This is an article about Kameka Saitoh, a character created by User:MysticAlice.

Kameka Saitoh (ケイメッカー・セイトッフ) is a doll turned youkai.


Kameka has platinum blonde hair that brushes her shoulders, and she wears a small beige dress decorated with ribbons and frills with a light blue apron over it. The frills on her dress are pink, and the ones under those frills are purple. Her eyes are red. She wears a purple ribbon in her hair. Kameka also wears a necklace with an opal on it.


Kameka often yells at the top of her lungs to others. She acts very bratty and throws tantrums when she doesn't get her way. It's said her ego grows with each present she recieves. Kameka has constant mood swings and a majority of her servants have been fired for angering her. She also tends to be extremely stubborn.


Kameka was once a newly-bought, lovely doll bought by a girl who looked similar to her. When the girl died of pneumonia, she was left behind. Time after time, people inhabited and left the house, claiming to have been haunted by "some doll". After a while, the residents no longer noticed her, and she grew lonely. After 100 years had passed since her first owner died, she turned into a tsukumogami. She gathered many people and forced them to be her servants to fulfill her ego and her want to have company. At first, she was nice to them and they bought her lots of presents, but after a while, she grew nasty and constantly demanded to be pampered. When she wasn't, she threw temper tantrums and servants began to be fired for angering her.


She doesn't appear to have any abilities.



Lea is Kameka's partner, and they treat each other as sisters. However, Kameka knows that Lea, being human, will die someday, so she wants to find a way to make Lea live forever.