The J-Jenny Conflict describes the conflict between J the Hedgehog and Jenny the Hedgehog (J's female counterpart).


Ever since of what happened on the Gender Switch RP (which was now deleted, but it reveals that J was unsuccessful of holding his laughter), J's female counterpart, Jenny, was trying so hard at being a better driver than J (because J is her driving instructor), nothing ever comes out right for her, as she constantly whines about her unsuccessful driving techniques. They're not considered to be bitter rivals, however, as J stated that he just could'nt stand her constant whining, as he tries his best to make her feel better.


If this conflict gives you lulz, please sign your name!


If this gives you RAEG, please tell me why. Don't just sign your name, or else I will have RAEG. And you don't want to seem me with RAEG.


J: Well, Jen, according to your driving technique scores... [looks at the scoreboards and reveals that she was unsuccessful] You did'nt pass.

Jenny: WHAT?! [whines] But I wanna be a better driver than you, J! [cries]

J: [pats her back] There, there. There's always a second chance for you, Jen... [rubs his ear with his other hand, knowing how her whining can be ear-piercing to her whining] you must'nt give yourself up.

Jenny: [stops whining] You're right. I need to get better at driving!

J: That's the spirit!


(Both J and Jenny, along with the others, arrives back to driving school, with J being his female counterpart's driving instructor)

J: All right, Jen. Are ya ready for this?

Jenny: YEAH!

Ryu: Good luck, Jenny!

(Both Jenny and J goes inside the Driver's Ed car (with jen behind the wheel)

J: Ok, Jen. You know what you got to do.

Jenny: [tries to think] Uhhh...

J: Just try not to swerve your car around like a maniac, avoid the traffic cones and don't forget to parralel park between two cars. Got it?

Jenny: Got it! [buckles up with a seatbelt and starts up the car] Here I go! [drives the car nice and easy as she easily navigates past through traffic cones and turning the car in different directions, with the signal lights on]

J: [tallies up the scoreboard] So far, so good, Jen.

Jenny: YAY! [she accidentaly lets go of the steering wheel while she cheers]

J: Jen, the wheel! [the car starts to swerve]

Jenny: Whoa! [grabs ahold of the steering wheel, giggles nervously] Sorry.

J: Its alright. Eyes on the road as always, Jen.

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