Karen Prower
Karen Prower
Good fighter, flies by fflapping her ears, great at making peace
Love Interests
Peace, flowers, flying around, being with family, cuties, Chao, etc.
Dishonesty, fighting without prupose, death, perverts, etc.

Karen Prower is the daughter of Miles "Tails" Prower and Kayla the Fox. She is a fighting pacifist that detests fighting for no reason and strives for world peace.


As Tails began to take care of the plant his love Cosmo had left behind, he began to become lonely, rarely even seeing his friends. Kayla began to notice this and everyday tried to comfort him, no matter what. After weeks and weeks of many attempts, Kayla succeeded in getting Tails to ask her out. With her mother's permission, they went on a date to Twinkle Park and at last actually slept with each other. It had seemed that Tails had gotten over Cosmo and Kayla was expecting a child. However, the plant he had taken care of grew into a 5-year-old hybrid. Realizing that he could not get over Cosmo, Tails reluctantly broke up with Cream, much to the sorrow of the rabbit.


Karen is as sweet as it can be. She is a kind and caring individual that often tries to reason with others before fighting. However, many of her attempts have been unsuccessful. Despite this, she enjoys being with friends and family. She always tries her best at everything she does, regardless oif the obsticle.





  • Karen being a pacifist fighter is very similar to X from Mega Man X.

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