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Jared "The fox" Traxton is a psychic fox who is is the main protagonist in "Jared the fox Chronicles", He is not directly affilated with the Freedom Fighters, but still wants to help them in their noble cause. He does not work within Sonics team, but he constantly comes to the aid of thoase in need. He is a member of "Team Spirit", along side his freinds Shard the Hedgehog and Candice the cat

Jared the Fox
Chaotic good, Neutral good
"Team Spirit", Mobians, Freedom fighters (but not directly)
Mutant fox


-Mind Reading (close range only)


-telepathy. (but cannot read there mind at a distance, only send messages)



-Psi- illusion

Weapon and technology specialist
-Aspergers Syndrome

-Near sighted
Techno music, good winning, helping friends, watching anime, Studying, working on computers, being alone, building things, and playing intelligent video games.
evil, oppression, having to follow idiotic orders, any vulgar, profane,or "questionable" music, socializing in person, Sports.
"Alike minds think great"!!

Jared's Nerdyness

Jared the fox is a un-likely hero because he does not appear to be a tough guy, He actually is a nerd and likes nothing better then playing Starcraft and working with computers. He has Aspergers Syndrome and sometimes can be really annoying. He can be sociable to people who have actual interesting to say. He also can be quite comicle. He loves Sci-fi and also loves studying things.His favorite genre of music is instrumental techno.

Psychic abilities

Unlike his anti Deraj the fox, Jared the fox trys to conceal his powers unless he needs them. He regards them as "scientificly possable by his own brain wave pattern emmissions", and denies them being "magical". He does however rely on them allot when in battle, and sometimes even shows them off to be sociable more.

'''Strengh's and weaknesses'''

  • He is quite intellegent in achedimics.
  • He is good with computers and fixing them.
  • He is psychic.
  • He can be creative at times.
  • He can teleport.
  • His powers allows alloes him to read peoples mind when they are in close proximity to him.
  • He is caring to his comrades and people in need.


  • He can be boastful at times.
  • He can seem inconsiderate, but realy isn't.
  • He is socialy akward,
  • He is paranoid when he over thinks.
  • Teleportation must be with his field of vision (unless he is teleporting an object say a wire cutter, he only has to know where it is like his house.)
  • His PSI-blast is less effective on thoase who are um.....Well lack a brain.
  • Can read mind's only if you are in a specific range, and Deraj's mind cannot be read.
  • Must rely on his powers, or devices in combat.
  • He often gets off task. (Once he was looking at a game in a game store while an attack was going on by AMA forces.)
  • He is mortal
  • He gets stressed too easily.
  • He is physically weak, (not a fighter.)
  • Playing country music drives him insane, as well as rap and screemo.
  • He cannot teleport out of range of sight, (he can teleport objects away from himself IF he knows where they are exactly located.)
  • He cannot stand loud noises,(he cannot stand them and they can make him run away.)
  • He can read minds only within a certain range
  • Excessive over use of his powers gives him headaches, even during battle.

Jared's personalty

Jared the fox is very studious and nerdy. He loves to study things and learn. He can be sometimes self centered and appear apathetic to others, but he does care about people. Jared the fox has odd quirks that bother him, but does not seem to bother normal people. Jared the fox can be somewhat pararnoid sometimes, such as worrying about getting brain damage all the time and about loosing a battle. Jared also seems to act like he knows it all, even when he doesn't. Jared hates loud noises and smelly things. He cannot stand the smell of perfume or country music. Despite all this he can be a great help if you know how to utilize his talents.

How Jared met his freinds

Jared the fox was working on an amuture device that could allow him to teleport farther then he can and without having to see where he was going, sadly the device malfunctioned and warped him from Mobius to SOL. There he met Candice the cat after he accidently got mud on her favorite shoes. He befreinded her before she squashed him. Then he met Shard the hedgehog after he cheered Shard up in a Library because Shard started to cry about being an outcast. The trio becames freinds and with the help of each other where able to teleport Jared back to Mobius where he made a warp gate so they could meet each other again.

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