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Ilmarinen Frostcloud
Ilmarinen Frostcloud

Biographical Information
  • Ilmari
  • Ilmar (most frequently used name)
Romantic Interests (pending)
Physical Description
  • Fur: Very pale blue w/ black forearms, facial stripes and feet
  • Hair: Dark green
  • Eyes: One red, one green
  • Four long black "ears" hanging from head
  • Long pants
  • Cloth belt
  • Earrings
  • Vest
  • Fingerless gloves w/ silver wristbands
Political Alignment and Abilities
AlignmentLawful Neutral/Good
Affiliations (pending)
  • Pokemon-level Omnimancy (mainly Aeromancy, Naturemancy and Cryomancy)
  • Tundra manipulation
  • Aura manipulation
  • Advanced combat
  • Able to glide a short distance
  • Fairly good agility and speed
  • Slight healing factor
Genetic AbilityNatural Cure
Super Forms (pending)
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)

Roleplay:Fortune Cookie (Free join)

Original CreatorRyushusupercat

Ilmarinen Frostcloud (pronounced "ihl-MAHR-rin-nen") is a Mobianized Skycario, which is a hybrid between a Lucario and a Sky Shaymin.

Physical Description

Being a crossbreed, Ilmarinen has the physical attributes of two different species, in his case, Lucario and Sky Shaymin. His fur is mostly a very pale shade of blue, with black forearms, feet and facial mask; the black extends to the bottoms of his ears as well, which are quite long and tufted. He also has deep green hair tied up in a ponytail, and two large, reddish-pink flower petals extending from the back of his neck. He has heterochromia, meaning that his eyes are different colors; the right one is red and the other is green. He also has four large, black, dreadlock-like extensions falling from the back of his head, and spikes extend from both his chest and his knuckles.

He wears a sky blue vest and fingerless gloves with studded silver wristbands, long blue pants and boots, a red cloth belt, earrings, studded silver bands on his forearms and a silver choker collar.




Having the genes of both a Skymin and a Lucario, Ilmarinen is very talented in the realm of hand-to-hand combat, as well as ranged combat. He is able to glide some distance using the flower petals extending from the back of his neck. Like all Shaymin, feral or Mobianized, Ilmarinen is able to absorb toxins in the air, purify them inside his body, and release the purified air in a violent burst; this attack is called Seed Flare.

His Lucario genes allow him to use moves like Aura Sphere and Dragon Pulse; he can also use a few Dark, Earth and wind-aligned attacks, as well as Psychic and Zen Headbutt. More importantly, however, he is able to manipulate the Attribute known as Aura.

His ability to manipulate the Ice element came from his mother, Marjut Frostcloud, who was a skilled Cryomancer. She trained him so he could properly control and hone his Ice powers.

His Genetic Ability of Natural Cure allows him to slowly recover from status ailments so long as he is resting and away from combat. He is fairly fast and agile, but nowhere near the level of Sonic; his top running speed is a meager 45 MPH.


With his ability to absorb toxins and purify them, he is mostly resistant to Poison-aligned attacks. The absorbed toxins allow him to use Seed Flare, and, depending on the amount and type of toxin absorbed, the strength of the attack is changed.


Given his Nature alignment, he is weak to Fire-aligned attacks; his sub-alignment of Ice creates an even greater weakness to Fire; a strong attack like Eruption or Blast Burn would almost certainly defeat him, even if he were at full strength. He is also weak to Earth-aligned attacks since his other sub-alignment is Wind.

Friends and Foes






While Ilmarinen tries his best to maintain the aspects of a "stern and disciplined warrior", he is rather cocky and overconfident, especially against someone he doesn't like. He has a bad habit of holding onto grudges if he loses against a foe in combat.

He loves to try new things, and has a gained a particular fondness for Asian cuisine after trying some for the first time (despite the rather disastrous consequences that followed).


  • Asian food
  • Training


Biggest Fears



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