This is the romantic relationship between Kayden and Kaia


When Kaia's family was killed Kayden when out of his way to clam her even if she was trying to kill him not to long ago. Kai feel't that she had to repay him for his act and traind him in the art if using Chaos Powers. Has the to when on there quest the two seemd to gether feelings for each other but they were to dumb to know it or that the other had the same feelings. It wasn't untill they meet Destinty that they kewn they had was in love but were still to shy to say that they did. Others however tryed to make them say it to no resove. A sad event came not to long after. A plage came to Chaos City Ned Abil (AKA "N") and Shima Robonick (Two of Kayden and Kaia's best friends) Become ill with a virus that made them trun insane. N attacked Kayden and gave him the virus. Kayden battled hard but it was too much for him and he become like the crazys (Name of the ones sick at the time) Much to Kaia's dismay. The cure was found later but Kayden made a mess of the city by that time. Kaia toke the now Dark Crazy Kayden on and almost lost. Using Kaydens own sigature move she stoped him so she counde cure him. When he came to the couple at last shared a kiss and Kayden poromest to never hurt her has long has he lived.

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Theme Songs

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Talk play

Kayden: *yawn* Oh hey guy's.

Sonic: Hay Kayden!

Kaia: Hello Kayden.

Kayden: Kaia nice to see you.

Kaia: I ummmm (In Sonic's ear) Sonic help me out here

Sonic: (In Kaia's ear) Your cool stick to it.

Kaia: I want to see a movie and ... do you want to go with me?

Kayden: (Truns red) You do know that's the boy's job to ask first right?

Kaia: (Truns red) Is that a yes?

Kayden: Sure.

Kaia: Cool! Eahh i meant... Alright lets go.

Kayden: Hehe ok let's go

Kaia: (In Sonic's ear) Thanks and tell Shima thanks to.

Sonic: Hey can I crash here for the day?

Kayden: Not like you what's up?

Sonic: Well I was going to rant a movie to show Shima and I don't want to but into Tails plaes.

Kayden: Feel free I'm not going to be here anyway.

Sonic: Thanks!

Kayden: (To Kaia) So is this a date or something?

Kaia: Oh no no!

Kayden: Oh ok.

Sonic: (Rolls eyes)


Kayden: Movie was good!

Kaia: Was it?

Kayden: .... No.

Kaia: Yeah it suck'ed.

Kayden: Hey there may be a race want to see Violet?

Kaia: Sure!

Kayden: Okay!

(At the race track)

Violet: Oh guy's how are you?

Kayden: Good!

Violet: You two on a date?

Kayden and Kaia: (Both trun red) NO!

Violet: Sure your not.

Kaia: So any raceing?

Violet: Here in say 8:00 PM.

Kayden: Okay see you in a bit!

Violet: Okay later!

Kaia: What are you doing

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