Jeremy and The Chaos Emeralds is a game in a series in which Jeremy the Breegull is collecting the Chaos Emeralds as he wishes to defeat Eggman for roboticizing his parents.


Main Characters

  • Jeremy the Breegull : The hero of this game he is a care-free and friendly breegull, get on his bad side and you're in for a load of hurt, he protects his friends, and wishes to protect them as he wishes to gain all of the Chaos Emeralds. He learns many moves along the way, and gains new projectiles to throw at his enemies in battle as well.....his friends can also give him a health boost or status effect heal to relieve him of diseases or conditions to either lower his health or freeze him in place.
  • Dr. Eggman : Dr. Eggman is a cruel scientist and the main enemy of Sonic the Hedgehog, cpnsidering fact he roboticized Jeremy's parents, he prevents him from both collecting the emeralds AND seeing his parents again, he is the leader of the Eggman Empire, with many robots at his disposal. How will Jeremy defeat this menace?


(Note: members with an " behind them means they are unlockable in a chapter along with it's original partner)
  • Madeline the Fox : One of Jeremy's closest friends, he wanted her to help him on his quest to collect the emeralds, he saves her from the Troll League near beginning of the game making her your first partner, she can prove effective as she can look up an enemy's attacks and weak points as well as give them a tail-slash. In the overworld, she can give info about where Jeremy is and what is so unique about it. Same with other people Jeremy is about to talk to.
  • Francis the Hedgehog: A hedgehog you help in chapter 1, who lost his shoes. He joins with a spindash to boot, and he brings a whistle to the overworld to look for chao or any items.....
  • Bomber the Echidna: A male echidna who likes explosives. He often likes to use bombs on his enemies, he can also bomb escape routes in the overworld.

Carry the Fox: A fox who works for the mobius post office, she can carry Jeremy short distances and use air attacks in battle. She can deliver letters too if you find them.

Madam Bree: A ghost breegull who haunted a mansion in the haunted woods aong with her butler who was Jeremy's grandfather, she was happy to see another living breegull in the world, he doesn;t get why she likes him but she must be happy to be the same species, she can slap, scare, or turn Jeremy transparent in battle, her overworld power is like transparent-like but you can learnt hings and not get noticed while invisible.

  • Ryushu the Cat: One of Jeremy's friends, she lost her pokeballs in the shyhog's toybox and has looked for them not knowing Jeremy had them for her. She likes to attack with her Pokemon in battle. In the overworld, she can use one of them to make some light in a very dark room, paralyze enemies for a first attack, and show invisible blocks.
  • Unnamed Shyhog" : A lonely shyhog in the shyhog toybox, he wants to get out and face Eggman with Sonic himself, Jeremy took him under his wing as he as well is a hero, he is effected by becoming any shyhog in their army, and the overworld he can be a helpful step for a high jump. For a small hedgehog he can pack quite a wallop.
  • Chopsticks the Echidna: She is an echidna who loves to babysit the echidna kids on Angel Island. She helps you once you find the echidna boys, in which as well she helps you, she can do water based attacks in battle and protect Jeremy with a water shield, she can make a bridge in the overworld across water to help get to important areas....
  • Cloudy the Hedgehog: He is a hedgehog who likes riding in his cloud as much as kicking Eggman's butt. He was first ordered to beat Jeremy but Jeremy beat him and forgave him. He joins you once you allow him. He can throw spike balls, or throw tons at once in battle as well as protect Jeremy with a cloud to make him invisible, you can ride in his cloud to get accros places in the overworld, as for now he is the last partner you can unlock, not counting the optional shyhog partner.
  • if I had permission for others I asked I will add to it

Conversation characters

  • Twister the Fox : Twister is one of Jeremy's other friends, he often likes to Help Jeremy with his travels, he utilizes his smart info to help Jeremy know where to go to the next chapter of the game.....
  • Dismal the Hedgehog : Dismal is Madeline's friend along with Jeremy's he is very shy since he was tortured by the trolls. Jeremy often saves him, and he followed Jeremy to a safe place to hide from them, he sometimes gives you and your partner a hug if you or their HP is low. He is nervous about how long until the trolls find him, but will be happy if it's for a few months or so.


  • Prologue: A rescue from trolls: Jeremy was wandering around for flowers and since he thoughtn of flowers, he thought he could of given them to madeline, he then ran his way, though many obstacles in his way, to the base where she was, she currently was thinking about her friends, who in which are Jeremy and dismal, much later on you have to fight a weak version of Ronix who is tired of caring for Rane, he swiftly defeats hinm and they escape the base in a comical matter, he then tells her why he wanted to save her, to collect the chaos emeralds, find his parents, and defeat eggman, she accepted his request on behalf of their friendship and they set off to find Dr. Eggman
  • Chapter 1: Storming Eggman's base: Jeremy and Madeline have walked to a mobian village where some odd species of furr balls have been stealing some of their clothes, one of the a fox with a flannel jacket has lost his sneakers, and Jeremy decides to help him, once you retrieve his jacket, he joins you, then they found one of eggman's old bases, they walk in and some robots won't let them pass so he asks requests of a robot mage to get their trust to go through, they also meet an explosion loving hedgehog named bomber, who was imprisioned bty eggman he detonates an escape route and they exerience 3 egg pawns with bazookas, a robotic eggman, and 4 differently colored mobains under eggman's command, then they collect a card giving Jeremy a special technique in battle......later on a cutscene showing Dr. Eggman's base is shown and he plots to rid himself of his group by send out all of his troops. and after that small cutscene we leave with Jeremy and one of his friends talking about where the next special card is located, so they decide to look for Twister until a troll from the troll league ambushes them they defeat him and he runs off.
  • Chapter 2: Mysteries of Sand Ocean: jeremy and friends decide to go to a desert place to look for one of the cards as Twister said it was placed in sand ocean zone. on their way they met a mail carrying fox named Mary who lost 3 leters, and will join your party if you find them for her, an odd vulture, and an archeologist hedgehog who claims his bravery is better than Jeremy's. later they find an unsuspecting surprise to Jeremy but to the others it's very surprising,The doberman pharoh, and he asks what he is in the temple for, he replys to collect the 2nd power card, he denies this and they begin battle, after defeat he leaves the card to him since he beaten him fair and square, then a scene where eggman isbusy hammering on a new machine is shown seeing he's making a robot fight Jeremy in the next chapter
  • Chapter 3: The Invincible Robotic Menace: Jeremy and Friends go to some ghost town actually inhabited by ghosts of other people, eremy also sees a ghost of his grandfather in everlasting woods, to scare him, he kinda gets annoyed of that but he liked to see his grandfather who is a butler to a ghost who is owner of the ghost town, they then follow his grandfather to the town and meet the girl the girl somehow liked the look on his face, since she was also a breegull, like there was moire to the species than just him and his family, but he says they should just be friends, she accepts the offer and helps him fight the robot, first try it's actually invincible because you taen a key from him to a mill that has his weakness, a small mobian hedgehog piloting it, you fight him, then he decides to reunite with the robot and now he is vulnerable, the ghosts cheer for Jeremy and his group, and the ghost asks if she can join him, and he says yes to the question leaving her overjoyed, as well as giving him the next power card, the chapter ends with eggman's furiousness about the robot, but he realizes a hedgehog species "shyhogs" are gonna invade the town they are in for a while. so he sits back and waits
  • Chapter 4: Times of the toybox: jeremy egts ambushed again by the same troll in everlasting wood, but he is a little more powerful, then when he gets back he helps varius towns people since there is a shyhog invasion, once you help them you gain back the stuff you need, once you go into a house and turn invisible with the ghost's overworld power a shyhog shyly throught hrough a hole in the wal to a toybox, once inside you can attack shyhogs who stole people's things, including a few pokeballs,also you meet a sad shyhog in search of adventure, Jeremy lets him join the party, and then after you collect 3 pokeballs you run into Ryu who is also in the toybox asking if he found her pokeballs, he replies with a yes and gives them to her, she joins the party and helps them fight off eggman, later on they fight general shyho, a shyhog dressed like a general, once you defeat him you gain the fourth power card
  • Chapter 5: Lives of the hot on lava-reef: once you help a fish by getting rid of a deadly bug it can help you go to angel island's magma reef, everyone greets Jeremy and tell his group that the magma reef has a power card for Jeremy, then someone tells him that chaos can help him, you must get to the master emerald alter and he comes out of the master emerald to help Jeremy, once you go inside you get a chance to find the card, as well as meet the archeologist from chapter 2. An echidna joins you once you find the echidna children she was to be watching, once you go inside the cave and go in far enough you fight a fire demon boss you have to beat him TWICE to beat him good, it gains you alot of experience though, and you gain the card. Once you get out a treasure the archeologist needed was out of the volcano to reveal some pot of sorts, he gives you the last seed to go to to floral fields, but you go back on the fish and the troll has swam to angel island but hasn't realized they started to go back, once he comes back his swimming pretty much beat him down by half for you, so you can beat him again. Eggman has a cutscene for his men to make a cloud machine to cover floral fields' sky
  • Chapter 6: the clouds of floral fields: once you plant the last special seed you open a door to floral fields, a land of flower spirits that roam the land who are under some pressure by clouds made by eggman's robots, they first try to find the sun of the land who says he will no longer be the sun since the clouds came, when they pass back they meet a hedgehog riding a cloud who likes to throw spikey balls at his enemies, he wishes to fight but he apologizes before the start, but then after the battle Jeremy forgives him and later his girlfriend comes too, he wants to join the party and Jeremy accepts. later as they destroy the machine, they make a beanstalk to the clouds, and then they fight a cloud demon who allied with eggman for the machine, they then defeat him, and then after they finish him off the flowers cheer for him, and they give him the power card and they let him join anytime they want. Later on in a cutscene Ronix has regenerated and decides to take madeline back himself. so he rallies the troops to set bait, the next power card.
  • Chapter 7: Ronix Showdown!: Jeremy and his group came back to town to see Twister nervous about the next place with the next card, he says it ALSO holds the green chaos emerald. Jeremy enthusiastic to know asks him, he says it's in the troll league base, thus giving Jeremy a shock, but it doesn't stop him from going, Jeremy and his group then go to the base and they get ambushed by Vic, and Spade and they battle leaving Jeremy's team the victor...later on before ronix's boss room the troll on a mission leaves 1 more preemptive strike on them though he is swiftly defeated they then go to ronix at his full power...They defeat ronix Jeremy then infuriatingly asks where the card and emerald are, he scarecly gives them the card and emerald and runs off to not risk getting killed. Once they get the card and emerald, Jeremy learns his first chaos power, chaos spear......
  • Chapter 8: Chaos Powered finale:Jeremy and his group finally go to eggman's base in a hurry once they get there the 4 odd mobians return to get revenge but are defeated quickly due to Jeremy's chaos spear, once they get inside they fight many boss robots from other sonic Games till they reach eggman in his giant robot, once they defeat him he gaisn the 2nd chaos emerald giving him chaos lance, the game ends with him and the group saying their goodbyes, the one with true sadness, Jeremy and Madeline, hoping they see eachother again they all go their seperate ways, eggman was enraged at defeat so he rebuilds his robot and steals the 4th chaos emerald, hinting there will be a sequel to the game....

will write more soon

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