The Johnny-Ryushu Friendship is a friendship between Johnny D. the Fox and Ryushu the Cat.


Despite major ups and downs, the two have been friends together ever since. He gave away his Pokemon to Ryushu, due to no longer being interested in Pokemon and being more interested in showing off in racing. However, Ryushu found out that Johnny was working for G.U.N. and that she was very angry and distraught after Ryushu found his G.U.N. license that says he is an honorary member of G.U.N. Ryushu has thought that he betrayed her and the others due to the fact that G.U.N. are considered as Overlanders, despite the fact that he hardly even work for G.U.N. After Ryushu denies him that he would never harm Mobians, Johnny leaves her, presumed that his friendship with Ryushu has been broken. Ryushu, feeling regretful after she lashed out against him, goes to apologize to Johnny, as told by Scratchy, Ryushu's Pokemon that was given away by Johnny.

Ryushu found Johnny, but when she apologized to him, he walked away without a single comment. This made her heartbroken, but the next day, she sees Johnny again and that she was hoping that he would yell at her, but Johnny gave her a warming and loving hug and says that he forgave her. Not only their friendship has been brought back again, but Johnny also tells her that he loves Ryushu as a younger sister.




  • Jeremy- Eh wut? I thought these two were in love with each other and that it could've been a crack pairing!
    • Johnny- STFU, aqua ba*****. ¬_¬