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Iceheart request by lizardman22-d3g0bo7

Iceheart confident and ready for orders.

Iceheart= == == =

"Im cold hearted"~(Iceheart telling his victim that he is ready to kill him) == ==

Field Leader Iceheart "L" Trotsky, (AKA Iceheart the hedgehog), is the third in command of the "AMA"(Anti Mobian Army ). He is a brave and fierce warrior gifted with the power of Cryokinisis. He has Asperger Syndrome and Is anti social, (although this does not stop him from being able to command hundreds of troops in battles and win a decent bit of battles). He is the "servant" of Gicandice the cat , but they are more like best friends and Iceheart might even love her. He has an strong sense of duty and will fight to the bitter end. Being the AMA's second in tactical command (but third in overall command), Iceheart has lead the AMA to many victories. He loves the cold and will sleep in it during the winter. He has been trained in assassinations, ambushes, covert ops, intelligence gathering, interrogation, troop deployment,first aid, and close range combat.

Icehearts "Absolute Zero"

Iceheart is able to turn on his "Absolute Zero" form when he has taken enough physical stress. In this form his body will literally defy the laws of nature and go near Absolute Zero temperature. While in this form he may have several advantages and disadvantages:


  • You cannot engage him in physical combat because at Absolute Zero kinetic energy grinds to a halt, yet he is somehow able to move himself in this form, (maybe the form takes place outside his body, but he can maintain internal heat inside?)
  • Photons cannot pass through his field of coldness so beam attacks or lasers will stop before they hit him.
  • He can slow down people around him just by getting near them.
  • his powers are amplified.

Disadvantages (weaknesses):

  • He is more susceptible to psychic attacks and wave attacks, (mostly because of his mind being vulnerable in this form)
  • His real weakness in this form is stress, unlike his normal form where he is cool and collected in this one if he gets too stressed he will pass out. (I have problems with stress, and that is where I got the idea)
  • It is possible if you shoot a continuous beam on him for a 3 minutes the photons will pile up until they eventually break through his coldness barrier


The Tragedy of his village at age 11

Icehearts village was one that opposed both Scourge and his suppression Squad. After Scourge learned of his super form he "tested" his new power by attacking the village. Icehearts parents sent Iceheart and his older brother to the woods where they could hide right before the attack, but Icehearts older brother was one of their warriors so this happened:

Iceheart: big brother where are we goin???

????:Just shut up and keep moving!!!! *they are running on the woods while hos older brother is pulling his hand as they go*{C *they get to a safe house in the middle of the Great Forrest on Anti Mobius/ Mobius*


????: Then you will hate this. *opens the door to the underground safe house,* knocks out Iceheart from behind and puts him in it and locks him in, then he rushes back to the village to try to help defend it, but he will die with Icehearts parents*

Iceheart will awake only to be captured by Scourge and used as a slave, until Gicandice rescues him.

Strenghs and weaknesses


  • good commander
  • loyal
  • brave
  • good with knives, swords, ect
  • competent
  • intellegent
  • paitent
  • really does care for his men.


  • Over analyizes things
  • Can get overstressed really easy.
  • Can be over cautious.
  • Sometimes has problem with understanding the emotions of his men due to his disability.
  • can be harsh to newbies
  • Is too serious
  • is pyrophobic
  • mortal
  • loud noises
  • stress
  • is pyrophobic (but not as bad as Shard is)
  • is physically weak (must rely on knife, slashing and weapon CQC)
  • is too serious
  • if he gets over stressed he will go berserk
  • will endanger his own life if he thinks so much as Gicandice had a boo boo by an enemy


  • Iceheart's theme is "Duel" from Metal Gear Solid 1
  • Icehearts middle initial stands for "Leon", but not like Leon Trosky a member of the Bolshivieks, no its for Leon S Kennadey from the "Resident Evil" Series
  • His voice was going to be that of Leon S, Kennadey, but due to a  poll, his fans voted it be like Solid Snake's voice, (even though Iceheart is only 20). Despite this traces of Leon can be seen in him, such as his constant use of a melee knife that is made of ice, His quick thinking and scavangeing abilities, and his loyalty to protect someone, even if they are ditzey (Gicandice= Ashley?)
  • Despite his "killing tendencies", his favorite thing is not to kill, but to cook with Gicandice. (especially popsicles which she puts real pieces of fruit in).
  • Iceheart likes to use a combination of aircraft and infantry while commanding his forces, mostly his elite men supported by 310 ravens.
  • Iceheart has his own Raven to pilot, it is blue instead of the standard brown.
  • Iceheart loves anime, especially Ghost in the Shell.
Field Leader, (field Marshal)

.leadership .cryokinisis .assassination .scouting .infiltration .intelligence gathering

.leading troops

.Deraj the fox .Cooking with Gicanidce .cold soup .stabbing GUN soldiers .listening to Deraj's speeches

.sleeping in the cold.

.Scourge .GUN .cigarette smoke .drunkards .incompetent fools .The Suppression Squad

.people harming Gicandice .bullies .stress

.Painful memories of his parents and his brothers deaths.
Theme song:
Metal Gear Solid "Duel".



"Iceheart, ready for orders" (Iceheart waiting for orders)

"Im tired of you Scourge, I'm about to make your heart colder." (Iceheart about to shoot ice sickles through Scourges back)

"GUN oppressors! How dare they attack after our victory!" (Iceheart on the preemptive strike on Anti-Mobius)

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