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Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

This is Jack the Hedgehog's 4th Story


  • Spongebob100
  • Scroundernuts
  • Kaytlinfencethefox
  • Emoferret
  • BlurayOriginals
  • Frozen Scorpio
  • Sarahhalloween


  • No Killing
  • No G-Modding
  • No Bad Words
  • HAVE FUN !


Main Character

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)


  • Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)
  • Amy Rose (Spongebob100)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  • Tails (Spongebob100)
  • Knuckles the Echidna (Spongebob100)
  • Jet the Hawk (Spongebob100)
  • Wave the Swallow (Spongebob100)
  • Storm the Albatross (Spongebob100)
  • Flame the Eagle (Scroundernuts)
  • Tiki the Eagle(Kaytlinfencethefox)
  • Bob/Natalie the Crow(Kaytlinfencethefox)
  • Foxy the Humming Bird(Kaytlinfencethefox)
  • Speedy the Porcupine (Scroundernuts)
  • Blaze THC
  • Baby Blackfire the Hedgehog
  • Stardust the hedgehog
  • Jackline the Hedgecat
  • Skate Jr. the hedgehog
  • Zyde( emoferret )
  • Anu the Anubis Warrior
  • Kid Keren the Anu Skunk
  • Kid Patty the Skunk (Spongebob100)
  • Murmaider the Water Goddess Hedgehog
  • Darkstorm the Halfbreed
  • Thresh the Thrasher Shark
  • Grint the Great White Shark
  • Geo The Hedgehog
  • Sarah the hedgehog
  • Yu the Kitsune (Scroundernuts)
  • Jim the Dog (Scroundernuts)


  • Dr. EggPlankton (Spongebob100)
  • Dr. Eggman (Spongebob100)
  • Meme The Hedgefox (Bluray)


Jared (Frozen scorp.)

Chapter 1: Jack meets the Babylon Rouges

Jack: (Relaxing on his Hammock) Ahhh, what a nice day, it's nice to be married with Blaze the Hedgecat (Sighs) It's gonna be a long day

Patricia: Hi Jack

Amy: Hey Jack

Jack: Hi Patricia & Amy what a nice suprize

Patricia: I just saw this floating Island called the Babylon Garden

Jack: The Babylon what now?

Amy: The Babylon Garden, maybe Sonic knows what's a Babylon Garden, which means the Babylon Rouges must be here by now

Jack: Babylon Rouges? Who are they?

Patricia: Well then let's find out together

Jack: Ok then

Bob:Today,I will Challenge Jet!

Jack: Whao, who the heck are you?

Bob:Bob/Natalie the Crow*Turns into her/his Female self*

Natalie:I am an it*Turns Back into it's orignal form*

Tiki:Bob,Stop scaring people with your Itism.

Patricia: What's going on here anyway?

Amy: Yeah

Speedy: (Appears) Wazzup?

Jack: Hey there Speedy

Patricia & Amy: Hi Speedy

???: Okay Jet! I'm new to the team so what do i do?

Jack: Who's there?

Patricia & Amy: And who are you?

Jet: What the? (Notices Amy) It's you!

Amy: Jet, Wave & Storm?

Wave: Say, who are your 2 Friends?

Jack: I'm Jack the Hedgehog

Patricia: And I'm Patricia the Skunk

Storm: Skunk? Where?

Jet: This is Flame our 4th Member of the Babylon Rouges

Flame: (Sees Speedy) Speedy?! I know you!

Blaze THC:(Hold Blackfire)

Jack: Blaze the Hedgecat ! It's so good to see you again

Amy: It's so nice to meet you, by the way the Babylon Rouges are back

Patricia: Well I wonder why their here

Jet: It's because I'm still in the goal to be the Fastest Being on Mobius

Jack: Say, I run as fast as my Cousin Sonic

Jet: Hold up for a minute, you know Sonic the Hedgehog?!

Jack: Bingo! Who knows, maybe I could be as faster as Sonic

Jet: Hmmm? Anyways, it's nice to meet you Jack the Hedgehog! But the Babylon Rouges have to meet up with Sonic to challenge him for the title of the World's Fastest Being on Mobius. See ya

(The Babylon Rouges leaves while riding on their Extreme Gear)

Jack: Whao, what are those?

Amy: They're called Extreme Gears

Jack: I don't have an Extreme Gear

Patricia: Me neither, maybe we can use those Extreme Gears to catch up to the Babylon Rouges

Amy: Maybe Tails can build your very own Extreme Gears

Jack: Wow, ok then let's get going

Blaze THC: hey Jacky

Jack: It's nice to meet you again my darling (hugs Blaze THC) By the way, I just saw the Babylon Rouges riding on those Hoverboards called "Extreme Gears"

Thrash:(Comes in on his called the Rouge Shadow) Hey Uncle Jack

Jack: Hey Thrash

Amy: (Hops on her Extreme Gear called the Pink Rose) Hi Thrash

Patricia: Come on, let's go see Tails

Chapter 2: Extreme Gears

(At Tails' Workshop)

Jack: Hey, Sonic, Tails & Knuckles

Sonic: Hey Cousin Jack

Jack: How's it going?

Sonic: Great

Jack: I wonder if your friend Tails can build some Extreme Gears, please?

Tails: You can count on me. It'll take some time, you should wait outside

Patricia: Ok then, we won't be long

Knuckles: Yeah I hope so

(They wait Outside so Tails can build their Extreme Gears)

Jack: (whistling)

Anu: (Appears with his Flame Board)

Kid Keren:(Appears with death Board)

Speedy: Hey! I already have a hover board. (He calls it 'hover boards')


Turahk: (Comes in on His Board call War Elite)

Kid Patty: (Appear with her Hoverboard called the "Skunk Rider")

Tails: Finished (gives Jack an Orange Hoverboard) Here's one for you (gives Patricia a Black & Pink Hoverboard) And here's yours

Jack: I'll called my Hoverboard, the "Orange Astro"

Patricia: And I'll call mine, the "Black Skunk"

Amy: Wow, your Hoverboards are Amazing

Jack: Yeah, I know

Patricia: It looks great


Tails: (To Blaze THC) Would you like an Extreme Gear of your own as well?

Blaze THC: (Shows Tails her Black Hell Board)

Tails: Oh, I see you have one already, never mind

Sonic: Whao, those are some Nice Hoverboards you got here

Knuckles: My Extreme Gear is called the Red Rock (shows his Extreme Gear "Red Rock")

Tails: Mine's the "Yellow Tail" (Shows his Extreme Gear "Yellow Tail")

Sonic: And Finally mine's the Blue Star (Shows his Extreme Gear "Blue Star")

Jack: Wow ! Incredible

Speedy: Hm. Let's go! The race starts in 60 seconds!!

Patricia: Ok then

Amy: Oh boy, I can't wait to race with Sonic

Sonic: (Facepalms) Oh boy, Amy is really obsessed with me even more

Jack: Come on, let's go have a race

(Everyone hops on their Hoverboards)

Jack: Ok now we're ready

Speedy: Well c'mon!!! (Zooms off)

Jack: Wait for us Speedy! Here we GO!

Baby Blackfire:(Giggles)

Blaze THC:Jacky.

Jack: Yes, Blaze THC?

Baby Blackfire:(Wants his daddy to hold him)

Jack: (Holds Baby Blackfire)

Baby Blackfire:(Giggles)

???: Hmph.

(Everyone goes after Speedy)

(At Dr. EggPlankton's Base)

Dr. EggPlankton: (Watches the Heroes through the Screen) Extreme Gear Race, huh? Well I can fix that. Jack-4 Robot, what's the status reports of the Ark of the Cosmos?

Jack-4 Robot: We have reports that the Ark of the Cosmos is still in large & we also noticed the Babylon Gardens that have landed on Mobius

Dr. EggPlankton: Hmmm, I wonder why the Babylon Gardens are Dangerous somehow?

Jack-4 Robot: The Babylon Garden are dangerous because of the Divine Wings, ergo, it creates a Black Hole that'll inhales the Entire Planet up to nothing, ergo, the Black Hole Robot is been stoped by Sonic, Jet & the Others, ergo, they are Heroes

Dr. EggPlankton: So what if the Ark of the Cosmos are Dangerous, this is super Unacceptable !

Jack-4 Robot: We also have reports that theirs a 4th Member in the Babylon Rouges & his name is Flame the Eagle

Dr. EggPlankton; Anyways, what's the status reports of the Giant Jack-4 Robot

Jack-4 Robot: It's only 27% Complete

Dr. EggPlankton: Hmmm, it'll give me more time than I imagine

Jack-4 Robot: Searching for Babylon Rouges, Jet, Wave & Storm are from another planet.

Dr. EggPlankton: What should I do about those Birdbrains?

???: I don't know..

Dr. EggPlankton: (Looks at ???) Who are you & what are you doing here?

???: i have no name.

Dr. EggPlankton: (Growls) I don't wanna know now, anyways how should I get those Ark of the Cosmos?

Jack-4 Robot: There's only 5 Ark of the Cosmos in Existance sir

Dr. EggPlankton: Only 5?! Good enough for me. With the Powers of the Ark of the Cosmos & into the Giant Jack-4 Robot, all of my plans will be relieased

Chapter 3: At the Race

Jack: Well here we are

Baby Blackfire:???

Flame: Ugh! NOW you come! We were about to leave!

Jet: It's about time

Wave: Please, be paicent next time ok?

Jet: Fine

Storm: Crystal clear

Sonic: It's nice to meet you again Jet

Baby Blackfire:?????

Flame: Okay let's get this started!

Amy: I can't wait

Jack: Yeah (notices an Ark of the Cosmo) Hey what's this? (Picks it up) It looks like a Bracelet or some sort

All: (Except Jack & Patricia): IT'S THE ARK OF THE COSMOS!

Jack: Who?

Patricia: What is the Ark of the Cosmos, because I've never heard of it before

A portal opens and a army of hover boarders including Sephra and Future Jackline appear

Jack: What the? What's going on here? (Notices Future Jackline) Future Jackline, it's so good to see you

Future Jackline: (Smiles and her young boy Peecks his head out)

Jack: Aww, it's a young boy. Who is this cute little Boy

Jacklines Son:(His hands have four fingers like his father)

Jack: Jackline, you have your own Child, awww it's so cute

Amy: Yeah, it's super cute

Patricia: Hello there, what's your name?

Future Jackline:Sinahk

Omochao: Ready? GO! ...Wait. that's too early.

Jack: Yep, let's try again

Omochao: Ready? set. GO!

(As they started the Race, Jack-4 Robots appears in front of them)

Jack-4 Robot: Hand over the Ark of the Cosmos!

Jack: Just great, Jack-4 Robots

Geo:Hey Jack!

Jack: Hey Geo, what are those Jack-4 Robots after this time?

?????: They want the ark of the cosmos.

Jack: Who's there now?

Patricia: And what are you doing here?

?????: My name is Jared, and I'm here for the race. (jumps from out of the stands, while in an SCR-GP)

Amy: (Points to the SCR-GP) It's that Robot Again!

Sonic: Whao, those Bots are going down

Jack: (Spindashes at the Jack-4 Robots) I guess the Race will have to wait right now we've got Jack-4 Robots to deal with

The army charges on their boards towards jet, wave, storm and flame

Jared: (comes out of SCR-GP, Holding a modified, black, Super scope)

Jet: What is the Army Doing?

Wave: I don't know, but let's get outta here

Storm: WAIT FOR ME !

(The Babylon Rouges flys away on their HoverBoards

gEO: *tRIPS jACK BOT OFF BORED SO IT EXPLODES* I kbow petty but it had to be done

Jared: (fires energy ball out of Super scope at the Jack-4 bots, then rides off in the SCR-GP)

Jack: Where's he going?

Patricia: I don't know but...(crushes the Jack-4 Robots with her Magic) We gotta stop the Bots from getting all 5 Arks

Jared: (comes back) Sorry, the machine was glitching. (fires another energy ball at Jack-4 bots)

Amy: Glitching? (Smashes the Jack-4 Bots with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Jack: It's Dr. EggPlankton's Robots

Sanghelian Boarder Noogies jack

(Spongebob100: The Babylon Rouges have already left)

(I got hit by a truck, I am messed up)

Jack: Hello there, who are you?

Sarah:jack is sonic and the others alright

Jack: Bingo, they're ok

Amy: Hi Sarah

Cusavi:Cusavi Nohktoshavi

Patricia: Uh hi?

Cusavi: Your daughter Keren in good in our time

Jared: (thinking, "I wonder why nobody rides in SCR's anymore?")

Sinahk:(Ignites Energy Sword)

Jared: (pulls out ice sword)

Sinahk: Hey ney honyah, renuvah kunsunrahn

Jared: Sorry, can't understand a word you just said.


Jared: (sidesteps out of the way)

Sinahk:(Attacks at highspeeds)

Jared: Why are you trying to attack me? (sticks out foot, and trips Sinahk)


Jack: Guys, guys, guys, please just get along. We have one of the Ark of the Cosmos & we betta find the other 4 & destroy all 5 of them. It could be dangerous to make a Black Hole while activating the Devine Wings (covers his Mouth) Did I say that out loud?!

Amy: Yeah & it echoed a bit

Jared: A bit? I could've the echoe from 50 mies away.


Future Jackline:Nahkeena tui?

Patricia: Anyways, why would Dr. EggPlankton go after the Ark of the Cosmos?

Jack: I don't know why, but I'm not waiting around to find out

Sonic: We should head to MeteorTech & find out what's going on here?

Jack: Ok then, then we betta watch out for those Jack-4 Bots & SCR-GP's as well

Jared: (starts spray painting his modified SCR-GP)

Geo:Oh no!SCRGP *Trips Jared board and it explodes

Jared: (punches Geo, then whistles, causing a black, spiky SCR-HD to ride up next to him) Great, I have to use my DELUXE ride now



Geo:Jack you go win the match I'll take care of Jared

Jack: Ok then. What match?


Geo:I meant the race sorry!

Geo:*Goes back to clash with Jared*


Blaze THC: Then why are you after my Mom?

Geo:Oh yeah CHAOS HEART! *Dissapears*

Jared: Because.... because....becau..... (silent)

Geo: (cOMES BACK) Chaos Heart allows me to explore the true heart and soul of a person and the conclusion...Jared likes Blaze its written all over ghhi thoguhtpatterns! *Turns back*

Geo:Well I guess its time to tell Balze BLAZE!

Jared: W-w-w-WHAT!?

Blaze THC: You love my mom?

Jared: .......... Maybe. (starts blushing)

Blaze THC:(Purr)

Jared: What?

Jack: It's time to go to MeteorTech

Patricia: He's right, let's go

Jared: (gets inside of black SCR-HD) Anyone need a ride?

Jack: That's ok, we got our own Hoverboards you know

(Everyone hopped on their Hoverboards)

The Army:(Gets on their Boards)

Sonic: Anyways, let's go

Jack: Why would we need the Army anyways? We can handle the Robots all by ourselves


Tiki:Shut up.

Foxy:I don't want to fight Robots,I'd mess up my Feathers.

Patricia: Don't worry, we'll protect anyone in need

Jack: She's right, to get to MeteorTech, first we have to pass the Jungle

Bob:*Jumps on his Board*I'm Going to the Jungle!

Tiki & Foxy:*Jumps on their Boards*

(Everyone hops on their Hoverboards)

Sonic: Are you ready Jack?

Jack: I'm always ready

Sonic: So am I

Amy: Let's get moving guys

The Army:(Hit the Turbo on their Boards)

Jared: (hits the turbo button on his machine)

Geo:Not that Blaze The Cat!

Jared: Huh?

Future Teniahk: Come on Teny

Jack: Here we GO!

(Our Heroes raced to the Jungle on their Hoverboards)

Chapter 4: In the Jungle

Jack: Stop! (points to the Flying Jack-4 Robots) Look!

Patricia: There must be dozens of them in MeteorTech

Amy: Maybe EggPlankton is taking over MeteorTech

Jack: Then let's find out

Teny: Mommy

Future Teniahk: Hey Jack

Jack: Teniahk, what are you doing here?

Teny:(Hiding behind her mother)

Geo:Cool the jungle.

Patricia: Yeah, it's so beautiful

Geo:Nice borad riding evreybody.

Teny: Aunty Patri

Geo:Ok I'am confused!

Jared: (comes out of SCR) Man, those add-ons I built for this thing really made that trip faster for me!

Geo:What trip?

Jared: I call just moving from one place to another a "Trip."

Geo:Oh I couldn't tell with how many robots I tripped.

Jared: (sees a worn-down, rusty SCR-HD) I wonder why this thing got so damaged.

Geo:Hmm hm...Me too...

Amy: Hey, what's that? (spots an Ark of the Cosmos) I found another one

Jack: There are 5 Arks, blue, green, yellow, red & pink. Amy found the pink one & I have the Blue one



Patricia: Hello Teny


Jared: I remember seeing someone wth an ark sometime ago.

Jack: Really, who is it?

Jared: ..... Take a guess. (thinking, "I bet they'll never figure it out!")

Teny:(Kitten eyes Jared)

Jared: Why are you doing that?

Teny:(Gets teary eyed trying to make him talk)

Geo:Come on lets go find one!

Jared: (to teny) I am un-moved by that face. Do you know how many times people have done that to me?

Geo:You mean the one person who'd ever want to talk to you?

Jared: No. Thousands of paople do this to try to get my super-rare video-games!

Geo:Yeah in your dreams.

Jared: Yeah. And in real life. (not really)

Geo:No it either you or the AVGN...AVGN he is way more worth it.People send stuff to him and actually like him plus he doesn't randomly pick on someon for a girl.

Jared: Actually, it can be both of us. Besides, I doubt he has an arcade machine version of "Ninja Baseball Bat-man."

Teny:(Attacks Jared in rage)

Jared: (turns trasparent, then dodges) What was that for?

Future Teniahk: My daughter Has a Rage issue if you don't tell what she wants to know

Jared: What does she want to know?

Future Teniahk:What said to find an ark

Jared: I remember seeing someone have one, then later I saw one in one of my arcade games.


Jack: Guys, guys, guys, please calm down. Jared just tell us already, we're getting bored

Patricia: Yeah, we're getting even more bored

Jared: I can't remember who it was.

Amy: (Facepalms) Oh man, now Jared doesn't even know who was he or she?

Jared: That's not it.

Jack: Then what is it you wanted to tell us Jared? We can't wait any longer

Geo:So evreyone actually likes AVGN your a jerk to Silver for no reason.

Jared: All I did was tear-gas him about 20 times. How does that make me a jerk? Also, I don't remember who had the ark I saw before.

Geo:You tried killing him with a mountain.

Jared: That was an accident!

Geo:Ok whatever lets just find the ark.

Sonic: Ok then

Tails: Let's go

Knuckles: Hey Guys, we got company !

(The Jack-4 Robots are chasing after our Heroes)

Jack: Come on gang, let's GO!

Geo:*Trips one*TRIPPING FTW except in Brawl...

(Our Heroes hops on their Hoverboards & starts riding on them & goes to MeteorTech)

Chapter 5: MeteorTech

Jack: We're inside so we betta be careful

Patricia: Right, I hope we stop those Robots in time

Amy: Yeah, at least we're safe

Sonic: Until now, look! (spots a Camera that is looking at the Babylon Rouges) Jet?

(The Babylon Rouges attacks the Jack-4 Robots)

Jet: Hey there, Sonic the Hedgehog!

Jack: It's you guys again

Wave: It's nice to see you again

Storm: But we're here to settle the score like last time

Jack: Huh? Last time?

Sonic: Don't worry, you'll know

Jack: Ok then

Patricia: Hey there

Jet: Huh? Oh it's you, your that Orange Hedgehog's Sidekick are you?

Patricia: Yeah!

Jet: Anyways, hand over the Ark of the Cosmo

Jack: You mean these? (holds up 2 Arks)

Amy: What are you talking about, Jet?

Jet: Don't play dumb, those are the Arks of the Cosmos (holds up an Ark) That makes 3

Patricia: And only 2 to go

Sonic: Ok Jet, it's nice to meet you again

Jet: Whatever, I'm the Fastest & this time I'm gonna prove it to you

Sonic: Heh

Jack: Ok now it's wierd

(The Alarm went off & Jack-4 Robots are caming from this way)

Tails: Sonic, we can't stay here

Sonic: Looks like I have to deal with you later

Jack: Right now we gotta stop those Jack-4's from capturing us (Zooms off on his Hoverboard)

Sonic: Right, what he said (zooms off on his hoverboard as well)

Tails & Knuckles: (Zooms off on their hoverboards)

Jet: Hey come back here (zooms off on his hoverboard)

Wave: (Zooms off on her hoverboard)

Amy: Hey, wait for me & Patricia

Storm: (Blocks Amy's & Patricia's way) Oops! Sorry, but your not going anywhere until you hand me that stone you got their ladies

Patricia: Storm, out of the way please?

Amy: I'll lose sight of Sonic! (Smashes Storm on the head with her Piko Piko Hammer) Come on Patricia, let's move

Patricia: Ok

(Amy & Patricia runs off to find their friends while Storm is chasing them, still feeling dizzy)

Storm: W...wait !


Dr. EggPlankton: What the? (notices Amy & Patricia being chased by Storm) (Sighs) Jack-4 Robots, dispose those Intruders for me please?

Jack-4 Robot: Yes master!

(The Jack-4 Robots starts chasing Amy, Patricia & Storm)

Dr. EggPlankton: (Sighs)

(Our Heroes have entered inside)


Dr. EggPlankton: GASP! (been blown away by Jack, Sonic & Jet) (crashes) Ouch!

Jack: Gasp? Where?

Knuckles: What just flown over a minute ago

Dr. EggPlankton: (got up from his chair) Do I look like a Crash Test Dummy to you?

Jack: EggPlankton, what are you doing here?!

Dr. EggPlankton: What do you mean? Eggman gave me a Job as the Comissionor of MeteorTech

Sonic: WHAT?! So your behind all of the Jack-4 Bots too?!

Dr. EggPlankton: Yes, besides what I really what is the Krabby Patty Formula

Jack: Well you might as well forget it!

Dr. EggPlankton: (notices Jack is wearing an Ark of the Cosmos on his Wrist) What the?! Where'd you get that?

Jack: I found it on the Ground

Dr. EggPlankton: (Sighs) Anyways, how on earth did those Ark of the Cosmos Survived?!

Jack: I don't know

Sonic: Never mind, we need to stop the 5 Arks of the Cosmos before they make the Black Hole on the Divine Wings

Jack: The Divine what now?

Sonic: Let me explain this


Jack: Wow, that some story. Anyways, I have the Yellow one, Sonic has the Blue one & Jet has the Green one, then that means...

Jet: (Gasps) The Pink Ark is with Amy. (turns to see that Amy, Patricia & Storm are gone) She's gone along with Storm & that Skunk Girl, Patricia

Jack: They are gone. Wait here I'm going after them! (goes after Amy, Patricia & Storm)

Knuckles: Wait! You don't know where they're gone to

Wave: It's too late, he's already gone to go after Amy, Patricia & Storm

Kid Patty: And so is Dr. EggPlankton, he's gone too

Sonic: (Sighs) We gotta go find him, Amy & Patricia

Knuckles: Jet, Wave & Flame are gone too, they must've gone back to the blimp to find Storm

Speedy: -_-'

Sonic: Let's go!

Chapter 6: Aquatic City

(We see Amy & Patricia are still running away from Storm)

Storm: (Panting) Hold up!

Jack: There they are! (Goes after them)

Amy: Patricia, does Storm ever give up?

Patricia: No, I guess not

Amy & Patricia: (Skids to a stop)

Jack: Hi you 2, I've finally found you! And...(notices Storm has stoped looking tierd) Storm?

Storm: (Panting)

Amy: Fine if you want them Badly, Storm. Then you can have it! (throws the Ark at Storm's Face, knocking him out)

Storm: (falls on his back)

Jack: Ooooh, that's gonna leave a mark, anyways where are we?

Patricia: I don't know

Storm: (Wakes up) Huh?

Jack: Excuse me, but we need to get back to our friends

Jack, Amy & Patricia: (Helps Storm get up)

Patricia: Can you please take us to our friends?

Amy: Yeah, your gonna help us find the way out, am I clear?

Storm: Crystal clear

Jack: Oooooookay? Moving on

(Jack, Amy, Patricia follows Storm to find their friends)


Sonic: Jack? Amy? Patricia?

Tails: They're nowhere at site

Knuckles: We betta keep looking for them, they could be anywhere in this place

Jared: Or this universe.

Kid Patty: What do you mean by "This Universe"?

Jared: ...... There are many billions of universes. They could be in any of them.

Sonic: Let's just go find them & everything we'll be fine. Let's keep looking

(Back with Jack, Amy, Patricia & Storm)

Jack: We're walking for about 2 Hours & no sign of the others

Patricia: Yeah, but don't worry, we'll find our friends soon

Amy: What's that noise?

Jack: (notices a Jack-4 Robot) Jack-4!

Jack-4 Robot: (Scans the Ark & then it malfunctions & shuts down, leaving a crack in the Jack-4 & inside it is an Ark) What's a Red Ark doing inside of the Jack-4?

Storm: It's the same! It's just like the one back at the Gigan Rocks

Jack: The Giga what? What did he say?

Storm: Now that makes 2! I gotta go back & tell Jet (runs off)

Amy: Hey, wait!

Patricia: Come back!

(But it was too late he run off with 2 Arks)

Amy: He got my Ark as well

Jack: Just ignore Storm, he's going, going & gone

Speedy: Meh..

Jack: Speedy!

Sonic: Guys!

Jack: Hi Guys!

Amy: Sonic! It's good to see you again

Tails: What happen?

Patricia: That Jack-4 Robot have malfuntion & shuts down all of the sudden

Knuckles: And where's that Meathead Storm?

Amy: He grabed something out of the Robot & Hi tailed outta here

Jack: The Red Ark, the Babylon Rouges have 3 & we have 2

Speedy: What?!

Jack: So uh, where could be at now?

(Everyone is thinking until Amy remember something)

Amy: Wait, Patricia & I heard Storm said something wierd

Jack: Hey, I hear Storm said something wierd also

Patricia: What did he say again? Gi...giga...

Amy: Gigan (Gasps) The Gigan Rocks!

Jack: That's it! What's the Gigan Rocks?

Speedy: (Shurgs)

Knuckles: I know where it is & it's at the Gigan Mountains!

Jack: Let's go! (goes towards the City)

Sonic: But the Gigan Mountains is that way

Jack: Darn it! (goes to the Gigan Mountains on his Hoverboard)

Patricia, Amy, Sonic, Tails & Knuckles: (shrugs each other & Follows Jack on their Hoverboards)

Jake watched them from behind.

Jake: Wazzup?

Jack: (looks behind) Hey Jake, we're going to the Gigan Rocks

Kid Patty: Hey Jake

Jake: Hello, little one.

Kid Patty: Hi, I'm Patty

Jake: I'm Jake! Say, You're Patty as a kid! (Covers mouth)I mean it's nice to meet you!

Kid Patty: It's nice to meet you too

Speedy: (Sighs) You're being so clumsy right now, Jake.

Jack: We need to get to the Gigan Rocks & fast!

Speedy: Then let's go!

Amy: Right!

Chapter 7: Gigan Rocks

Jack: Wow, it's so beautiful !

Patricia: Yeah, I've never seen anything like it

Jake: I know it is, Jack skleleton. (Smiles)

Kid Patty: Preaty!

Amy: (Notices some writing on a Stone) There's something writing on this Big Rock, what's it say?

Knuckles: It says "The Legend of the Babylon Garden"

Jack: The wha?

Speedy: ...The babylon Garden.

Jack: What is the Babylon Garden?

Patricia: Yeah, Jack & I have never heard of the Babylon Garden before

Jack: Could you please tell me & Patricia the story about it, guys?

Sonic: I'm afraid we don't have time for you right now, but we can tell you this that these 5 Arks of the Cosmos are very dangerous that they can activate a Black Hole when they are together with the Babylon Garden, I still remember that time when Jet & I met for the 2nd Time

Jack: Oh Ok, what should we do, Destroy these Arks & forget about them ever happening again?

Sonic: No one knows what happened to the Arks until you found one of them Easily

Jack: Oh ok

Patricia: A Black Hole? How would we stand against that thing?

Jack: Wow! But how come a big Jack-4 Robot like Giant Jack-4 can stand that power with 5 Stones?

Sonic: I don't know, but I know one thing that the Babylon Rouges are not that far from here

(With the Babylon Rouges)

Jet: Where is Storm? He should've been back 30 Minutes ago?