is angry, she at least tries to keep calm. She will always help, even if it is something easy. She's a bit of a tomboy compared to her female friends, and will get impacient at times. 









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