Ice Beam is a fairly strong Ice attack.


The user absorbs Ice energy, forming it into a light-blue orb. From this orb, they fire a beam of energy, which creates a haze around itself as it condenses the water vapor in the air around it. On striking the target, it has a roughly ten-percent chance to freeze the target.


Pokemon Users

Species Users


  • Flamethrower: Fire variant of equal power
  • Thunderbolt: Electric variant of equal power
  • Freezing Frenzy: An ability used exclusively by Dr. Extractor, he uses a bazooka like weapon that freezes anything in a block of Ice
  • Ice Blast: The mechanical equivalent of Ice Beam.
  • Gust Strike: Wing variant of equal power, very rare.
  • Acid Spray: Poison variant

Technique Rank

Due to the power and chance to freeze, the technique bears a B-rank.

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