Imani is a religion practiced mainly in Mazuri. It focuses mainly on its pantheon of gods, goddesses, spirits and demons, a hierarchy headed by the ultimate god and goddess, Mfalme and Malkia. Their polar opposites are the evil rulers of the underworld, Kuzimu and Shetani.


"Imani" is the Mazuran word for "faith". Deity names also come from Mazuran words.



Mfalme (King) is the God of Justice, Fairness, the Sun and Benelovence. He is married to Malkia (Queen) and is the son of Muumba (Creator) and Hekima (Wisdom). His symbols are the crown of roots, the pipes, and the sun.

Mfalme is so great that his wife is invisible in his presence. However, when he returns to his land at night, his wife nad children, the Moon and the Stars, can appear to the world.


Malkia (Queen) is the Goddess of Joy, Singing and the Moon. She is the wife of Mfalme (King) and is Queen of the Gods. Her symbols are the moon, and the tiara of silver.

According to Imani mythology, Malkia, the Moon, gave birth to all the other gods, the Stars. She is inferior to her husband, and is invisible in his presence, but, after he retires to slumber, she and her children can appear to the world.

Other gods

Other gods include the devil, Kuzimu (Hell), and his wife, Shetani (Demon), who reside in the underworld. They are the brother and sister of Mfalme.

Lesser gods appear to the world at night as the stars. There is said to be a deity for absolutely everything, from the rain to the clouds, from hate to love, from happiness to pain. Every god has its opposite.

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