Insipido the Zangoose

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests pending
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Zangoose (Mobianised)
  • Fur: White, w/ red markings on paws, face & chest
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Black bracers
  • Red slacks
  • Red sneakers
  • Seviper-hide belt & boomerang cover
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Nihlic Clan of Nihlus (Soldier)
  • Advanced Combat - Hand to Hand, swords, boomerang
  • Possesses the genetic ability Toxic Boost
  • Capable of using elemental moves through unknown means
  • Super Speed
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
AppearancesRoleplay:The Elemental Wars
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Insipido the Zangoose is a soldier from the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus, and wielder of both a Bejeweled Blade and a Weapon of Might.

Physical Description

Insipido, as a Mobianised Pokemon, looks near identical to his non-Mobian base - mostly white in color, with deep red marks on the paws, chest and head, each mark possessing jagged edges, like blood-soaked scars. He was born with the same genetic weapons as the other members of his species - a pair of long black claws sprouting from each hand, which he has learned to retract, similar to an Echidna. He also has tufts of fur on his shoulders and a long, fluffy white tail. He has blue eyes and a blonde buzz-cut hairstyle, both unusual for a Zangoose, which hint that his mother was a standard Mobian.


Insipido wears a pair of black bracers in order to cover his red forearms and paws, plus a pair of red slacks and shoes. He also sports a Seviper-hide belt from one of the hyper-powerful Mirage-like Pokemon that inhabit the Transitory Mists, something he slayed with his claws as part of a coming-of-age ceremony.


Early Life

Nobody in the clan remembers when Insipido's family joined the Nihlic Clan, but it was generations ago. Most of his family served as simple soldiers and tacticians, and as such had a respectful amount of power within the clan, and possessed quite a few ancient weapons. Insipido was a quite laid-back child, even though he only desired to fight alongside his father and another one to provide for his family. Indeed, even amongst the other children within the clan, Insipido's relaxed nature made him a great support for them, which he added to with a rather interesting sense of humor. This lasted for years, with his father training Insipido intensively against Pokemon found in the nearby areas, as well as within the mist itself. Due to this, Insipido unlocked many of the genetic limiters on his body, although he hadn't removed every single one of the hundred.


Insipido's father was a strict believer in what he referred to as the family coming-of-age ritual - killing a Seviper without any weapons, only the person's claws. It was due to that fact that he trained his son so much, and his son's training as a soldier using two of the family's weapons, a sword emblazoned with shards of each of the evolutionary stones and a boomerang aligned to the element Light wasn't much of a problem either. Therefore, on his eighteenth birthday, Insipido was lead into the mist to find one of the extremely powerful Seviper within there. Indeed, Insipido found one after he stumbled into a rather large pit where it was hiding. Having no weapons, he attacked it powerfully with his claws, but the snake managed to get a good bite on his arm, poisoning him. However, by poisoning him, the Seviper had sealed it's own doom by activating his genetic ability, Toxic Boost. With it increasing his power, he managed to perfect a Fire-elemental move, Fire Blast, even though he had no form of kinesis or mance that would allow him to do so. The single flaming strike was enough to incinerate the Snake Pokemon's head, leaving it dead in the mist. His father applauded him, and Insipido cut a rather long strip of the hide to make a belt, ignoring the chance to make other things from the leather. Upon returning to the Clan's village, he was instantly given the position of soldier, and has served as such since.


As a Pokemon, Insipido gains combat experience from fighting other Mobianised Pokemon and wild Pokemon, and by doing so removes another biological limiter on his body from "leveling up". Through his father's training, Insipido has reached level 94, and as such is nearly at maximum combat potential. He has a rather unusual movepool, with moves learned that otherwise would have been impossible for someone without kinetic or mance abilities to use. He also possesses the genetic ability Toxic Boost, which increases his offensive attack's strength by half again if he is poisoned, something that makes him a massive threat to any Venokinetic or Venomancer.

In the way of weapons training, Insipido is a trained swordsman, using a jian with a shard of each Pokemon evolutionary stone set within the hilt to great effect. He is also skilled with using a boomerang to aid his ranged combat skills, with his boomerang aligned with Light, an element he rarely uses. During the Elemental Clan war, the Zangoose used his clan's contacts with The Pickup Merchants to negotiate a new jian into his fighting style - a Starsword. This blade is normally used by him in large battles, in order to sate the sword's requirement of energy charging with natural energy from an enemy's blood and kinetic energy, although in the final battles against united clan forces in the Transistory Mists, he was seen fighting with a two-sword combat style using his Bejeweled Jian and Starsword together, the latter blade helping soldiers to attack enemy battle mages with one of it's secondary abilities.

His main weakness is firearms, although his unconscious hatred of Seviper is another factor that can be used against him.

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Elementless Abilities


Despite being able to use many elemental techniques through an unknown method, Insipido has often shown jealousy towards those with elemental powers, claiming that his powers are only good in close-combat. Alongside that, he believes that it is elemental powers that got the world into trouble by each element splitting off and fighting one-another, and that it was up to the followers of Nihlus, who used many elements or no element at all, to bring the world into peace.

He enjoys the company of those like Zero the Cat due to the latter's lack of any elemental ability, preferring Zero's scientific healing to any kind of "magic healing technique". Indeed, Insipido often sarcastically refers to all elemental techniques as "magic". He doesn't understand why anyone would want to learn how to use Poison-elemental techniques as well, due to his hatred of Seviper. Normally laid back, Insipido could be serious when he felt the need, and is extremely protective of younger members of the clan. He is rather intelligent, and can come up with major strategies with ease, although not to the same degree as a tactician. He is very loyal to his clan and his friends, and understands that times come when it is their fight to deal with. Heavily patriotic and capable of holding a grudge, Insipido always preferred to solve a problem using his own ideas and strength rather than elemental powers, although used them when he felt a need to.

He tends to be rash, and often gets into trouble due to that, but always apologizes and changes his ways. He learned how to be flexible as a youngster, where it was driven into him by his father - things don't always go your way, so you adapt and make the most of the cards that Nihlus deals. It was this that made him an optimist. He tries to keep his teammates happy using his sharp wit, eccentric mind and sarcastic jokes. He is always ready to die for his clan, and despite all his intelligence, often thinks of stupid plans that are near-impossible to pull off. Often, he is the recipient of slapstick, but it rarely gets to him. He has a habit of over-explaining his plans, to the annoyance of the others in the clan.

Insipido is a dedicated carnivore, and has been known to gorge himself on food when he can, with a favorite food being Seviper meat. He dislikes the cooking by the Head Soldier Niks the Lynx, however. He generally holds an unbiased opinion of others, no matter their origin. He has been seen using unorthodox strategies to cope with challenges, for example drinking a vial of poison in order to combat a more powerful foe, even though his genetic ability didn't make him immune to poisons. He has one of the biggest hearts of the soldiers, always prepared to change if needed, love and respect others, accept failure and form powerful loyalties.

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