It Be Battle at the High Seas is an episode of Sonic the Pirate.



5½ (5:30 a.m.) the time the drill starts.



Sonic is getting trained as a pirate. One of the rules is getting up early. You have to have a job if you have under 100 rings. When he is working diligentally, he sees a ship with a swastika and pi. He gathers the freedom fighters to fight the Empire. Many troopers of the Kintobor Empire ambush the ship. Sonic meets Shadow. They have a battle to the death but Shadow surrenders when he sees Sonic's swordsmanship and emerald power. Tails battles mant people in a battle of wits and wins . Knucles KO's everybody he punches. Amy poisons people she kisses. The freedom fighters are victors, which enrages Eggman during the reconstruction of Berlin, and thinks of his next plan.

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