An Interactive Story is a story I create, but you edit. Is it an RP? No. It's a story, so that means there might be long paragraphs with a lot of detail. Or there might be pictures. But mostly, it's just words. Have fun!


  1. No GModding.
  2. There CAN be romance this time, but it HAS to be PG-13! So kissing, flirting, and hugging is as good as it gets.
  3. YOU control your main characters, but I control the clones! Sorry, but if I let you control them, who knows where'd this trail off to. It has to stick to the main storyline.
  4. In some parts of the story, the character's powers are NEUTRILIZED! So that means if you get in a fight, find a weapon. You'll need it.
  5. Another thing: If something happens, and your chara(s) get kidnapped, captured, killed...ect. THAT'S the way you stay! We have to be fair.
  6. Most of this is inside the orphanage. Please no outside shots, UNLESS that's where the story takes you.
  7. Have fun!
  • Side note: Each hour you spend at the orphanage is another chapter! The story is up until DAYLIGHT! So that means it ends at 8AM. Try to get as much as you need DONE before then!

'The Story So Far:'

In Xenonia, a lot of spooky things happen. But Mobius is another story! There's a lot of stuff happening that's unexplainable. But ONE thing is pretty creepy. Maybe too creepy to tell. But I am, so get over it. We start off at the "Inn of Ill Omen". It's about 8am, and we were just about ready to leave...


  • Dusk the Hedgehog (Main Character/Narrator)
  • Split the Fox (Secondary Character/Cute 8 Year 0ld)

8:00 AM (First Day): The Adventure Begins!

We decided to leave, so I put on my robes, put up the hood, and we left. We started walking through the forests and spoke for awhile. That's when Split noticed the sky turning darker. "Hey. It's getting a little dark." she said. I sighed and said, "It's fine, Split. Keep walking." We continued walking, and found ourselves lost, which is weird, because Split was a psychic...Apparently, she was too worried about the weather...Well, we were lost, and it was getting darker out...

We needed to get to some shelter, so we needed to find a building. But since we were in the middle of nowhere, that was going to be difficult. It was still morning. Why was it getting so dark out? It turns out that it was going to be a storm soon. So we hid under a large tree before the rain hit. It was close. The rain was absolutely POURING. You could hardly take a step without getting wet...I asked Split to find us a house or building of some sort. So, using her powers, she started to search for a building.

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