Kai was born in the year 2949 at time time of a raging war that was released upon the world in 2938. From birth Kai was always in danger of bombings going on in his town. Kai grew up on the streets because at age 10 his mother was killed in a bombing while she was at work. Kai grew up to hate everyone and ultimately was a loner, today he resides on the streets alone and seeking vengeance.


  • Kama the Rabbit (Mother, deceased)
  • Dakotan the Rabbit (Father, deceased)
  • Yeltsin the Rabbit (Grandmother, missing)
  • Turbo the Dog (Adopted brother, alive)
  • Leaf the Cat (Adopted sister, alive)


  • Yangon the Wolverine (Head of the "Bad Ones", deceased, 2056)
  • Adamo the Wolverine (Head of the "The New Bad Ones", deceased, 2060)
  • Kalahari the Dog (Unknown, alive)


"So, you really want this to happen, Mom?" (2948, 'About The War')

"This time you will die." (2956, 'Vengeance 1: Fallen Ties')

"Are you sure that is what you want, fool?" (2060, 'The Dark Times')

Stories pertaining to him

  • Vengeance 1: Fallen Ties
  • The Dark Times (of 2060)
  • Strange Sails: Kalahari's Revenge (Takes place: 2011, 2939, 2969, 2201 [Time traveling])

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