Drawing of Kage

Kage is a human from an unknown village out side the Setax Region. He is the lead Male singer in the DNS Gang.



Nicknames: Kage

Species: Human?

Gender: Male

Height: 5ft 9in

Age: Unknown (believed to be in late teens)

Birthplace: Unknown

Eyes: Red

Likes: Danet, Heavy Metal, proving hes the best,

Dislikes: Annoying people, people bothering him  Any one that tries to harm Danet and the rest of his band

Ability Type: Speed


Kage was one of the people that started the DNS Gang. He mostly signs but on certain sogns he will play the guitar instead. He is really good at both since hes been playing for about a year now. He has a romantic relationship going on with Danet since before they started the band. He will always make sure shes safe and will put his life on the line for her. Kage is able to run extremely fast and has other special abilities that he keeps hidden while in public. Although if the need arises he will show his powers but only if its absolutely necessary. Most of the time he will just use his basic combat instead.

Kage has black hair with red streaks in it. His jacket is also black and red and he has a white shirt underneath that isnt tucked in. His pants are black and his shoes are a dark gray color.

Kage is usually a very serious guy and treats most people in a very callous manner when he is on his own. He lightens up though when hes around Danet and the rest of his band. When fighting he will do everything in his power to win. He will sometimes get a little cocky when hes fighting or playing against other bands.


GG Alternate Universes

His role in this story will not be said because it would reveal his true identity.


Kage has appeared in the Fow Toth Town Roleplay. Him and the rest of the DNS Gang competed in the Band Contest at the Setax State Fair.


Kage known how to sign and play the guitar

Kage is able to run at extremely fast speeds but dosnt shows this a lot since he dosnt want people to known of his powers

Has really good combat skills

Kage is able to communicate telepathically with Danet.

his other skills have not been shown yet

Friends and Allies

Danet (girlfriend)

Elena (Fellow Band member)

Colden (Fellow Band Member)

others unknown for now


Unknown for known


Tears Dont Fall by Bullet For My Valentine thumb|300px|right|Kage's Theme

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