Kaede shares many traits with her father, Kai. Kaede looks like a younger version of him. She has short white/light grey hair and light skin. She has a black ribbon attached to the back of her head. Her dress is black and purple, with a white dress shirt under it. She has a wakizashi named 'Aura Splitter' on her back and a longer katana named 'Cherry Blossom', and it has a light purple blade and has a cherry blossom attached to the hilt.


Kaede is very ambitious and curious. She always strives to get her work done. She very affectionate, especially around her master, Satoko. She will go to great lengths to protect her, even risking her life for her master. She is very loyal, occasionally optimistic, and courteous. Kaede is fairly shy, in contrast to her master, who is very outgoing. If she meets a stranger, she is somewhat hostile towards them.

Kaede often dreams of love, even though she claims that no one would ever get married to an 'old hag.' She is one of the most logical characters in Bit's continuity. She is nowhere near emotionally unstable and can keep her cool in tough situations. She is very honest and trustworthy, and is very good at keeping secrets.


General Information

She lives in the Minobe Manor with Satoko Minobe, her master. Kaede's job is to arrange flowers and protect Satoko from harm. She rarely ventures outside of her home, unless it is to gather more flowers or Satoko wants to visit someone. Because of this, Kaede is very shy. She is afraid of outsiders trying to hurt Satoko, so Kaede is very hostile towards them and even threatens them.

Kaede occasionally visits the Watoga Shrine to give small amounts of donations. Renko appreciates this, and the two have become friends. Kaede likes to wander around sometimes as long as she has Satoko's permission, and she likes to see the variety of flowers.

Abilities and Powers