Justin-Alyssa Friendship is the friendship between Justin the Dog and Alyssa the Wolf


Justin and Alyssa first met when they took their dogs to the same dog-park, where Justin's dog ended up jumping Alyssa's dog, causing the two to intervene and thus meet. Justin and Alyssa ended up having a good few things in common, and ended up being good friends. Eventually, it got to a point where Alyssa started to have romantic feelings for Justin, which he soon found out. However, while part of Justin felt the same way, he was conflicted due to also having feelings for another girl, who happened to be his best friend. He confessed these feelings to said girl, but ended up being turned down. Despite this, Justin still harbored feelings for said girl, and also refused to make Alyssa a silver medal.

As such, when Alyssa was feeling alone on Valentine's Day, Ricco the Hedgehog brought it up to Justin, whose feelings by that point had faded. As such, Justin set her up with her other crush, Johnny D. the Fox, and the two were able to begin a relationship. Unfortunately, this relationship did not last, and the two broke up. Bewildered, Justin tried to convince Alyssa to get back together with Johnny, but Alyssa, her feelings for Johnny having dimmed and not wanting to be in a relationship anymore, refused. Upset with her seemingly callous treatment of the situation, Justin was enraged, causing a serious rift between the two. Fortunately, the two were eventually able to make up, and return to being friends.

After a long while, Alyssa began to have feelings for another person, which she divulged to Justin. Despite at the time not wanting these feelings, Justin insisted she follow her feelings. Eventually, Alyssa did indeed embrace her feelings for Dalton, though she had difficulty giving a proper confession to Dalton. Borrowing Tigero's TechnoLazyBot, Justin soon changed that, convincing the two to confess to one another, and thus allowing them to begin a relationship.

(Note: Words in red are ficticious. In reality, Justin and Alyssa first met over a debate concerning the pairing Silvaze)




  • Jeremy D. the Fox- Now that's just awful, 'cause it's STILL Alyssa's fault, so I had to do the same thing, in order to avoid a time paradox. You're lucky that you're not gonna get blamed at.... yet.
    • Ryu the Cat: You are REALLY starting to piss me off, Aqua-B******. ಠ_ಠ
    • Jeremy: What are you gonna do, SWEAR at me? It won't even work!
    • Ryu: Nope. I'm gonna do this; ShoopDaWhoop1
    • Dalton: o_o'
    • Syler: Remind me not to upset you.
  • Bee the Fox: HAHAHAHAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so sad it's funny! These two idiots should have never if met!!! The only two things they have in common are they are ugly and only have an infitieth of a braincell!!!!!




Part 1

Justin: *chuckles* Aly was the first girl to have feelings for me that I knew of.

???: I beg to differ.

Justin: *sighs* What the Hell? This has nothing to do with you Jeremy, so buzz off.

Dalton: *in a tree* Meow.

Jeremy: [Aqua Whips Justin] Not gonna happen!


Dalton: (snaps his fingers, and a giant waffle eats Jeremy!) XD

(Suddenly, the waffle begins to expand from Jeremy's water attacks and it explodes!)


(The scene is being watched in secret by Ryushu the Cat.)

Jeremy: [eats waffles] Man-eating waffles. What a dumb attempt you've ever made.

Ryu: How about a man-eating METAL F***ING SNAKE?! [throws a PokeBall]

Dalton: (shrugs) I specialize in the random. (snaps fingers again, causing a giant sandwich to fall on Jeremy) 0_o More food? I must be loosing my touch...

(Jeremy naturally eats the giant sandwich)

Jeremy: Listen here kid, stop wasting your efforts in killing me with food! It never works! Use your brain next time! [vanishes as he forms into a puddle and disappears, just as Ryu's Shiny Steelix, Haganeru, appears out of his Pokeball]

Ryu: Oh you bloody coward, Jeremy!! Killyouwithfireplz

Haganeru: ;~;

Dalton: I was trying for something more deadly! >_<' (looks at his hand) Stupid randomness snap...

Syler: ~.~` she is very scary.

Justin: *shrugs* He's gone, so let's just forget him.

Dalton: Good point. (snaps, and a statue of Justin falls directly in front of Justin) Yay, It wasn't a food this time! ^_^

Justin: Yeah, it was just hard stone that could've landed right on top of me!!! I know I make jokes about you and Alyssa, but are they worth killing me over!?

Ryu: At least it wasn't a 30-foot long steel serpent...

Dalton: The snap never kills. (looks down at the base of the statue) Actually, it says something nice about you.

Justin: Huh?

[There's an engraving on the base that reads "Justin the Dog: The mobian that brings hearts together."]

Justin: *laughs, blushing from the praise* Stop it, I'm not all that great!

Ryu: Hey man, you brought me and Flare together!

Hagan: *nods*

Justin: *blushing, scratches the back of his head*

Dalton: Funny thing was, I was going to draw a picture that said something like that for you. :P

Justin: Well, a picture would be a lot less ostentious than a statue.

Dalton: Alot let wha?

Justin: Less showoff-ish, more subtle.

Dalton: It wasn't me, it was the snap! *points at his hand*

Justin: *rolls eyes, smiling*

Dalton: I can only control who/where it targets and what it's about.

Alyssa: (walks up) Hey guys!

Justin: Hey Aly! Your boyfriend just tried to kill me with a giant statue of me.

Alyssa: Uh....why?

Justin: Hey, ask him, not me.

Dalton: Its not my fault! >_<'

Alyssa: Oi..

Justin: !! *snaps fingers* Alyssa!

Alyssa: What?

Dalton: ?

Justin: *smiles* Sparring match!

Alyssa: (smirks) You're on!

Dalton: *takes several steps back to give them some space*

Ryu: Ooh, how fun! [climbs onto Haganeru's head and sits down]

Justin: We never did get a chance before this, did we?

Alyssa: (shakes her head) Nope.

Justin: Course, won't be fair now that you've got ice powers.

Alyssa: I promise not to use them.

Justin: *smirks* Good. But anything else is fair game!! *dashes at Alyssa with Quick Attack*

Alyssa: (jumps around him and charges at him)

Justin: !! *rolls to a stop, then charges Alyssa head-on, aiming for her gut*

Alyssa: (kicks at Justin)

Justin: Whoa! *transfers his weight to one side, dodging the kick, butt hitting the ground with a thud*

Alyssa: (lands on her feet)

(Flare appears in a nearby tree, watching keenly)

Justin: *quickly gets up onto his feet* Heh, that all you got without your powers Aly? *smiles confidentally, and charges Alyssa head-long*

Alyssa: (shrugs) I'm weak, I know. (charges at him)

Syler: *messing with a couple of stone's, making them flout about*

Justin: Then try this! *lunges, despite more than enough space being between the two for Alyssa to dodge*

Alyssa: Hmm... (runs faster at Justin)

Justin: *dives headlong at the ground, and uses Dig to burrow underground*

Alyssa: !

[Justin remains hidden from view, underground...]

Ryu/Haganeru: ..........

Alyssa: (looking around) (thinking) Where are you coming up at...)

[Justin suddenly pops up directly behind Alyssa!]

Justin: Surprise!! *grabs Alyssa's pants, and pulls them down to around her ankles*

(Kagi: Dang. I was gonna have him jump up behind and pants Alyssa.)
(Shima: Why did I have a feeling that was your idea..?)
(Kagi: Because I've messed with you and Hunter enough for you guys to know me :3)
(Shima: Oi.. -_-')
(Kagi: XD)
(Ryu-and then Justin get's PWN't by Hagan! >:3)
(Shima: XD)

Alyssa: !!! (screams and grabs her pants and pulls them up)

Dalton: O_O (instant blush, falls out of the tree he was siting in)

Justin: *falls to the ground laughing uncontrollably*

Alyssa: (creates a ball of ice to hide herself in) T_T

Justin: *still laughing uncontrollably* Nice panties Aly!! Betcha Dalton got a good look!!

(Suddenly, a dark shadow is looming over Justin...)

Justin: *looks up* Oh c'mon, it was a joke! Besides, Ground moves are muy mala for Steel-types.

Ryu: Too bad for you Steelix is half Ground.

(Ryu-plz to add input on Part 2...)

Alyssa: (inside the ice ball)

Dalton: (sill lying on the ground, stunned and blushing) @_@


???: You have a sour sense of humor, Justin. Not funny. [sighs] Sooner or later, people would use their own dry sense of humor against you, you just never learn... [walks away from the scene]

Ryu: .......Who the hell was that?

(The figue reveals to be Johnny as he walks away)

Dalton: (slowly picks himself up, still blushing) ... I-I think I blacked out for a bit there...

Alyssa: (inside her ice ball)

Dalton: (notices this and walks over to tap on the side of the ice) ... Alyssa?

Alyssa: ! (stays inside)

Dalton: (keeps tapping) Alyssa?

Justin: Want me to get her out?

Haganeru: *warning growl*

Dalton: (looks coldly at Justin) I think you've done enough.

Justin: ....*restrains Dalton, covering his mouth* Alyssa! Alice is trying to rape Dalton!!

Alyssa: !!! (bursts out of the ice ball, pupils instantly gone and her fur on end) WHAT?!?!?

Ryu: *facepalm*

Haganeru: *facetail*

Dalton: (attempts to kick Justin in the groin)

Alyssa: (sees nothing was wrong)!! (glares at Justin, her pupils still gone)

Haganeru: (Lifts his tail as if to smash Justin into the ground, but Ryu stops him)

Ryu: Let Alyssa get her revenge. She deserves it.

Haganeru: (Nods and lowers his tail)

Justin: *avoids this and pushes Dalton so he's right in front of Alyssa* Knew that'd get her out.

Dalton: (whips around at Justin) NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!

Alyssa: (charges at Justin and pins him to the ground, hands around his neck) THAT IS NOT FUNNY! DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN!! EVER!!

Justin: Believe it or not, it wasn't meant to be funny; it was meant to get you out. Best surefire way I knew of.

Ryu: ...................... Datspyplz

Alyssa: (deep growling) I. Don't. Care! Don't ever do it again!!

Justin: I make no promises mi amiga.

Ryu: Datspyplz Yahhhh Justin gonna get PWN't.

Part 2

Dalton: (calmed down now, puts a hand on Alyssa's shoulder) Alyssa...

Alyssa: (looks at him) ..

Dalton: (looks into her eyes with care in his own) It's probably best to let it go...

Justin: Look, I'm sorry for pantsing you, okay?

(Kagi: Me has funneh idea.)
(Shima: Like?)
(Hunt-What, Alice actually tries to rape Dalton?)
(Kagi: Justin mentions Alyssa's panties, purposefully saying the wrong color, and Dalton corrects him before realizing it XD)
(Hunt- *blush*)
(Haganeru: ಠ_ಠ )
(Kagi: So? Funny or no?)
(Hunt- Erm... (blush) Yeah)

Alyssa: (growls in response to Justin)

Justin: C'mon, I was only messing around with you. I could make it up to you by pantsing Alice or something.

Dalton: ......

Alyssa: (growls) You can make it up by promising to never say anything like that again.

Justin: If I promised that, I wouldn't be able to say it if it was actually happening.

Alyssa: (growls)

Justin: It's true.


Alyssa: You know what I mean.

Justin: You have no guarantee on that, you should know all too well.

Alyssa: ..

Justin: Well?

Alyssa: (growls) Just as long as it's not to trick me, and it's the real thing. Get it?

Justin: You mean like it is right now?

Alyssa: (nods)

Justin: ....."like it is right now".

Alyssa: Justin, that's not funny. Alice is nowhere around here.

Dalton: Aye, Alyssa's right. Besides, why would she want me when she's got your counterpart?

Justin: To piss Alyssa off and make sure Aly can't be your first?

Alyssa: !

Dalton: Wouldn't that invoke the wrath of Jake unto her?

Alyssa: He's a Moebian too...I don't think he'd care..

Dalton: ._. Meep...

Alyssa: But don't worry...she won't even come near you if she knows what's good for her..

Dalton: ... That would require her to actually give a crap about you trying to harm her... no offense...

Alyssa: ..Yeah...

Dalton: ............... Great, now Justin's got me worrying over that! >_<'

Alyssa: :(

Dalton: .........

Justin: Sorry. Makes you feel better, she wets herself whenever she sees me.

Dalton: Really? XD

(Suddenly, a wolf with Yami Yugi-styled hair explodes over the horizon, closely followed by Flare)


Flare: Missed what, Mitch?

Mitch: I hacked one of Hazaridius's cameras. You know, the ones that constantly move looking for adult situations? Well, THERE WAS A WOLF WITH HER PANTIES OUT HERE!!!

Flare: (Facepalm) Mitch, grow up.

Mitch: I'm serious, there was, AND I MISSED IT!!!

Dalton: D:< *snaps fingers, causing a Graveler to fall on top of Mitch*

Alyssa: (blushes from embarassment and starts to form another ice ball around herself)

(The Graveller falls straight through Mitch, who turns to water as it hits him)

Mitch: Wow. Drop a giant rock on the guy made of water. Real smart.

Flare: He's right. Drop Ice on him first.

Mitch: FLARE!

Dalton: *starts snapping quickly, hoping one of them summons a concentrated ice storm, but random objects just start falling*

Alyssa: (freezes Mitch)

Dalton: >:D (snaps, but this time it summons a giant castle of jello!) O_O'

(Flare opens his mouth and inhales the entire castle)

Flare: I love this stuff.

Dalton: O_O

Ryu: Datspyplz Dat Kirbeh~

Flare: Heh, I've still got the skills it takes to inhale an entire castle of jello in two seconds. Thank you Flab for teaching me that.

(Ryu-I made some new polls!)

Dalton: Meow. :3 (snaps and a giant waffle falls on top of everybody!) XD

Alyssa: Waffle! (eats the waffle)

Dalton: (nomming a hole so he can escape) ^_^

Syler: .... I can lift the waffle up if you want.

Dalton: Naw, it tastes great!

Alyssa: (head pops out of a section of the waffle, her cheeks stuffed of waffle)

Dalton: XD

Alyssa: (pumps fist into the air; muffled from the waffle) I'm through! Whoot!

Dalton: I'm not! XD

Justin: *sitting in a lawnchair, burps* Heheh, I'm a fast eater. Could've used some syrup though. *quickly looks at Dalton and Flare* Don't even think about it.

Dalton: (muffled by the waffle) Too late! (snaps, and a normal sized bottle of syrup falls on Justin's lap)

Alyssa: Oooh, can I get some?

Dalton: (snaps again, but a bottle of honey falls instead)

Alyssa: Hmm..never tried honey before.. (puts a bit of honey on a piece of waffle)

Dalton: (finally noms his way though the waffle) :3

Alyssa: (mouth stuffed full of waffle; claps)

Dalton: XD

Alyssa: (eats waffle) :3

Dalton: (starts to stand up, but gets beamed in the head with a foot-ball and falls over)

Alyssa: !

Dalton: (tries getting up again, but the same thing happens)

Alyssa: (looks around) Where are those coming from?

Dalton: (this time manages to get to his feet) I have an Idea...

Alyssa: (nods, looking for more footballs) Okay.

[This time a boomerang comes flying and trips Dalton)

Alyssa: Alright, who's doing that!?

[A tennis ball smashes Dalton in the face!]

Dalton: @_@

[A voice sounds]

"Who do yah think?"

Alyssa: (growls)

"I don't understand growls..."

Dalton: *slowly sits back up, only to get smashed in the back of the head with another boomerang*

Justin: What the-!?

Alyssa: (looking around for the voice) >:(

Justin: *growling, a thin white mist surrounds his hands, which he notices* !! *grins* Perfect, I'm having a "good day"...

Dalton: (laying on his back) Ow...

[The voice laughs and a basket-ball comes down on Dalton's stomach]

Dalton: (gets the wind knocked out of him) >_<'

Syler: *holding his spear* id ask, but i don't care.

Alyssa: (growling) >:(

Justin: *grins* Hey coward!! Come out and fight like a man!!

"There's no dishonor in ranged combat, besides I haven't harmed you!"

Justin: But you have hurt a friend of mine, so grow a pair and get out here!!

[The voice laughs]

"You've a true fighting spirit! I like that."

(Daren the Cat steps into view.)

Daren: Lets see if you have the skill to back it up.

Justin: *looks at his hands, which are now covered in a thick viel of white mist, then grins at Daren* Oh yeah, you bet...

(Kagi: Yo, you think Chaulder would be interested in Justin's strange powers?)
(Hunt- Probably... I really need to make him a page sometime... Oh, that and reset experiments, stupid thing got off track and died...)

Daren: Oh really? *(smirks as Dalton gets up) Figured you weren't done yet.

Dalton: (does some stretches) Never am, jock.

Justin: Hmph. Bring it jock-strap.

Daren: XD

Justin: Well? You gonna fight, or are you just gonna be a couch-potatoe?

Daren: Nope. (vanishes)

Dalton: (crouches like a cat)

Syler: i'll just stay in reserve.

(Kagi: How can Justin get Daren's goat?)
(Hunt- Insult his sportsmanship. He won't have to goad Daren into attacking though, he's going to soon. Infact, Dalton knows this having fought with Daren so many times.)

Dalton: (eyes narrow) Get ready...

Justin: Hmph, blindsiding an opponent? That's not very sporting.

Dalton: O_O' You didn't just say that, did you?!

Daren: (unseen, but still head) WHAT!!!!?

Justin: Long-range attacks while in hiding; hardly the actions of a real sportsman, if you ask me.

Syler: you got his attention.

Dalton: You're screwed now, Justin. -_-'

Daren: (fades into view. His sheer rage can be felt by the skin those in the area)

Justin: *cracks knuckles*

Daren: (suddenly directly in front of Justin, slams him in the gut with a fist)

Justin: !! Grk! *gasping for breath, he takes a few steps back*

Syler: *thinking* Fast!

Daren: (continues relentlessly pounding on Justin with blinding speed)

Justin: *takes a few hits, but as Daren pulls back for another hit, Justin suddenly throws a high-speed punch that sends Daren flying a few feet*

Dalton: O_O

Daren: (lands on his feet, surprised) Impressive.

[Before Daren can react further, Justin is right in front of him. Justin throws a powerful downward punch aimed at Daren's head.]

Daren: (smiles in the instant before Justin's fist connects with his head, despite the imminent impact, and takes the brunt of it)

[The force of the punch slams Daren face-first into the ground with agonizing force.]

Daren: (picks himself back up and smiles respectfully at Justin, making no attempt to retaliate, his nose bleeding heavily)

Justin: *looks at Daren suspiciously, then jumps back a few feet*

Daren: (reaches up to his nose and snaps it back into place, wincing as he does; then starts healing it, not taking his eyes off Justin)

(Large walls of ice appear around Daren, closing him in)

Daren: (muffled by the ice) Ice?

Alyssa: Mhm.

Justin: Dalt! That your Moebian counterpart?

(Ryu and Haganeru watch the fight.)

Dalton: Yep.

Daren: (melts though the ice) :P

Alyssa: O_O

Justin: Alright then, why was he smiling? It's never a good thing if someone smiles while you pound them.

Daren: (crosses arms over chest) I respect those who can naturally match or surpass my speed and strength. You apparently are one of them.

Justin: Heh, don't know if it's really "naturally".

Daren: (smiles) You didn't go into a superform, so I consider it natural... (eyes narrow) Unless you use steroids, that is...... (stays looking serious for a bit, then cracks up)

Justin: .....Yo Dalton, can you poof up something very hard, round, and preferrably very sharp and/or spiky?

Dalton: I'll give it a shot... *starts snapping, however only food shows up*

Daren: (walking away, laughing at his own joke)

Justin: What? Walking away before the game's over? Spoilsport!! *whispers to Dalton* Keep trying! Round, very hard, sharp n' spiky.

Dalton: (Keeps on snapping)

Daren: (turns back to Justin) What? I have no beef with you, and you haven't attacked again. Why should I- (gets crushed by another Justin statue that fell from the sky)

Dalton: O_O' Whoops...

Justin: Dang. I was gonna hit him in the crotch with whatever you poofed up that fit my criteria. But being crushed under a 2-ton statue works too.

Dalton: .........

Justin: ......What?

Alyssa: -_-

Dalton: ... I-I just killed somebody...... o_o

Justin: Well, I doubt you actually did. Even then, it's your Moebian counterpart.

Dalton: So? Moebians a people too! >_<

Justin: But wasn't he just assaulting you and hitting you with sports equipment a moment ago?

Dalton: That doesn't give me the right to kill him!

Justin: How do you know if you have killed him?

Dalton: (looks at Justin blankly) Could you survive that?

Justin: No. But I'm a whimp.

Dalton: Justin, you've the ability to tunnel. He doesn't.

Pyre: you could always move the statue.