Ice the Echidna is BLU's first fan character. He is of the echidna species, and is usually calm and collected. He is apparently, and classified as an Australian.


Ice the Echidna


Ice looks similar to Knuckles, except his fur is a light blue, and his eyes are a dark green. He wears a white under shirt, along with a dark blue dress shirt with rolled up sleeves, and a dark brown vest ontop of that. He also wears dark gray pants, along with a black belt and red sneakers.


Dash the Fox (Friend)

Stealth (Friend/Mentor)

Lord Vex (Arch-enemy)

Knuckles The Echidna (Ally/Rival)

Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (Enemy)

Doctor Williams (Temporary mentor/ally?)


Ice is generally calm, cool, and collected, but like Knuckles, he has a short temper. He will do anything to help his friends or anyone in trouble. He also tends to joke around with Dash at times just to annoy Stealth.


Ice was born in the Mystic Ruins, but had no idea of whom his mother or father were. His mother had apparently died giving birth to him, and his father died in a battle against Vex.

Meeting Stealth

One day, while Ice was wandering through the Mystic Ruins Jungle, he had stumbled upon a body. Thinking it was dead, Ice attempted to dig a grave for it, rather to have it rot. Much to his dismay, the corpse was alive. This "corpse" was none other than Agent Stealth, an Ex-G.U.N Agent that was thought to be deceased from a plane incident. Stealth attacked Ice, thinking he was a part of G.U.N, but was proven wrong. Stealth asked what he was doing here, and Ice said he was lost. Stealth only laughed, and made a deal with Ice; to help him find his way out of the vast jungle, he would need to help him with something. Ice first hesitated but agreed in the end. Stealth's objective was to find out about a secret base in the Jungle. They infiltrated, finding information about Lord Vex, whom Stealth had heard of. Ice questioned who Vex was, only to be not answered. Stealth thanked him for his help, and led him out of the Jungle, telling him if he needed any help, he could always look for him.

Meeting Dash

While relaxing by the waterfall by the Mystic Ruins Jungle, someone tripped over Ice. Ice turned over to see a red fox, with a chain to his ankle, looking quite scared. Ice asked what was wrong, the fox replied that he had run away from some "Freaky hedgehog named Vex's experimentations.". Ice remembered Stealth gathering information on Vex only a week ago, and told the fox to follow him. Ice ran to the Jungle, only to realize this fox was faster than him. He questioned what the fox's name was, and it was Dash. Ice made a pun about how it suits him, then bumped into Stealth. Stealth, looking not too pleased, asked what the two were doing, and who Dash. Ice quickly got up to his feet again, and explained the situation. Stealth, shocked, did not expect such things. Stealth led them to his "home"-a metal home made out of plane bits and pieces- and told them the information he gathered about Vex. The two were shocked, both wishing to defeat this "Vex". Stealth made a proposal; the trio would work together to defeat the insane ruler. They all agreed.

Going after Vex

The trio had gone through many zones and areas, trying to find the trail of Vex. They had encountered many that were escaped experiments like Dash. Ice questioned Dash of what Vex had even done to him, and Dash said he was not ever used, but witnessed innocent humans, and even Mobians being experimented on. Dash explained he was next on their list. After a long journey, they had caught up with Vex, who was in a forest zone. Taking no hesitation, the trio attempted to attack Vex, only to be defeated in mere moments. Vex smiled smugly, telling them to "Come back when you can all put up at least a good fight." before using the method of Chaos Control to escape. Dash asked what just happened, Stealth replied with a simple "He used Chaos Control.". Ice and Dash were dumbfounded, only making Stealth facepalm. Stealth said he knew a man that could teach them how to Chaos Control, and the two asked if they could meet him.

Doctor Williams and the Chaos Control Training

Ice, Dash, and Stealth traveled to a dark city of some sort, which creeped out Dash to an extent. The city wasn't even a city to be exact, it was a ghost town. They had stumbled upon a large building. Ice punched down the door, seeing the only visible light was a computer screen. The metal door hitting the floor made someone jump. The swivel chair turned around, revealing Doctor Williams. He rolled over to the trio, and asked what they wanted. Stealth replied that Ice and Dash wished to learn Chaos Control. Williams pondered for what reason, Stealth answered with Vex. Williams was quiet for a moment, before agreeing. Ice and Dash high-fived, but their good mood was killed. Stealth handed Williams a Chaos Emerald he had, and Ice said that he had seen that kind of gem before. Williams rolled his eyes, and explained to him what the Chaos Emeralds were, then taunted him by saying "Some Echidna you are.". Williams had taught them how to focus and use their raw chaos energy and be able to Chaos Control with a Chaos Emerald. Stealth thanked Williams, offering the Chaos Emerald as a payment, but he merely said they would need it more than he would right now. Williams then proceeded to tell them to find all of the other Chaos Emeralds; it would be the only way to defeat Vex.

Finding the...5 Chaos Emeralds

The trio had once again set out on finding Vex, but now the main objective was to find the Chaos Emeralds first. The first they found was on Emerald Coast Beach, guarded by a huge whale. They pleaded, but it was futile, they then battled the whale, and got the emerald. The second was in Windy Valley, where they had to race a robot that was obviously meant for Sonic the Hedgehog to race. Dash was the one to defeat the robot, but only by a second. The third was in the Ice Caps, where they had to fight a huge snow monster. Disliking the cold, Stealth and Dash left the fight to Ice. Ice had defeated the monster in 30 minutes, due to getting stuck in the snow at points. The trio then stumbled upon Doctor Eggman, who had 2 more emeralds. Dash pleaded, no effect. Ice threatened, no effect. Stealth tried making a deal, no effect either. They decided to fight against Eggman, and won, sending his ball and chain machine right back at him. Eggman cursed their names as he flew away. The trio realized that Vex had the last emerald, and that they would need to infiltrate his base. Stealth knew where this was due to the information he gathered.

Fighting Vex for the final time

The trio has successfully infiltrated Vex's base, only to have Vex "expecting them". Vex quickly defeated them before they had a chance to Chaos Control, causing them to drop their 6 emeralds. Vex chuckled darkly, thanking them for the final piece of the puzzle he needed. The trio watched in horror as Vex used the raw energy of the Emeralds to become Super Vex. Stealth commanded that Ice and Dash would also harness the power of the Emeralds, as they did, only with the good energy, becoming Super Ice and Super Dash. Stealth followed after as well, reaching his Super Form. The battle raged on between the four, until Ice decided to try something. He focused some of the Chaos Energy into his fist, and punched Vex in the chest. It was fatal. Vex slammed into the wall, being covered by bricks. Stealth canceled out his own super form, walked towards Vex, taking his pulse. He proclaimed he had died. Ice, having no intention of actually killing the man, held back tears. Stealth shook his head, saying it was for the better and he did the right thing. Dash nodded, patting his friend on the back. Ice, regained confidence, replied with an "Whatever you say.". The trio then went home. But... they had forgotten about the emeralds.


"Alroight! Piece o' cake!"-When getting an S rank on a mission

"Pretty good."-When getting an A rank on a mission.

"o'I could o' done betta."-When getting a B rank.

"o'I've gotta try harda!"-When getting a C rank

"Guh..o'it's not me day.."-When getting a D rank.

"GAH! Bloody hell, wot's with me today?!"-When getting an E rank.

"Heh, that'll teach ya blokes a thing or two."-When defeating a boss.

"Bah..rubbish."-When loosing to a boss.

"Beaudy!"-When getting a Chaos Emerald.

"o'I'll show ya not ta met wit' humanity, ya yobo!"-When turning Super when about to fight a boss.

"No..o'I wasn't..strong..enough..gah.."-When loosing to a boss in Super Form.


Ice currently has one form other than his normal self; his super form. It is accessed by using the energy from the 7 Chaos Emeralds. His fur turns a dark blue, and a golden aura surrounds him.


Ice seems to dislike killing, yet he enjoys fighting. He might fear death.

It is unknown how he gained an Australian accent if he was born in the Mystic Ruins.

Ice, though being an Echidna, did not know of the Chaos Emeralds in the beginning.

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